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You can create a great speech using these free speeches. Use them to give you a great start! Each speech has a free PDF version to download.

I hope you can use the free speeches to help you create a wonderful graduation speech. Just add a real feeling of the experiences of the graduates through stories, comment and your own messages. 

Creating your own graduation speech gives a heartfelt and earnest quality to the speech. 

The Free Speeches

There is a great range of free speeches for graduates, guest speakers and Principals to use. I hope you can customize them to fit your graduation ceremony. You can of course quickly personalize them with personal stories, funny stories, quotes, poems and jokes. You can copy the speech from the page or download the free PDF version. 


free graduation speeches
  • Change - Inspire the graduates to embrace change.

  • Doing What You Love - Find your passion and make it happen.

  • Persevere - The power of perseverance.

  • Code Of Conduct - Recognize the positive impact of the school's codes of conduct and how they can be used in the future.

  • The Best Of - Pay tribute to the best things in the lives of the graduates.

  • Goal Achievement - Speech on the power of setting goals.

  • Obstacles - Remind the graduates about the obstacles they have overcome and how they can use that strength to build a positive future.

  • Community - Celebrating the power of a caring community.

  • Charity - Inspiring the graduates with the success of charity work.

  • Special People - Celebrating the special people who made graduation possible.

  • Coping With Change - Demonstrate to the graduates that they have learned how to cope with change and can do so very well in the future.

  • Field Trip - The event that changed our lives and helped us to steadily become focused and determined to succeed.

  • Steady But Determined - The simple approach that made it possible to change into a winner.

  • Strong Foundations - Build strong foundations and create a successful life.

  • What Meant The Most - Make sure life consist of the things that mean the most to you.


graduation speech the truth

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graduation speeches teach others

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graduation speeches take a risk

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graduation speeches man speaker
  • Continually Improving - Inspiring the graduates to keep on improving for the rest of their lives.

  • Reach For The Stars - Inspire the graduates to dream big and persevere to make it happen.

  • Life Lessons - Using the lessons the graduates have learned to create a great life.
  • Codes Of Conduct - Hold yourself to the highest standards.

  • Inspiration - Be inspired by famous people and also the great people in your community.

  • Education - Demonstrate the benefits of continual learning.

  • Personal Skills - Recognize the skills you need in the future and how well the school has prepared you.

  • Relationships - The relationships you form will determine how successful and happy your life will be.

  • Tips For Life - Useful tips to succeeding better in life.

  • Entrepreneurs - A speech exploring how there is an entrepreneur in all of us who can step up a make a great life.

  • Invisible - A heartfelt speech on being invisible at school but determined to succeed.

  • Reflect On The Importance Of This Time - A speech reflecting on the real meaning of this moment in time..

  • Do As The Best Do - Graduates can improve their performance in the future by using techniques implemented by the best in their field.


graduation speeches change your thoughts

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graduation speeches create meaning

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graduation speeches decent people

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I have a selection of free speeches for Principals to use at Principal Speeches. The subjects include: 

  • A review of the year highlighting the great class, teachers and school.

  • A speech focusing on the growth of the students.

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Free Graduation Speeches - Change

graduation speeches change

Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

Principal Johnson, Honored Guests, Families and Fellow Graduates.

Firstly let me congratulate my fellow graduates. Well done Class!!

Someone once said “the only constant in our lives is change”. 

What a great statement that is and how relevant it is to all of us today. Today marks the culmination of years of hard work and is a worthy way to celebrate our success.

Graduation day is also a day that many of us turn our attention to the future and what we see as the challenging changes that lie ahead. Moving home, studying at an advanced level and managing our budgets are among the challenges.

Looking back over the past few years we really have undergone a high level of change, both personally and in our education. Perhaps much more change than we give ourselves credit for. 

  • We have grown physically and become accustomed to being young adults.

  • We have tackled ever more difficult educational challenges as the curriculum has changed each year.

  • As a group we have changed. We have worked out how to support each other, socialize, work as a team and accept our differences - the fact we would all dress in pink and raise money for the cancer research charity is a testament to how far we have come.

  • We have helped others integrate into the school after their transfer here. I came all the way from Scotland and quickly came to feel part of the class. I was able to ask other class members for help as I coped with the change of education system, environment and even spelling - why does color not have a u?

There are so many changes that we have faced that one of the greatest lessons for the future is to know that we can cope. Not just that we can also seek help from our peers - we are not alone.

Of course in any journey through life there are those who are there for you. On behalf of the Class let me thank our parents and families. We love you! Also a big thanks to the teaching staff, Principal and support team for everything they have done for us.

Today, our Graduation Day, is a day of change. We leave school today and tomorrow that familiar institution where we all get together is no longer part of our lives. Of course we will cope with this change, and tonight our celebrations will go a long way to helping us say goodbye properly.

Tomorrow we can look forward to the next set of changes. Life does not offer us a smooth path. Ahead will be tough times, regrets and failures as well as success, reward and happiness. All of it is part of a real life. However we should be able to cope with it all. For those times when it seems a bit too much I hope we seek help from our Class as well as families and our new friends.

At the beginning I said that change is the only constant thing in our lives. That will mean life is exciting too!!

Good Luck

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Free Graduation Speeches - Do What You Love

graduation speeches do what you love

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Principal Harper, Teachers, School Staff, Families and Fellow Graduates.

All of us graduating today can look back on their school years and feel a broad range of emotions. Seeking out the things we have learned is not just a matter of looking at our grades. There is so much we can reflect on and use in our lives.

Think back to the friendships you have made. We love spending time with our close friends. We have fun, support each other and just enjoy each others' company. This is one of life’s true gifts. Thanks to our friends for being there.

Think about all the different subjects we have studied. Not every subject is one we are passionate about. However there are areas where we have found ourselves engaged, perhaps even finding a real empathy with the course material. I love Math but am very sure it is not for everyone, just like Art is not for me. On a personal note I would like to thank the Math department for showing me I could do it! 
Finding an area that you love can set you up for a future where you can explore your passion. If you did not find one yet perhaps the lesson is to keep looking as there is something out there for you.

For some of us other pursuits have made us really happy. School sports teams have thrived through the enthusiastic participation of each team member. Likewise the school debating, chess and science clubs have flourished this year. Each club has committed, enthusiastic people doing what they love. Thanks to our teachers and coaches for making it possible.

Also, there is family life. I love being with my family. Getting home is a joy as is finding the love and support our families give us. This may be the most vital thing. Thanks to our families for all they have done for us.

Today at Graduation Day we will celebrate our achievements. I hope this is the best party ever! This marks the end of our school life and it is a fitting tribute to everything you have learned. 

Tomorrow we are all set to start our new lives. We will pursue our chosen path for a very long time. There is an almost infinite choice available to us but we do need to find our own path. I hope the one big lesson we have learned is just how much better life is when we follow our passion.
Let us take this vital lesson, find the people, places, career and areas of further study that we are passionate about.
Keep your smile and commit yourself to the challenges of making it happen.

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Free Graduation Speeches - Persevere

graduation speeches persevere

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Principal Michaels, Major Edelman, Honored Guests, Parents, families and Fellow Graduates. 

On behalf of the Class of 2018 let me add our welcome to everyone. This promises to be an exciting day!

Looking back at our time here together there are so many words that can describe the events, challenges and our feelings. As I wrote this speech I listed so many things from the past few years that showed how life has its ups and downs.

  • We started as fresh faced youngsters wondering how we would survive High School - yet we succeeded one step at a time

  • Budget cuts meant we had larger class sizes and school support - however one step at a time the school, with parental support, managed to bring in extra tuition and work hard to give us everything we needed.

  • We were challenged to raise $1000 for our local children‘s charity, which did seem like a huge sum at the time - but the whole class found amazing ways to raise money and step by step we raised the full amount. I never thought I would wear pajamas to school or sit in stocks having wet sponges thrown at me.

  • The school work became increasingly difficult and each year seemed to be much too difficult to cope with - but, one step at a time we succeeded by sticking to it, supported by our teachers.

Of course there were also school parties, concerts, sports, hobbies and, importantly, friendships to be enjoyed. In fact I think many of us became close friends just by sticking to it and getting to know each other one step at a time.

Perhaps if we are looking at one word that describes how we have gone about meeting all our challenges and achieving great things in education and our social lives it would be PERSEVERANCE.

Perseverance will also apply to all our efforts as we do our best to enjoy all the graduation celebrations, including visiting many Open House parties.

Before closing this chapter in our lives it is truly important to thank everyone who helped us along the way. Our parents and families have persistently loved and supported us and are due our biggest thanks. Many of us have gone home and burdened our parents with our fears and disappointments at which they have patiently helped us see a positive way forward and felt that relief that true love and support gives. Thanks also to our teachers who do persevere at the task of teaching us no matter how we treated them. A big thanks to the class for all the support we have given each other. Friendship is a valuable gift to be cherished long into the future.

