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A traditional scroll with a turquoise background - the graduation invitation is totally free for you to use. Customize it and print it.

There is also a large selection of unique free printable graduation invitations which are free to use.

open house graduation party invite

Free Printable Graduation Invite 

Please feel free to use this printable graduation invitation as you wish. You can print it, personalize it and also alter it in any way you wish. 

The making graduation invitations page has all the help you need to copy the invite, re-size it, personalize it and print it. 

You can type the personal details or, you might choose to hand write them.

Free Printable Graduation Invite Paper

The paper you use can be normal white printer paper, however you might decide to use a higher quality paper in keeping with the scroll design such as blank invitation paper or cardstock (which I prefer).

Printable Graduation Invite - Presentation

There are a number of ways of presenting your graduation invitations. 

  • Carefully roll it up and tie it with ribbon
  • Roll it up and place it in a diploma holder
  • Use beautiful high quality envelopes
  • Decorate the envelopes with graduation stickers.

Graduation Invite Wording

A traditional symbol such as a scroll can go well with more formal wording.

A scroll is such a great image of graduation. Let the wording compliment this great symbol of success:

With cap and scroll in hand 
Your presence the graduate demands
At the graduation party on (time/date)
Please come to our home (venue details)
RSVP (details)

The graduate has (his/her) scroll
The Graduate (name) is all set to celebrate
Please come to our home
To party till very late.
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

The scroll is on display
Ready for us to party
Join us for a thrilling celebration
To mark (graduate’s name)’s graduation
Time/date (details)
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

Come and see the graduate’s scroll
(Graduate’s name) gave their all
We’ve hired the local hall
So we can have a ball
Time/date (details)
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

Also to help you we have a huge range of wording ideas on :

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Good luck with your free printable graduation invite. If you need any help fill in the feedback form.

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