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This page is full of free to print graduation invitations.

There are invites just to print and complete the details, plus invites you can personalize, and invites you can add a photo to. They are all free to use!

There are full instructions on how to use them too!

Free Graduation Invitations - simply
  print and fill in the party details OR personalize!

If you like any of the printable graduation invitations below then you are most welcome to use them.

These are the simplest invitations to use if you just print them off and fill in the blanks with nice handwriting or you could always try to personalize them further by adding the graduates name prior to printing them.

Just click here for full copy, re-size, personalize and printing instructions.

--- Free Printable Graduation Invitations ---

--- Free Printable Graduation Invitations ---

--- Free Printable Graduation Invitations ---

--- Free Printable Graduation Invitations ---

--- Free Printable Graduation Invitations ---

--- Free Printable Graduation Invitations ---

--- Free Printable Graduation Invitations ---

Free Printable Graduation Invitations - Personalize and Print!

Please feel free to use any of the printable graduation invitations below.

These invitations are ready to be personalized i.e. replace the personal details on them with your own details. Below you'll find full instructions on how to do this as well as how to copy, re-size and print the invitations.

--- Free Printable Graduation Invitations ---

--- Free Graduation Invitations ---

--- Free Graduation Invitations ---

--- Free Graduation Invitations ---

--- Free Graduation Invitation Templates ---

Free Printable Graduation Invitations - Add A Photo!

To personalize these free printable graduation invitations all you need is a photo and Microsoft Word. 

Click on any of the templates below and you will be directed to a new page with a larger version of the template and full instructions on how to copy them from the website and fully personalize them with your own wording and photo.

Plus a template to completed invitation example.

Click on either of the images below to access the large template and full detailed instructions on how to personalize with your own photo and wording.

Instructions on How to Copy, Re-size, Personalize and

These instructions will show you how to copy, re-size, personalize and print any of the free printables graduation invitations that you like on this page. Obviously you need to click on the small images above in order to access the full sized image then simply follow the instructions below.

How to Copy the Invite to MS Word

1) Right-click your mouse over the top of one of the free graduation invitation templates that you want and select “copy”.

2) Open up a new Microsoft Word document.

3) Set the document size to whatever you want – ideally you would use A5 size but you can alter that as you wish.

4) Next right-click and select “paste” – the invitation template should then appear.

5) If you want to stretch the image over the entire space then just left-click on the image and little dots will appear around the sides. When you place your mouse over them, arrows appear. At this point, if you left-click and move your mouse then you’ll see the image moves too.

How to Personalize Your Invite

1. Copy and Paste the above invitation into your word processing tool – to do this just right-click over the image and choose “copy” and then open a new doc in your word processing tool and right-click your mouse and choose “paste”.

2. Now, create a text box that completely covers all the wording you want to replace. NB. If you need to use precision when placing your text box then press CTRL & the Up and Down keys. 

3. Enter your own customized wording in the text box. 

4. Please note - you can type the names of those you are inviting on each invite and print them separately (or even do a mail merge if your a computer whiz) but if you choose to hand write those you are inviting on your invitations.

How to Print your Invite 

Assuming you have followed the steps above to copy and paste the document into your word processing tool, next:

1. Set the printer to the desired paper size. 

2. Adjust the margins to zero. 

3. Adjust the image to cover the full size of the paper. Do this by clicking on the image and dragging one of the corner arrows. 

4. To ensure everything looks just right go to File, Print Preview. 

5. Print a "cut to size" test sheet to be certain that the font, font size and placement of your message will be as you desire. Make any necessary adjustments, then print your invitations. 

Tip - Mark an X on one side of the test sheet prior to printing. This will help you determine which way up to place the invitation in the printer.


Some tips to help you complete the invitations in style:

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I hope you have found the printable graduation invitation you need. 

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