You have probably guessed by now that my topic is the power of perseverance. The ability to set a goal and pursue it in a determined way one step at a time has helped us so well so far. We may even look back on the past and wish we had persevered more often. The key to the future will be to persevere in our chosen field. As we already know life will have many, many challenges for us. The way ahead will be successful if we stick to our task diligently!

Good Luck for the future 

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Free Graduation Speeches - Code Of Conduct

graduation speeches codes of conduct

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On behalf of my fellow graduates I am very happy to be here today celebrating Graduation Day. 

There are many lessons to take from our time here at Morrison High. High School years contain many excellent and some unpleasant events that are all part of school life. Our Class has certainly gone through many of highs and lows. 

The answer to the question "what did we learn here" may lie in:

  • our hard work paying off

  • our determination to succeed

  • the mistakes we have made as a Class

  • the positive impact education has had on our lives

However looking at some of the things that happened to us I would say there may be a different answer. 

  • Our Math teacher has been unfortunately off ill most of the year so we have worked together with supply teachers and parents to make sure we achieved the grades we wanted.

  • The school was damaged by vandals and we had to use the sports hall for classes

  • The school received a prestigious green award for recycling and efficient energy use.

  • Our Class has actively worked in the community for years now with litter projects, visiting older residents who may be alone and volunteering at the local hospital.

  • The past year has seen some outstanding basketball team successes and also some real disappointment for other teams.

Through each of these events our class maintained a positive and dignified response. From outside our walls it would be hard to imagine how that could be the case. However Morrison School has Codes Of Conduct. They are:

  • Take responsibility for your actions

  • Be honest and fair

  • Try your best at all times

These could easily be a set of rules written but not acted upon. However for generations the staff and students at this school have held themselves to the highest standards. The result has been that when faced with difficult times we have been as positive as possible and have worked our way through it. In good times we have known how to celebrate while being magnanimous. 

Practicing making our codes of conduct part of our lives each day for many years now has embedded them in our minds. We can live them without having to think.

Today is not a day to hold back. Graduation Day comes along once and we must do everything we can to enjoy it. On behalf of our class let me thank our parents for their love and support. Let me thank too our teachers and all the staff at school for everything they have done for us.
Also I personally would like to congratulate my fellow graduates. 

So what of the future? Maintaining our high standards through our codes of conduct may seem like an easy thing to say and perhaps a little odd. However the future will not always be easy. There will be amazing times of success and happiness. There will also be tough times where our best laid plans are not working and life throws in a few curve balls. A very good way to face the future is to hold ourselves to the highest standards and learn to be as strong as possible in all circumstances.

Well done and good luck Class of 2018. 

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Free Graduation Speeches - The Best Of

graduation speeches best of

Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

Principal Frail, Honored Guests, Students and Families. Congratulations Class of 2018. 

I am totally thrilled to be here making one of the graduation speeches. My time here as a student has been outstanding! 

My topic is the Best Of. I have interpreted this as the best of everything from school. 

The Best Student - Danny Harper. He made us laugh the most and came top. 

The Best Teacher - Mrs Mortimer. She put in the most effort, the most extra hours work and did have us laughing in math- unbelievable. Thanks to all the teaching staff. You have been brilliant. The best teaching is right here! 

The Best Field Assignment - The fact finding mission to Kennedy Space Center. How awesome to meet an Astronaut. 

The Best Achievement - The Hockey team, champions! 

The Best Fun - The weekend trip to Clearwater. Seeing a bunch of students building tents and washing dishes! 

The Best Fund Raiser - New Orleans. We were all touched by the events. 

The Best Day - I think that would be today! 

The result of our hard work, dedication, teaching, study, and sheer determination to succeed. 

Also the result of the support, love and effort our families have made for us. Thank you for being the Best! 

Don’t forget that we say goodbye today, so make it the best fun! 

Looking ahead, what is best about the future. Well, I think that depends on each of us to make the best of it. 

The Best Job - One you are passionate about. You will be there 10 hours a day so it should be one you are totally committed to. 

The Best Partner - I hope you find yours and it lasts a lifetime full of joy. 

The Best Home - The heart of your family, where you will grow together - make it a good one. 

The Best Vacation Spots - I hope you get to wonder at all the best places in the world for you. 

The Best Family - I hope family life turns out to be the best for you! 

The Best Friends - I hope to stay friends with many of you for the future. 

The Best Health - I hope you can keep the best of health. You will need lots of energy to achieve all you can! 

The Best Attitude - I hope you maintain a massively positive attitude. It will determine how far you get in life! 

The Best of Success - let me wish that for all of you! 

Good Luck!!! 

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Free Graduation Speeches - Goal Achievement

graduation speeches goal achievement

Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

Thanks to Principal McKenzie.

Congratulations to me fellow graduates. I am very lucky to be here speaking to you all today. 

By lucky I mean how fortunate I have been to have help, advice and friendship from many of you here. I thank you all.

A few years ago things were not exactly running a smooth course toward graduation. I was blaming everyone else for my failures and had little direction.

Enough was enough. I decided to take charge of my life and I spoke to my friends about what could be done. My dad told me he did not have any sense of goals at school and really studied harder after school. We approached Mrs Naismith for help and she was great.

Some of our group had clear careers in mind and working on their grade requirements was simple. The rest of do not so we worked on what would be a good set of grades. Although unsure we would make them I felt sure we would persevere and give it our best shot. 

That moment of taking responsibility set a course which has been amazingly successful. I like CSI and have always loved the way the team focus on their goal of getting the villain. In the same way we have managed to help each other with our studies. 

The path to the finish was not smooth with times when we did not focus on the goal however overall it worked and we can now graduate.

So today we can celebrate our success where a year ago I was not sure I would have made it.

I very much recommend goal setting for the power it brings into your life. Throw in a healthy dose of perseverance and you have a great combination. I think the lessons from this goal setting experiment should also include a few extra points:

  • A great support group is essential

  • Working out the goals that exactly suit you is important

  • Family and friends are so important that you must spend time with them

  • Have fun, life can never be all about work.

The journey has been significantly enriched by help from the teaching staff, my family and great friends. Thank you to them for all they have done.

I hope we can all have goals that make a big difference to as many people as possible.

Good Luck to everyone. 

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Free Graduation Speeches - Living With Obstacles

graduation speeches living with obstacles

Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

Congratulations Class of 2018.

This journey of ours has been truly different. So much so that the meaning of graduation day may be a bit different for us. The normal hard working path to graduation through a well funded educational program is not our experience.

Just think, with pride, of the obstacles we have overcome and in equal measure the outstanding people in our lives who have helped us through to this point.

Our school has a funding shortfall resulting in teacher shortages and lack of book and equipment. However all teachers put in a huge amount of extra work to support us and through our families’ fund raising efforts we found ways to buy books and the other supplies we needed.

We live in a difficult neighborhood with a lot of unemployment. Most of us have jobs to help boost our family income. Many of us have no study area available at home. However the local church take us after school for assisted study, give us a meal and we can enjoy some cool games. We also learn to live our lives with a positive attitude.

This year as part of the school flooded we had to squeeze into shared classrooms. Although it was difficult at first the teachers managed to make it bearable. 

Living with these obstacles has taught so many great things about life. 

  • Living with obstacles teaches us that tough times don‘t last forever and we can overcome them.

  • We have learned to deal with adversity

  • The love and support of family and friends is very powerful

  • Our teachers and mentors really do make a difference and work very hard to help us

So today at Graduation we can really celebrate all we have achieved. We can also know the true satisfaction of overcoming obstacles. These lessons will last us a lifetime. 

Our Class will be taking many different routes in the future. Some to college, some are starting work and some of us have not yet found our way forward. No matter what it is we intend to do we will have many more obstacles to overcome. The future will have economic, health and emotional challenges as we dare to achieve new goals. 

Along the way we will receive a lot of support from those around us. There will be new teachers, mentors and of course our family will be there. Taking heart from our time at school we will know we can have faith that we will find a way to succeed. I hope that helps us to try and achieve worthwhile goals. 

Of course the most important part of our lives that I have not mentioned yet is our Class. Everyday we have given each other support. Many times have we stepped in to help a friend over the years. The Class have stood together. I hope over the years we help each other in the same way. 

Being a part of this group has been a privilege. 

Good Luck

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Free Graduation Speeches - Community

free graduation speeches

Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

Principal Schulz, Mayor Fellini, Honored Guests, fellow students and their families.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018.

Thank you to our families, you epitomize what our community is all about. 

Thank you Principal Schulz, you have been an inspiring figure for all of us!

Thanks to the teachers, you have enriched out lives. A special mention to Mr Herman, Mrs Auld, Mrs Harman, and of course that powerhouse of education Mrs Faulds.

Thanks to everyone in our local community. From the fund raising, to the goodwill we receive and also just taking time to say hello every day.

This is a proud school and neighborhood. Our families are in the Police, Fire Department, Construction and Teaching. Our community helps each other, never lets anyone go hungry and everyone gets our friendship and support. It is a truly welcoming place to visit and a wonderful place to grow up. These people have watched us grow from being a baby, through learning to walk to playing in the park and riding your bikes. 

