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I hope to give you lots of great free printable cards.

"Just love all that I see.."

I also have tips for printing, ideas for personalizing and ways to accessorize the free cards.

I have included various sizes such as 5" by 7", A4 folded in half and A4 folded in quarters. 

There are "pdf" versions which can easily be printed and also "jpeg" versions which you can send via Facebook.

Free Printable Cards

Each image below has several options:

  • 5by7 (pdf format) - These are for folded 5by7 card which you can easily obtain from any stationery store.

  • A4 folded in half (pdf format) - You could just use printer paper for this option and fold it in half.

  • A4 folded in quarter (pdf format) - Again, printer paper will do and just fold it in quarter.

  • Image (jpeg format) - Use this to send cards via Facebook. Simply click on "image" and once it opens a new page save the image, noting where you have stored it on your pc. The section above gives the details on sending the card via Facebook.

You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open the pdf cards. You can download Adobe Reader here (a new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page). 

Landscape Graduation Cards

Portrait Graduation Cards

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Printing Tips for Free Printable Graduation Cards

Tip number 1 - If using quality card, then cut plain printer paper the same size as 
the card you are using and practice printing on it first.

Tip number 2 - If you are using pre-folded card then try marking your trial paper 
with a cross on one side so that you can determine what is the correct way you 
should be inserting your card into the printer.


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Cheap or Quality Blank Card

2 SidedSimply use quality 5 by 7 card and print. Write your message on the back.

Cheap Option - You could easily use A4 printer paper and fold the free printable graduation cards.

You would fold it in half and then in half again. Obviously, you would have to make sure 
you print the image in the right quarter of your A4 page so that it appears at the front 
when you fold the paper.

Great Option - buy some pre-folded card and matching envelopes (white is best) 
from your local stationary store or buy them online.

Make the inside page by using printer paper cut to size and glued in place for the inside verse though i.e. cut the paper to the same size (or slightly smaller) as the opened card, fold it in the same place and apply glue down one side of the fold and stick onto the card. Simply write your message!


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Wording To Place Inside Your Free Printable Graduation Cards

I hope to give you some wording that will capture the essence of the message you want to give to the graduate.

The graduation quotes or sayings page has some really great original messages for adding inside 

Here are some of my favorites but there are over 100 via the link above:

The tassel is worth the hassle!                    

 There are no shortcuts to any place worth going!

The world is your apple, enjoy every bite!  

 Put your future in good hands - your own!

Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life!

You are hard wired for genius!                        

Climb as high as you can dream!

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!  

You’ve Graduated!

Many Congratulations


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Envelopes and Addressing Tips for Free Printable Graduation Cards

Don't neglect your envelopes; add a graduation sticker or a little piece of clip art to the bottom right hand corner.

If you don't have the full address then try using the US Postal Service Zip+4 Lookup.

Send Free Printable Graduation Cards via Facebook

On Facebook – the app is called “Fun cards – Birthday & More”!

The idea is that if you like any of the images in the section below then click on the image link to access the large image then right-click over the image and select “save as” to save it anywhere on your PC.

Then within Facebook select app called “Fun cards – Birthday & More”. This is located on the left hand menu on the “Home” screen under the title apps.

If you choose “make a card” which is an option on the bottom right of the screen then that will allow you to upload your own image i.e. if you have saved any of my images then just upload from wherever you have saved them.

You can then choose to send to any of your friends on Facebook. How easy is that!

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Free Printable Graduation Cards - Gift Ideas

Perhaps you wish to add a gift to the envelope. Make your card quite special with one of these gift suggestions:

  • Gift Card - simply fill in the great gift you have for the graduate which they can contact you to redeem.

  • Gift Card – give a card for one of the many great alternatives such as E-Bay, Amazon, I-Tunes, Visa and Mastercard.

  • Gift card for a Spa Day, coffee store, pizza or online gaming, for example.

  • Money – if that is safe to send in the mail.

  • Lottery ticket, or Scratchcard, if the graduate is old enough to win.

  • Netflix subscription

  • Tickets to an event or concert.

  • Travel tickets for a plane, train of bus to a great destination. Plus paid accommodation.

  • Lucky charm or piece of jewelry

  • Bookmark – perhaps with a photo on it.

  • Joke or poem card with a selection of favourite jokes or a very meaningful poem.

  • Postcards (including mailing) so the graduate can keep in touch.

Free Printable Graduation Cards - More Cards

I hope you have found the right free printable graduation cards for the graduates in your life.

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