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This page has a free printable invitation with a washed out background which you are free to use. 

I also give instructions on customizing it and printing it out so you can produce your own high quality printable graduation invitations. 

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Alternatively you may wish to use a photo. In that case there is an extensive range of Photo Graduation Party Invitations which are entirely free. 

college printable graduation invitation

Please feel free to use this printable graduation invitation as you wish. You can print it, personalize it and also alter it in any way you wish. (Or, just print it off and complete the details by hand!) 

The making graduation invitations page has all the help you need to copy the invite, re-size it, personalize it and print it. 

You can type the personal details or, you can choose to hand write them.

Free Printable Graduation Invitation - Ideas

There is a lot you can do to design and make simple projects at graduation.


The designs you create could be based on:

  • The graduates major subject

  • The graduate‘s photo

  • The graduate‘s new job or city

  • A cool design idea you have.


Making the free printable here took a few minutes once I had the design.

Using clip art you can make envelopes, favor tags, place cards, party hats, game certificates, T-shirts, and save the date fridge magnets. For the clip art and full instruction on exactly what to do see the graduation clip art page, where you'll also find a great selection of clip art. 

Free Printable Graduation Invitation - Simple Ideas

Some further ideas for you to consider:

  • New City - Use postcards from the graduate‘s new city, write the invite details on the card and mail them to your guests.

  • Job - If the graduate‘s new job has a distinctive uniform then photo the graduate wearing the clothing and use the templates on the graduation party invitations page.

  • Or, using the graduate’s photo, simply print it onto cardstock or other quality paper and write the invite details on the back.

Printable Graduation Invite - Wording

Before the graduate (name) heads off to work
We are having a Graduation Party in their honor
Please come and join in the celebrations
Time/Date (details)
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

Its Party Time!
The final exam is completed
The books are packed away
The graduate (name) will soon be leaving
So let’s give him/her a big send off
You are invited to the Graduation Party
Time/Date (details)
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

A successful College Graduate
Needs to celebrate
Come and join (Graduate’s name)
At the Graduation Party on (time/date)
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

You are invited to the Graduation Party
In honor of (Graduate’s name)
We would be delighted if you
Can join us in saying goodbye
And to have a great party!
Time/Date (details)
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

Please join me at my Graduation Party
Before we all say goodbye
Let’s have some fun one last time
I’ve hired our favorite pub (details)!
Time/date (details)
RSVP (details)

Printable Graduation Invitation - Help

If you have any printable graduation invite ideas, any questions you would like to ask, or any suggestions you would like to make, please go to our feedback page and we will be happy to help. Just fill in the form! 

Good Luck with your graduation and free printable graduation invitation. It is a very special time!

The Present Printable Grad Invitations page has a great invite complete with quote!

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