That community spirit exists in the school too where we all help each other. Think about the dinner team, the janitor, teachers, police and our class. Countless times they spend time talking with you, have gone out of their way to help and freely given extra teaching and mentoring. The time we take to say hello and care for others locally is really appreciated by them.
Also the students help anyone who asks for help and guide younger students along their way. Of course we all have our own dreams and goals to chase. However the hard work seems somehow easier in this great environment.

All of this has brought us to graduation day ready to celebrate our achievements and look forward to the next stage in life. After all the effort by our whole community we quite rightly have extended our party to include many friends, family and well wishers. 

For the future it will be very difficult to leave our school and even tougher for those who go away to college. However in its own way that shows how great it has been to be brought up here. Those of us who are leaving will visit as often as possible and look forward to it. 

As a team we have achieved so much more than we could do on our own
Our own special skills have been supplemented by the special skills of our friends.
We have grounded expectations and are grounded people as a result of or time here.

In a world of must have gadgets, me first, I want, celebrity status I believe we have the best of it here.

We have a team that will support, nurture and just love each other as we go through our lives. Many will make a new life in a new area. Using the things you learned here you can create a new community around you!

I am very, very sad to leave here. But I do look forward to the strength of character we have developed here flourishing in the future. 

I will be seeing all of you

Good Luck

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Free Graduation Speeches - Charity

free graduation speeches

Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

Principal Ayello, Honored Guests, Mr Hansen, Mrs Nur, and of course Mrs Yoki.

Congratulations Class of 2018 this is a proud moment for all of us.

Thanks to Mr Ayello for guiding us through High School. Thanks to our teachers and Mrs Smith who held our hand in troubled times. Our thoughts go to Mr Tough - get well soon sir.

At times like this it is only fitting to recognize and celebrate our achievements. There is a lot of individual success to celebrate and the hard work by each of us has driven our achievements.
Also we must thank our families for giving us their unstinting love and support. It really is easier to study and take on new challenges when you have a great support team.

Looking back there has been a real sense of purpose among our class, as a team. Our charity work has focused our efforts. A while back the Oxfam representative came to our school and talked through issues they had providing basic care, simple medicine, clean water, food and basic schooling. The class agreed we should help.

Over the past year in particular we have had numerous fund raising activities. The primary purpose of it has been to see tangible efforts made with the money. The letters we have received from many countries are a testament to the good work that has been completed. It is worthwhile pausing to reflect on how powerful it is to see a photo of a new water pump or classroom, for example.

Not only have the charity efforts benefited the wider community. We also have benefited by working together as a team, enjoying fund raising and spending time together. As individuals I expect we can see that we are better people as a result of giving to others. I hope we are more rounded and grounded young adults.

Let us celebrate today with real enthusiasm for our academic achievements, our transition from school and our charity work.

We are now embarking on the next phase of college or jobs. Importantly we will need to apply ourselves with real determination. I hope we continue to have the love and support of our families and friends as we meet these new challenges.

I also we continue to grow as people through our charity work. Continuing to give will help people in unimaginable ways. It will also give you a sense of peace and happiness that cannot be bought at any price.

Good luck to the class of 2018.

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Free Graduation Speeches - Special People

free graduation speeches

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Principal Strain, Civic Dignitaries, Holmes, Nelson and Farr

First off, congratulations to the Class of 2018.

We are graduating today and I feel very proud to be part of The Given High team.

We are undeniably from a less privileged area than many others. In fact Social Economic studies tell us that we are in the bottom 20%.

I know there are some challenges in our school funding and we have to make do without some materials.
I know we all face some issues in our neighborhood with safety.
However, I know more than anything we are proud to be from Givens and are very proud to be graduating from our High School.

There are lessons for everyone in how Givens has brought us up, treated us, educated us and given us respect for ourselves, and each other. Thank you to the excellent teachers and caring staff.

For example, I expected to attend math class, perhaps not every day, and just put my time in till I could leave.
Was I wrong!

There I ran into the most polite little lady, Mrs Carr. I thought she would be soft and not keep discipline.
Was I wrong!

If ever there is a teacher who showed leadership, grit, determination, all done in a polite way, it is Mrs Carr.

She has pulled every imaginable trick to get us at first interested in Math, then good at it and now excellent graduates. Why would she care -- well she just does.
She proved we had a gift at Math, showed we could pass the tests and when we were going off track she came to our homes and brought us right back on track. All on a teacher's pay - staggering!

Everyone in the class has a similar story that shows how a gifted teacher can bring out the best in them in their best area of study. We believe in the teaching team.

From the teachers we have learned :-

  • There is good in all of us

  • Believe you can do most anything

  • Persist and you will break through the mental barriers that you yourself erect. Those barriers stop you learning

  • Once you achieve, build on that success time and again. Success is an adrenaline fueled ride to the top!

If you had to ask me what I would aspire to when I left High School before Mrs Carr I would have said I don’t think I will amount to much.

Now many graduates have the belief, skills, persistence, and desire to go for further education. Education has been our salvation and will set us up for the future. 

I will be learning to be a Math Professor, that is my dream!

Also big thanks to our Principal and the fearless fund raising team.

Thank you to all the teaching staff.

Thank you to everyone here for your support on our journey together.

We will always be a child of our neighborhood. So, as we go through our own journey in life I hope we keep in touch. I really hope we find ways of giving to our community in the same determined and fearless way as the teachers have given to us.

For the future I would say get out there, keep learning and believe you can achieve.

Your journey has just begun.

Best of Luck

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Free Graduation Speeches - Coping With Change

graduation speeches steady but determined

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Principal Morton, Vice Chancellors Hendry and Frattini. Honored guests Mrs Campbell and Mr Flair.

Congratulations Class of 2018. 

I am truly honored to be here before you on graduation day. As I prepared my graduation speech vividly remembered what it means to graduate and also to be at Roxburgh High.

Thanks to all parents, families and friends. This school encourages involvement from everyone including parents and other family members. It also encourages friendship and gives us a real sense of support. I know from personal experience just how life altering Roxburgh can be.

My topic is “coping with change” and I hope to use a little personal experience to illustrate the good and bad side of coping with change. 

Some years ago my mom came home and announced that I had won a scholarship to this amazing high school. I cannot say that filled me with joy! My first thoughts were, what about my friends, what about the neighborhood, was I leaving my local school, how would I get to Roxburgh in the morning? There was so much to take in that I could not really see how this would help me. 

My opportunity to adjust came 4 days later when I changed school. I hated it!! My resentment for my parents knew no bounds. My dislike of the school and my new classmates was in equal amount. I skipped school a number of days and spent it complaining to my old friends. I studied little and I lived deep in my own world of self pity, fear and hatred.

Luckily my guardian angel Principal Morton was committed to my cause. 

  • Unbelievably he gave me responsibility for the school tutoring program for those who are finding a bit of learning difficulty.

  • He gave me more work!

  • He made sure I attended evening events in collusion with my family.

How I loved them all!!! My resentment shot off the scale.

Strangely I enjoyed tutoring and felt great when I helped someone improve. Even more strangely I enjoyed the times I had to research and present facts and opinion to class. Even worse though was I started to make friends with wonderful people. In my own mind this was a disaster but now it was not so bad. How could the truth be that Roxburgh is a great place with great teachers and great students?

Slowly but surely the truth dawned on me. I started to meet new people and we helped to coach each other. They showed me the truth, that I could handle the work if I worked hard and persevered. It was not about lack of intelligence. Eventually I realized that I was good at something, English, and that has become my college major. 

Whilst this has been my story, each graduate here has their own personal stories of coping with change both in their private lives and through their schooling. However no matter where the change is taking place it still can affect all areas of your life. Your school must deal with who you are and help you on your journey to the best of their ability.

We have been fortunate here at Roxburgh High in that the main things the school can do are completed here. The support you need is available, there is a nurturing environment and the students really do help each other the best they can.

As you go forward you should seek out these supportive elements in our lives to make sure you can cope with change:

  • At college and work make contact with the teachers, trainers and mentors and forge supportive relationships

  • Make friends with your peers

  • Trust that you can cope with the work, study and moving away from home

  • Keep in touch with school and your fellow graduates.

  • The truth also is, there are great people out there ready to be your friends, teach, support, mentor and love you.

When times are at their toughest we all need help. Make sure you ask for help when you need it, people will always be happy to help.

The biggest of thanks, love and respect to my family, my new and old friends, Principal Morton, The Guidance team, our teachers and my fellow graduates. 

Roxburgh High has opened up our minds to the truth, we can achieve great things.

Looking around for the last time Roxburgh High has given me challenges, strong friends, and a lifelong sense of purpose. Coping with change is a lot easier now.

Good Luck to all of you!!! 

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Free Graduation Speeches - Field Trip

speeches field trip

Free PDF copy, just click, read and print.

Principal Hamilton, Deputy Graham, Honored Guests, my fellow graduates and our families. 

At times in our lives we find something that can change us forever. That change does not need to be enormous and can sometimes just be a slow and steady change that, when you look back, has made a huge difference. I think many of us have been fortunate to find moments that really have positively impacted our lives. I certainly feel that the school 3 day stay at the Inverness Outdoor Adventure Center, 6 months ago, was the one that did it for me. 

We are fortunate to be living in a wonderful community. We attend a great school, have low crime rates, loving and supportive parents, teachers who work hard for us, good social lives and a friendly class group who do care about each other. So what could possibly need to change? Did our comfortable lives not give us everything we needed? 

Until we went to Inverness I believe I was coasting along. My grades were going to be acceptable, I would gain a place at college doing something and I would go on to live a normal life. Back then I would have said that was almost idyllic. However after 3 days at Inverness things changed! 

Inverness Center got us to do amazing things. We went caving, abseiling, kayaking, cycling and completed an assault course. We stayed in dorms, cooked our own food, laughed together, shared adventures, completed a midnight walk, watched the stars at night and amazingly survived without phones or social media. I faced my fear of tight spaces, took part in a team, was not the center of attention, helped anyone who wanted and found out all about my class as individuals. The team helped us bond together, talked to us about our thoughts and hopes, and stepped in when we needed them. 

When I returned I seemed to have a new found determination to do many new things. I set some longer and shorter term goals. I now spend face to face time with my class. I actively seek and give help. I have a mentor from the course to help me tackle challenges. Perhaps importantly for me is the change to actively seeking to get out of my comfort zone and find new challenges. Alongside this has been how I look at things differently now and that fresh view has made me put my school and social lives into perspective. 

I find myself at graduation with much better grades, I am starting to see how my life would be brilliant if I focus my future on scientific work and most likely in the area of medical drug research. My college focus is on pharmacology. I feel so much more at ease and confident, not just directly because of the course but mostly because I have worked every day to be a little better at talking to people and making direct contact. My family believe I have become much more communicative and better at expressing how I feel. I feel life is much more fun! I suspect that I now have a determination to get out there and succeed that is improved each time I tackle some new challenge. 

I must stress that I did not come back from Inverness having seen the light. I think that each day we have made ourselves a little better and that improvement has grown steadily into a major change. No more coasting! 

The impact can be seen here today. Graduation is a real mark of our achievements. It has taken a major focus, determination, sheer hard work, a team effort and great teaching. Thanks are due to our families, teachers and friends for all they have done for us. Although I would not have thanked Mr Hamilton for arranging the Inverness course while I was hanging off a cliff, I now feel very grateful for the opportunity. 

I congratulate my fellow graduates. 

What will the future hold for the Class of 2018? Although life can have some curve balls, we are in charge of our destiny to a large degree. We decide what our major subjects are, we aim for a career area, we make friends, we decide which pursuits to follow, we ask for dates, we learn to keep our apartment, we choose where to shop and we choose our clothes. Life is changing all the time as are we. I think we can look forward with determination and confidence that we will make our lives the best we can and cope with the difficult times. 

By ourselves we can do so much. However I do not think we can do any of these things alone. You only have to see my wardrobe to know that I need advice! Sometimes we will be complacent and need something that really challenges us and changes our perspectives. We need friends, family and mentors. We need reassured that we are doing the right things and we need to feel loved. Perhaps a visit to Inverness every few years would help us re-discover our sense of direction and passion for life. That regular review of where we are and where we are going will be invaluable. 

Let me wish all the Class of 2018 all the best in the future. We will not need luck, we just need the courage to face our challenges. 

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Free Graduation Speeches - Steady But Determined

graduation speeches steady but determined

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Principal Henderson, Honored Guests, Parents, Families, Staff of Nelson High and my fellow Graduates.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018, I am extremely proud to belong to this talented Class. 

Perhaps I should have called my speech “one persons journey from a dark bedroom to enlightenment”. 

Throughout our school years we have learned so much about ourselves, friends, teachers, families and life. We have worked hard to learn our school subjects and hopefully figured out how we make a success of our college and working years. 

I have to say that I think one of the most valuable lessons has been how we approach everything we have to do in all aspects of life. I surely have learned to start early and take a very determined approach to all my endeavours. 

Let me be clear, I am not talking about the thrilling parties, amazing outdoor adventures and spontaneously having fun. Jumping right in there is the only way to go! 

In my earlier years at school I did not do any extra work until very close to school tests, the night before homework was due or even worse, getting up early to finish off term papers. I had a brave face with my friends and I fed off the reputation for not caring and always doing just enough. I was available all the time to spend hours on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat keeping up with everyone. My parents did try to get me to see sense but when they banned me from Social Media I just watched TV. My parents, however, had both noticed how I really enjoyed being a rebel, in my own head anyway, with lots of praise from me friends for being a bit different. I now laugh at the image I had in my head of me rejecting conventional society while wearing my rebel t-shirt. All from the comfort of my comfortable bedroom. 

2 years ago a strange piece of luck came my way. Dad gave me a ride to school on the day we had Math test. He noticed that I seemed pretty nervous, but when he asked how I felt about the test all he got was bravado about “why would I care, it was just a test”. He knew then that something had to be done. He has since told me that the puzzle for him was around why did I say I did not care, what was making me nervous, what would I really want to do after school, what would get me to start taking my life seriously, what could my parents do to love me but shake me out of my state of mind and finally what would any change mean to me. But that was all too much to work on and a simple start was best. 

My worried parents came to the school and formed the idea, after discussion, that change had to be driven by me. I was approaching 16 and needed to grow up. However they wanted to show me a way that I could prove worked. Although I was not going to admit anything was wrong they just need to get one small opening with me to get me to at least try a better way. Perhaps for all of us life can be a little confusing at 16. I did not know what I wanted to do in life, what I was good at, what would challenge me or even that fundamental feeling of having some success. I knew I was scared of lots of things and was hiding out in my Social Media world. Receiving praise and reading posts by people who said they cared meant so much to me at the time, no matter how fake it may have been. 

My parents spoke to me about it all at length and I did not give much for them to work with. In the end we agreed that not having any successes to boost my morale was not good. From there I agreed that I would like to do well in my next English test. We laid out a slow and steady approach to doing some extra work each day for 45 minutes. The simple plan covered as much ground as possible before the test. My mom checked with the English teacher to make sure we covered the important items, were able to check I was learning correctly and some tips on what to look for. Although I was not the happiest student I enjoyed positive feedback when I was doing well and my parents made it all as positive as possible when I was wrong. During the 3 weeks study I did start to feel good about the work. I did well in the test and enjoyed very much feeling successful. I also noticed how much less stressed I was about the test than normal. 

I wanted to capitalize on this feeling of success. I picked out the subjects where I felt I wanted to do well, knowing that might change but at least I was getting started. With mom I planned a study plan for each subject over the course of a week. I wanted to have a steady approach that had me working well for 45 minutes at a time, taking a break and then doing more. I had one more, long, break and then a final 45 minutes before bed. I spoke to the teachers myself this time to make sure I covered the important items, used their study tips and was able to talk to them as I ran into some tricky areas. I also made time to have fun! Over time I grew in confidence, became better at studying, improved my grades enormously, reduced my stress levels and discovered a real determination to do well. I also discovered that Science is my thing and planned how to take that on to College.

I guess my approach is a little bit simple. However with many things in life I have found that just getting going with a steady approach to learning, studying, doing term papers, discovering new hobbies, making new friends and finding out what you want from life is best. That way you can discover what you really want out of life, enjoy many successes and keep on growing as a person. 

I must give a huge thanks to my parents for sticking by me and showing me how much you will do for the ones you love. A huge thanks also to the teachers for helping me so much. Who can forget Mrs Hughes standing on her table leading the singing of “We are the champions”, what a great start to a Physics class. The teachers had a way of inspiring us at times. 

I have not yet mentioned the part played by our talented Class. We have all grown up together and many of us have not been the best friends we could have been at all times. However, no matter what we got up to, the Class have always been willing to help, support and offer kindness to everyone who needs it. I know that I must have seemed like I hated anyone trying to do well. That did not seem to matter as when I finally asked for help and friendship I received an abundance of it. Thank you to the Class of 2018 – you are exceptional! This is a Class who spent their Saturdays helping raise money for children’s charities. The New York trip brought many people out of their shells and showed their real personalities. We also had winning Volleyball and Soccer teams. 

As for Social Media, well yes I still take part. I have noticed I have new friends and a much more grown up way of communicating. Am I still a “rebel” – no, but I am so much happier now I have found out more about who I am and what I like. I certainly have left that dark bedroom behind and emerged out into and exciting real world. 

In the future I plan to use the same approach at College and in my Career. There is so much to find out about the world, who I am and importantly too, what I can do for everyone around me. Although I do not know exactly where it will end up I know it will all be revealed as I work at it. 

I wish you all success in the future! 

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Free Graduation Speeches - Strong Foundations

graduation speeches foundations

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Principal Hammond, Honored Guests, Families and Graduates. 

I am very proud to be speaking at the graduation of our Class of 2018. Congratulations to my fellow graduates. 

Let me wish a warm welcome to all our guests including our families. I think your presence makes the occasion very special. 

My subject is the apparently rather quite serious topic of “Building Strong Foundations”. However perhaps there is more to this topic than you would initially think. I hope to bring it to life for you. 

There is a sensible quote “Education is the foundation upon which we build our future”, by Christine Gregoire which certainly would have been used by my parents when I was having a time of let’s say no studying if they had know it. However I think we have gone beyond that and we have developed as rounded people with a firm set of values and life skills. 

When we started school we had so many things on our minds, having fun, playing computer games, sports dance, music, how unfair homework was, favourite TV shows and eating! Little did we know that the school had a plan for us which would build in the educational foundations we need bit by bit. Building strong foundations takes time and patience. The school has tried to do that with us. For each of us we have different futures and the foundations are a bit different. For example the scientists will have Math and Science subjects, others it is English and Languages and for others it is Art and Music, for example. I think all of us have had the chance to build those foundations with excellent qualifications here. Thanks to the teachers for their patience, guidance and going the extra mile when we needed it. 

Luckily the school, and our families, identified that our foundations do not just consist of school qualifications, important though they are. There are so many skills which we have had a chance to learn. 

  • Learning how to learn has been a specific course here and is a lifelong skill

  • Learning to communicate has been taught all the way through school and will help us pass college interviews, job interviews, speak at important times and in my case help with almost chronic natural shyness – believe me being the speaker today was unthinkable even last year.

  • Learning about the real opportunities in the world so that we may choose to follow or dreams no matter where they may occur.

  • Learning to cope with challenges and change. The school in conjunction at times with our families have challenged us at camps, field trips and many other events. I think we have learned we can trust ourselves and will not shy away from challenge in the years to come.

  • How just to have fun – life is not all work!

  • Learning about ourselves and what we want out of life

The school really has built strong and flexible foundations which will be the core on which we build our future lives. I think we will be braver, more confident and will approach our lives in a much more optimistic way. 

The final part of our foundations is perhaps the core of who we are. That is the strong relationships we have. Thanks to our families we have been loved and supported all our lives. That really does give you strength. The class of 2018 has been unbelievable. We have made friends for life. Over the years everyone has helped each other and we have been a class I am very proud to belong to. 

Today, on our Graduation day, we have the chance to pause for a moment and celebrate our success. We should also enjoy the strong foundations we have. Today marks a huge milestone in our lives. Hard work, perseverance and a dedication to our education has paid off. I hope this is the best celebrations we have ever had. 

Erik A Oppenheimer said “Without a solid foundation you’ll have trouble creating anything of value”. Well, we have all the foundations we need. We have skills in every area required, we have a determination to succeed and an open mind about just how much we can achieve. Many of us are going to college and we really are ready to step up. Others have excellent careers in mind and will be making that happen shortly. For all of us we have a lifetime of relationships, family times, friendships, fun, hard work, challenges, learning and coping with change top come. When life’s gales hit us we will find we are standing on solid ground! 

Given that we have strong foundations what will make our lives exciting, challenging, fun, loving, supportive and ultimately successful? Well, the answer is we will! We must find our dream careers, partner, lifestyle, challenges and excitement. We certainly have the ability to do all of it and the foundations to do it well. 

Good luck to my fellow class of 2018 members. 

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Free Graduation Speeches - What Meant The Most

graduation speeches what meant the most

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Principal Horton, Honored Guests and Families. 

Congratulations to my fellow graduates, the Class of 2018 deserves their celebrations. 

I have the simple task of speaking about What Has Meant the Most To Us. For each of us that will be different, but there does seem to be some similar themes. 

When we started school there were things that really did mean a lot to us. Not being scared (think back to that feeling we had on our first day), being accepted, meeting people we liked, being invited to parties, getting on the team, teachers saying we were doing well and our parents approval were among the things we cared about then. Looking back I think I found it hard to be myself, which made life a bit complicated and certainly a little stressful. 

Thanks to our parents and teachers what was important evolved to some extent. We became more confident, we knew how to fit in (and were less scared), we wanted to be cool, we still avoided bad things if possible and we wanted to do well at school. We also wanted to graduate with the grades we need for the next steps in our lives. 

Personally I still like to get good feedback from peers, teachers and my family. But I seem now to know that adverse feedback is just a learning point. 

So, what really is important? If you leave out all the fears and concerns, what really has meant the most to us at school. Perhaps there are some clues as to what life is really all about. 

Well, there is the real stuff. The amazing friendships we have made. The pride at belonging to a great class. The grades we have achieved and the fact we are graduating. The evolving goals we have for ourselves. The fun we had. As a class we helped each other along the way, the challenges we shared and the teamwork we enjoyed. Only in the past year have I realized how great this class is. The supportive environment helps everyone and is free of judgement. Thanks to the Class of 2018 for being amazing people. We also have learned that hard work and dedication drive our success. Someone once said that feedback is the breakfast of champions, I know the improvements I made after key pieces of feedback. Perhaps, most importantly of all, we have learned just how much being true to yourself has meant to us. 

Personally the last piece of advice is all too real. I seem to have had 2 lives. One life is fitting in at school, not giving opinions, being scared to offend, and trying to be almost invisible. My other life is away from school where I live in a fun household, love my family, work very hard at my school work, I am determined to be a business owner, and I love to play golf. 

I think it is fitting that we celebrate our achievements today. We deserve our graduation day. This milestone lets us take note of how far we have come and enjoy being graduates. Congratulations Class of 2018 once again. 

The future seems a lot better to me now than a year or two ago. I think we have grown so much in confidence and skill that we have the chance to make the most amazing highlights in our future lives. The core is to be ourselves, that way we will really know what we think and want. That way we will be able to do the things that mean the most to us. We will have the power of our own sense of direction. 

Of course, once we know what we want, we must apply ourselves to our success. Hard work, dedication, feedback, good teachers and stretching goals will bring the success we want. We will be challenged at times and wonder if we can cope. I think that will bring out the best in us. 

Life has never been all about work. I hope we all are friends with the people we really care for. I hope we live in a place we love. I hope we find that special someone to share it all with. 

Most of all I hope that the things that meant the most to us in our lives are the things we would have wished for in our dreams. 

Good Luck Class of 2018. 

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Free Graduation Speeches - Continually Improving

free graduation speeches

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Thank you Principal Ellon.

I know from personal experience that the teaching staff here are brilliant at breaking down what can seem like an awesome amount of work into small manageable chunks which you can learn successfully and move onto the next part.

I know it is tough to be honest about yourself. But I did think some years back that I would be a complete failure. I found myself overwhelmed by the school workload and could not see any way out of it. My parents suggested I talk to the school, get feedback on my work so far and seek a solution on the way ahead. For me that was hard as I do not like getting feedback, but I did agree to do it.

I am glad I approached the teaching staff and Mrs Moretti in particular. She helped me see that any big goal can be broken down and that all I had to do was work hard and focus on improving as I went along. I just had to focus on the work for today and complete it using my best efforts.

At that stage I still felt I would drop out but Mrs Moretti did take great care to explain that when I plan a piece of school work, execute the plan and then get tutor feedback I would steadily become successful. Successful as long as I used the feedback to adjust my thinking and improve for the next time. 

There is a great quote by Newton D Baker:
"The person who graduates then stops learning is uneducated the day after that."

I have many times asked for help from the teachers here to help me make lots of the improvements needed. Luckily for me they are only too willing to help.

By working on small, steady and constant improvements I did graduate and felt fantastic.

I have applied the same principles to many areas of my life. My soccer team, swimming and even my own web business. 

In life we are all going to face overwhelming times. All of us can relax, plan our approach to meet the challenges and then concentrate on the first successful step. After all the journey of a thousand steps starts with the first successful one. 

The future holds great promise for each of us. I heartily recommend that you never stop trying to improve and also help improve the lives of those who are touched by you.

Never Stop Learning

On this, your graduation day all stand and give cheer 
to honor you for all the work you've done to get you here. 
As we rise and give applause be sure you don't forget 
that learning is not over as your future plans are met. 
May you always be a listener and learn from all you meet 
always keep a student's spirit and your life will be complete.

Thank you for listening to me.

Good luck at college, or whatever you choose to do! 

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Free Graduation Speeches - Reach For The Stars

graduation speeches stars

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Principal Fratelli, Honored Guests, Students, Parents and Friends. 

Congratulations Class of 2018 - That felt good! 

You have achieved the goal you set many years ago, what a fantastic success - well done! 

This wonderful college has been your home for some time now. I believe many of you will regret leaving here enormously. 

I had dinner with Faculty members last night and I know how highly regarded your class is. Many comments were made about one of the best classes in years. You are a credit to yourselves and your families. 

Some of you have achieved everything you wanted to and more. 

Some of you are just a little short of expectations but I fully believe you are very, very successful. I do hope you are proud of yourself. Certainly I know your teachers are! 

There is a great little quote: 

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars. Author unknown 

I hope you feel you have landed among the stars! 

Enjoy today. It is always worthwhile taking a breather and having fun! I hope you party is a real blast. 

Looking forward to your careers and life after college I truly hope you continue to reach for the stars. 

If you want to be the best person you can be you need to use your talents to their full potential. You must find something to challenge you, you will be sharper, happier and stronger as a result. 

I hope you find your passion. That will drive you to success. Many of you will have careers arranged already, I hope you love them! 

Some of you will not have decided yet. 

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. Author unknown 

I am sure all of you will reach for your own stars. As you do, you will become a person of the highest integrity. That will benefit you a thousand fold. To have the trust and respect of your peers is truly a treasured gift.
Others will be drawn to help you. You will attract strong powerful colleagues who will make you stronger and happier too. 

And what of financial wealth? That will come as a result of doing the right things! 

Let me leave you with a short quote: 

I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. Author unknown 

Good Luck 

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Free Graduation Speeches - Lessons From Life

lessons from life speech

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Principal Hamilton, Honored Guests, Graduates and their families 

Firstly let me congratulate the Class of 2018. This special day is one to be remembered for the rest of your life.

I am honored to be back at Horton School and very humble that you should invite me back to speak. It is a very hot day so I will keep my remarks brief and to the point.

Although the journey has been hard you have passed through in some style and graduated. I really hope you appreciate the wonderful things you have learned and take them with you into the future. I certainly have used many of the lessons as I have built my business and feel very proud of my time here at Horton.

There is no real magic formula for success in life, indeed the things you have learned here are the basic building blocks of your future life.

  • First off you have had a target of achieving graduation all through school which you have achieved with the grades you require.

  • To achieve those grades you will have worked very hard whilst using the knowledge of expert teachers and mentors.

  • You will continually have received feedback personally. This will have let you adjust your approach where necessary.

  • Here and there you will have made sacrifices that seemed a little unfair at the time.

  • You will have held yourself to high standards of personal conduct as without that you would have the grades but really would not be a person of substance.

  • You also, with help, love and support of your family will have balanced your life with pursuits and family life. This is the best way to live your life.

Today you get to celebrate the results of all your efforts. You really deserve to have your moment. I hope your party is awesome, but you stay safe.

The future will be your own making which is a great thing given the kind of people you are and the lessons you have learned. I really do implore you to set goals you are passionate about, work hard, get feedback from respected people, maintain your own personal integrity and help other people, plus balance your life in the best way.

From someone who has let their life get out of balance at times, I urge you to keep your family close to you. They are the ones who have been with you all the way and they will be there no matter what happens in the future. There is no substitute for the love of your family.

I wish you all the best!

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Free Graduation Speeches Codes Of Conduct

codes graduation speech

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Principal Ortega, Mayor Hughes, Honored Guests Macdonald and Hypia.


I am very proud and honored to be here before you today. There is an enormous sense of excitement on graduation day and I am sure you can all feel it today. 

I had heard graduation speeches before at my brother's graduation day, but I never imagined I would be here with you today delivering my own version of graduation speech.

Firstly thanks to my family, you have given so much and I appreciate your love and support. I love you too. 

Thanks to the Principal and staff at Simpsons School, what can I say? I am sure we have not always been easy to deal with but you pulled through for us. I know how much of yourselves and your time. 

Thanks to my close friends and fellow students. You are a magnificent group of talented people. The fun in being here has been in knowing all of you.

As you know the school has a work placement program. My placement happened to be in Maldini architects. I dearly want to be an architect, you have no idea how excited I was to be placed there!!

I loved my time at Maldini and did indeed learn enough to know that it is my passion. I could not sleep at night, I was just so excited to be an architect for a short while! 

You have no idea how devastated I was to be called in for a chat with Mrs Maldini after a few days with what looked like it was going to be bad news.

In the end that meeting was to define me as a person. 

Mrs Maldini said she loved having me in the office as I was bright and fun, then told me I was leaving that day unless I shaped up. My heart sank!!!

The reasons were true, simple and painful.

I thought life was just fun!

I wanted to be liked rather than do a job.

I was time wasting, costing money and not doing what I was asked.

Could I recover from this devastating news?

Mrs Maldini Looked at me straight and told me I needed to decide what my own codes of conduct were. I then needed to take responsibility for living up to them.

I had to return the next day with all this written out and ready to act on it, if not NO JOB.

As you can imagine my first instinct was to complain about Mrs Maldini to my friends but I just did not have the time.

When I got home I kept thinking about what my family have held up as their codes of conduct and thought how that might help.

The codes are:

Always give your best.
Persevere with a smile on your face.
Always help others.

I thought deeply about how I had gone astray.

My best was most definitely not being given. I did my best getting the placement and I needed to work out what my best for Maldini’s was. 
I looked at the work assignments and sorted out what I would do.

I was not persevering as I was not focused on the job. The next day I promised myself that would change. 

I thought I was helping others by being friendly and fun but that was not true.
I needed to change to what was best for Maldini which was to really help by giving high quality work.

I added more detail and nervously presented my plan the next day.

Mrs Maldini smiled and said she just wanted to see the plan in action with completed assignments. I had to work long hours to catch up and make my targets.

I learned fast that I alone was responsible for my actions.

I learned my actions affected other people.

I learned my positive contribution would help others.

So, I did my job and very luckily I will be returning to Maldini full time!!!

I urge you all to consider who you are, what your codes of conduct are and just how responsible you are for living up to them.

You are about to go off and seek fame and fortune. Be ready to do a good job right from the start!

You must look to yourself, your actions can affect the lives of others and indeed their employment prospects.

Write out your codes of conduct. Everyday check if you are living by them.

If you don’t live by your codes you will be found out. 

I am sure all of you will have a glittering future ahead of you. 
Have fun, follow your passion and be yourself at all times.

Good luck and congratulations!!!

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Free Graduation Speeches Inspiration

inspiration graduation speech

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Principal Hayes, Honored Guests, Graduates and Families

Congratulations Class of 2018.

I am very honored to be back here at Hopetown High. I just love the idea of helping the graduation celebrations along a bit.

We all come from this small town, where the community spirit is never far from the surface. I have been in town visiting family for a few days and have been vividly remembering the closeness there is here. Every store, barber shop and coffee shop is talking about how well you have all done and just how proud they are of you.

The theme for my High School Graduation Speech is Inspirational people. I like the theme as there is a lot to learn from people who are out there achieving in this world. Like you they have worked very hard and dedicated themselves to a goal. Learn too from successful people in your field. Model how they handle change, their integrity, how hard they work and how they keep themselves current in their field. You should be very proud to be part of your class. 

Having spent a few days back home it has reminded me about the inspirational people here. As well as your own families the local people have helped give you a strong foundation. It is hard to tell you to aspire to be loving, supportive people who have lots of time for others. Many of the wonderful people in our town have very little financial wealth but I can assure you they have riches beyond anything you can imagine.

Think of your journey so far. For your own part it has been full of hard work, tackling new challenges, learning how to deal with being at school and the expectations that brings, keeping up with lots of school work, and for many of you working hard in the family business. Clearly you have achieved everything quite brilliantly and congratulations once again on graduating.

Along the way I hope you have felt the boost to your spirits that comes from those lovely smiling faces belonging to your neighbors. I hope you noticed the way they care for you. I hope you noticed how hard they worked to raise funds for the school to benefit you in so many ways. I hope too you have felt how proud they are of all of you. I have not felt this since I left town.

As you go on to college and careers I hope you can be inspired by many great people to do many great things. You will have your own heroes to look up to. There are lots of places to look for inspiration:

  • Presidents of the USA

  • Rescue workers who risk their lives to save others

  • Famous entrepreneurs

  • Sports people like Michael Phelps and Michael Jordan

So, ask yourself who are your heroes and what you can learn from them. Study their best work and how they conduct themselves as people.

But, no matter who you model, remember to take inspiration from the people who love you. That is the thing that will sustain you through your life.

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Free Graduation Speeches Lifelong Learning

lifelong learning graduation speech

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Principal Ferguson, Staff of Bowley High, Graduates and Guests

Congratulations To the Class Of 2018

You have tasted your first big success!! Let there be much, much more to follow.

Like your first golf swing or dance move, once you have that first successful swing you can apply yourself to getting more success and it becomes increasingly natural.

My purpose in talking today is to not just recognize your outstanding success and the awesome talent in your group, but also to look forward to a successful life backed by further learning.

I know from my time at Bewley that it has a hard working ethos. My parents did really like that part!
I have never lost that ideal that working hard is a great way to live your life.

The Class of 2018 come from a High School with the top educational statistics in our state. Not only have you achieved but you have achieved in a very competitive environment.

So, you are ideally placed to learn more and put the knowledge and skills to amazing use.
Among you will be outstanding people of all professions, vocations, employment and amazing entrepreneurs.

I URGE you now to take those next steps and learn all you can to be the best you can be.

Quote from Newton D Baker: The person who graduates then stops learning is uneducated the day after.

My own story is not so well put.

I left here full of enthusiasm and great grades but no plan to do anything special. I did not realize what I was capable of. Bit silly really, that lack of aspirational goals did not exactly put my mind to great use.

I drifted in to my dad’s auto outlet and although I am very grateful for the job I was not amazingly motivated.

So, I took the long way around education. I studied at night and after a few years managed to get to medical school. 
After many years of very, very hard work I am now privileged to be your local doctor. I am so proud to serve our community. Believe me being a doctor needs constant study too, medicine changes fast!

I hope you consider the awesome opportunities that can come your way if you keep on learning. There are many excellent reasons for continuing to learn:

  • The intellectual content of many jobs is increasing

  • The skills required to be competent at work change constantly

  • Many parts of our lives change all the time, even helping your high school student with their homework! Also learning a sport or hobby.

  • I believe you will have a happier, more successful, fulfilled life.

Of course there needs to be a big commitment from you so it is always best to try and learn things you love.

Whatever it is you need to keep learning.

Amazingly your brain will grow and grow like a muscle as you continue learning. It was made to seek more knowledge.

So I urge you not to stop now. Build on your success. Keep feeding on that magical taste of success.

You have just begun on a path of lifelong learning that will be the engine room of your success.

Find your passion and get to it!

Congratulations and the Best of Luck.

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Free Graduation Speeches - Personal Skills

personal skills graduation speech

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Principal Anderson, Mrs Nur, Mrs Hart, Mr Flower and Mrs Bale

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2018, I salute your outstanding efforts, graduation is a wonderful day! I hope you make the most of it.

As you know I am Principal of Hartley College and I am very, very proud to say I too am a Graduate of Hartley High School. I was educated here at Hartley High, mentored here and played Football here. I had the greatest time of my life.

Just think for a moment about the wonderful things you have learned.

  • You have learned wonderful subjects like Math, English, Art and Design. No just to make you work hard, but to test your interests, see if you have special aptitudes and to test your brain in a rounded way.

  • You learned to socialize with your peers, how to survive the playground, how to avoid bullying, but mostly how to interact efficiently with people.

  • You learned how to work in teams, lead teams and focus on a common goal.

  • You learned to look after yourself, at times separate from your parents, think about your own future, and many of you have Saturday jobs to earn money. You can have faith in yourself knowing you can be self sufficient.

  • Locally many of you have been active in helping charities and seniors.

  • Internationally the School takes part in Aid work and awareness programs are in action.

Firstly and importantly today you can wildly celebrate your success. I hope the party is brilliant.

Succeeding in this demanding environment has given you the chance of an amazing life in the future. You are now at that point where you need a broad and also focused range of personal skills to survive and prosper.

  • Choose the best course or job for you

  • Work very hard

  • Continually learn the skills required

  • Compete with students to be the best

  • Join and lead teams

  • Have a great social and personal life

  • Socialize with your peers

  • Live a healthy life and stay fit

  • Cook, clean, wash dishes and iron your clothing

As you can see the school has given you a superb foundation. I think from personal experience that Hartley High has given you many of the skills you need. 
The teachers, support staff, Principal and the education standards get you ready for a successful future. As a bit of an advert for Hartley College, let me say that those of you who join us do succeed with above average grades, seem more rounded and indeed determined to succeed.

Positively each of you can achieve everything you are passionate about.

Good Luck

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Free Graduation Speeches - Relationships

free graduation speeches

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Principal Moretti, Honored guests, parents and families.

Congratulations Class of 2018.

I am honored to speak to you on our special day. I have been here all day and have felt the sense of excitement build. I believe it will peak when the party starts tonight. 

The topic for my speech today is the power of relationships. I have to say that I wondered how I could create a meaningful speech until I started to write down what good relationships can bring to all of and how we go about making them. 

Graduation is a great day to spend some time celebrating the special relationships you have in your lives and recognizing what they have done for you.

  • The single most defining relationship is with your parents and immediate family. This group have loved, nurtured, guided and entertained you since you were born. Their support has helped made graduation possible. They also showed you how to forge relationships outside your family group.

  • The relationships you formed with close friends will have given you a huge amount of love and support. These relationships will have helped you form close friendships and interact with people.

  • You may have been part of various groups such as toddlers and scouts where you need to form new friendships and that success has helped you grow.

  • At school you will have had relationships with people you were close to. Also you will have completed tasks with people you were not friends with, however you both had to make it work. You will have formed working relationships with teachers and school staff. All of these relationships will have supported, helped you at times and taught you how to build beneficial relationships in the future.

  • Your sport or hobby may have involved being part of a team or even being the leader. Again you will have formed relationships which supported the team and yourself.

  • Some of you might have formed simpler relationships which make life go along with a smile. This might just mean saying hello to a store owner or coffee server.

  • Some relationships will not have worked well at all. You hopefully learned to let them go and move on.

Clearly to get to graduation you will have worked in an intelligent and determined way. Your hard work deserves to be rewarded. Along the way I hope some or all of the relationships have contributed to your success in some way.

The future is full of the most fantastic relationships. Your success will be in part determined by your ability to form positive, beneficial relationships. No one can succeed alone.

  • Your parents and family will be there for you for the long term. Now more as your friends.

  • Your close friends will stay with you and hopefully you can add some great people to your group. Your life will be richer and fuller for having them.

  • Business life will require you to quickly form beneficial relationships and cultivate strong long term ones. Mutually beneficial relationships at work will be a part of your success. Indeed you may lead a team at work.

  • Of course there will also be those great people you get to know in your sport, hobby and even the server at your coffee shop.

You have grown up a lot now and the relationships you have formed so far will teach you to continue to build excellent relationships in the future.

I hope all your relationships with other people bring you joy and of course true love when the time is right!

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Free Graduation Speeches - Tips For Life

tips graduation speech

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Principal Hayes, Mr Hamilton, Honored Guests, Graduates and Families.

Congratulations Class of 2018. 

I am honored to be here speaking to you on your special day. I am humbled to be chosen to speak.

I love being back here. School was a great time for me and this school holds so many great memories. Although I own a fairly successful business I have to say there are many things I wish I had executed better. I knew I had to work hard but there are a few important things that would have helped. They form the basis of my talk here today.

Well done to you all. School is increasingly complex with much bigger demands than I faced. I understand you have had to work particularly hard to meet the challenge of this year’s curriculum. You also:

  • applied yourself to achieving your goals

  • achieved so much

  • took part if school activities

  • and you grew up!

All this hard work, skillful teaching, dedication, love and support of your families and sheer determination have brought you to graduation. Well done again!

In the future life gets more complex, the world changes fast and it is often difficult to find yourself at peace with the way your life is headed.

Using all the skills you have learned so far will certainly equip you well for the journey ahead. However after many years of not really getting the results I wanted I realized my approach was not quite working. I hope these additional tips on a successful life help you in some way. You could just promise to try at least one for a few months and see whether it works or not. I hasten to add I have no training in personal development which might just convince you to at least listen out for something that would help you:

Responsibility - Nothing will happen unless you take responsibility for yourself and all your actions. No one else is to blame. 

Being Positive - I used to see life negatively. If there was something wrong I would find it. If there was something to worry about to worry about I would do that. Although I always believed in finding the truth, a more positive view of life will help you live happily. I know I felt I had taken a weight off my mind by being more positive. Celebrating successes helped here.

Goals - set the right goals for you. Make sure you are passionate about your goals and that they support the path you have going forward. We spend way too much time at work to be unhappy with our careers.

Learn From Mistakes - we all make lots of mistakes. The idea is to learn something from them. I used to worry about every mistake I made and was carrying too many concerns in my head. I started setting out the learning points and making sure the issues were resolved (often by asking an expert), then I could stop worrying about them. 

Gratitude - simply be grateful for what you have. There is always more to buy. A bigger house, car and pool give you a great deal of satisfaction for a while. However no matter how big they are they cannot make you happy if you still need more. Just be happy with what you have and enjoy the company of your friends and family! Graduation is a great day to be grateful for everything everyone has done for you.

Give Back - nothing makes you happier than giving your time an money to a charity you feel a real connection with. A friend or relative may have been ill or you just know you want to help a special cause. Everyone will benefit from your actions.

After High School setting out into the world full of dreams is so exciting. I hope you find everything you ever wanted. I hope, too, you can find at least one thing you can do that will make your life that bit better. 

I wish you well.

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Free Graduation Speeches - Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur graduation speech

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Principal Holden, Teachers of Horton High School, Graduates and Families
Firstly let me congratulate you on your big day. Graduation is a landmark day in your life and it is a real privilege to be here.

I expect you all are anxious to party so I hope the words I have will give you something vibrant to think about after the party! 

There is every reason to have an enormous amount of satisfaction at your success. You will have worked hard, dedicated yourselves, faced challenges, solved problems, perhaps been overwhelmed at times, and sought out help at key times, in many ways just like an entrepreneur. Now you have reached your first peak - I hope you have many more. Most of you will be going on to further your education, some ready to get to work.

My purpose in speaking to you today is to urge you to keep that good old American Entrepreneurial spirit alive and with you at all times. So, what does that really mean? Well I can give you some of my definitions.

An entrepreneur is a person who operates a new enterprise or venture and assumes some accountability for the inherent risks. According to Wikipedia.

To me it means being everything you can be no matter what your job is. It does not mean getting paid to do what is expected - it means giving so much more! All of you will be able to find better ways to study, find new ways to work and take a real interest in everything you do. Being entrepreneurial can mean:

  • Finding opportunity to improve everything around you. Don’t just work hard, but get stuck in and look for improvement. There is so much to do and you can do it! Let's face it routine is pretty boring anyway.

  • Being totally positive about what you do. That way you will have the best time, your mind will be on fire and you can perform miracles.

  • Not mean complaining about everything and watching the clock for home time

  • Looking for opportunity to really benefit other people and delivering those benefits.

  • Taking measured risks and winning more than losing. It means standing on your own feet, not worrying about what the boss thinks of you

My Gran used to tell me that if she washed dishes she would want to be the best dishwasher in town. People would pay her more and she would have respect. I understand that many people think of the founders of Google and Apple as entrepreneurs. I would argue that we are all entrepreneurs in our own way. With this mindset you can drive yourself forward in life.

Another way you might look at it, you can choose to be the person you wish. Would you choose to be a negative worrier who did not try to be anything. Or a positive, successful, fun filled, mentally strong person who is brilliant with all family, friends and colleagues.

Of course life has many challenges to face. That is when you will find out who you really are! I feel lucky I chose the positive route and I still expect to grow, learn and develop with a smile on my face.

I wish that each of you gets the very best out of your life. No matter what path you choose, no matter what your passion is, follow it with everything you have got.

Best of Luck!

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Free Graduation Speeches - Invisible

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Principal Malone, Honored Guests, Teachers, Staff and, of course, Graduates and your Families. 

I am very honoured to be here today speaking at your graduation ceremony. Let me start by congratulating the Class of 2018. This is your day and I hope it is everything you want it to be. 

My task is simple. I am to pay tribute to you as people and your achievements while also giving some insights and inspiration for the future. I have to say that my own school years would not immediately give you cause for hope. I was what you might simply describe as INVISIBLE! I hope to describe in a meaningful way what that was like and how I managed to build a successful academic and business career whilst still being the shy, retiring person I really am. 

Let me say at the outset that I admire and respect people for being who they are. I kind of dislike labels for individuals because we all evolve, indeed many change constantly. For example by overcoming fears we open up new found strength that lets us speak up in meetings and eventually enjoy public speaking. You may have your own personal fears which hold you back a little but hope you can break through them and forge ahead. I hope my story can help in some way. Of course you may have an excellent level of confidence in which case I hope you see how to channel it to maximum effect. 

My natural reticence for coming forward was particularly acute in my school years. My grades were poor, I would not seek help, I did not speak in class, my family liked to keep the world out somewhat and I did not have an active group of friends. I was scared of the school bullies and avoided all contact with them. Any activities with friends were through sport which was brilliant but I left it there. I stayed that way right until I was 17. Looking back I wish I could tell that young man to get some tutoring, invite people round to my home and more importantly let people in to what I was thinking about and help them to get to know me. 

To sum it all up, I was INVISIBLE!! 

However luckily I was at the same time a very determined person who, deep down, knew that if you worked incredibly hard you would succeed. I had a loving family and lived in a beautiful coastal town with little crime and a real sense of community. I seem to know that if I kept on trying I would get a breakthrough and be able to build on it. Inside I was determined to be the first person in our family to get to University. 

For some reason it all came together in my final year at school. Class testing during the year showed I would get good grades if I kept working hard. The harder I worked at each subject the better I did overall. My confidence grew as did I as a person. I was willing to work many more hours than all of my peers. Just building on those early signs of good things to come made me even more determined to work hard and do well. I succeeded, I made the grades I needed and got to my favorite University. 

I still did not really speak up but I had made lifelong friends during my final year. My Dad thought that I had earned people’s respect and that also helped me feel great. 

So, what are the lessons in my rather drab schooling? 

Always speak up, communicate with the right people, ask for help and help others. My life would have been far richer if I had done this. 

The right kind of help, be it advice on school work, future directions or just life, can be invaluable and save you wandering around in the wilderness for too long. 

Be determined and work hard. Once you get some success, others will follow if you keep on trying. Take each small victory and use it to propel you forward. 

My school did not celebrate graduation so I did not have the fun I hope you have today. I think it is wonderful to be here taking part in your celebrations. I hope you feel successful, which you are, and make the most of this great time. 

I entered University full of a burning desire to be the hardest working, most successful student I could be. However I was still very the same basically shy person. I needed to improve my social skills, general confidence and ability to speak up for myself. I like to think I was a thoroughly decent person. Luckily my teachers and mentors got me to talk openly and I found a surprising amount of help came my way. Through lots of hard work, perhaps fueled by hope of a better future, I managed to graduate from University, work my way up a very good company and be able to speak socially and indeed at formal speaking occasions. 

So what will be future hold for each of you? At this stage there is no sure way of knowing. Those of you who already have a vocation in mind will be able to apply yourselves in a robust way to it. For the majority a successful next stage, be it college or work, will help you find out more about yourselves. The next few years can help you get used to working harder, succeeding, persevering, developing confidence, asking for help, helping others, enjoying life, making new friends and learning to be at ease in social situations. This may seem like a daunting list of things to do but the simplest first success in any area will help you be more confident in the others. 

I hope you find the time to work out who you are, what you want in the future and make it all happen! 

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Free Graduation Speeches - Reflect On The Importance Of The Time

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Principal Marques, Staff Of Brunton High School, Graduates and Families.

Before I start let me congratulate the class of 2018. There are a few important days in your life and graduation is certainly one of them. 

I am excited to be here talking to you. I have for many years looked back occasionally at where I was in life at graduation and I have to say I really did not understand what it all meant. I saw only a great summer at the beach and a move to college on the horizon.

So, how important is this moment in time. I would say very important

. Start perhaps with the effort you have put in to get to graduation plus the stress you have felt and the importance of growing up as a balanced individual ready to move on to the next steps in your life. Take a moment to think about the very hard work you did these last few years. Think about the sacrifice, how you felt when things went wrong, deadlines you met and your sheer persistence in learning some tough subjects. Based on that, you really have shown that you deserve to graduate, and also have a bright future. 

At the same time you had to grow up. Growing up is tough. You have managed to make new friends, keep old friends, help each other despite the stress you felt yourselves, and changed into adults at the same time. For many of you these have been quite challenging times. You really do deserve your graduation day.

Graduation Day firstly represents the end of a very challenging journey through school and early life. I congratulate the Class of 2018 on successfully graduating today. This day is a true celebration of your achievements. I hope you are rightly feeling very proud of yourselves. I hope you also take a moment to thank your parents, teachers and mentors for all their hard work and support.

Graduation day also represents a big change in your lives. The significance of today is also that it marks the end of your time together at school. This is a time to say goodbye to these familiar surroundings at school and the staff you know so well. It is also a time to say goodbye to school friends. I hope you manage to keep in touch in some way! 

You now have a summer to relax and enjoy some fun. Thanks to your efforts and success you can look forward to a feeling of satisfaction through the summer and enjoy it all the more. I hope you have that relaxed, successful feeling many times in your life after more great achievements.

Perhaps one of the more important parts of graduation day is the future you have won for yourselves through your skill hard work and determination. Your place at college, the job you are going to or that year off you are having are available because you have graduated.

The world is a fast changing place with demanding entry qualifications to almost every career and college worth pursuing. You need to be excellent at your skills, be good at IT, be great communicators and be dedicated to succeed. Thankfully your school has given you a great start in life and you will be able to create a great future. Graduation Day really is an important one!

Good Luck and congratulations once again Class of 2018.

Free Graduation Speeches - Do As The Best Do

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Principal Emerton, Honored Guests, Parents and Graduates.

Congratulations Class of 2018, you have successfully made it through those difficult High School years, and with some style too! 

I am not one of those people who rigidly think you should follow the advice of a coach or even diligently obey a peer group, no matter how successful they are. However I do think it is important to look at successful people and see if they have anything that can help you. Many great people have tried approaches and in time found great ways of making themselves successful. Indeed in many ways your teachers have tried to instill in you the best ways of learning. This simple start may have opened up a better way of tackling all your educational challenges and will help you at every step in the future. 

Interestingly I do include your Class of 2018 as a successful group whose attitudes, commitment, teamwork and learning techniques that can be helpful to many other groups. For example I love the way you handle social media by sharing information, helping others and also handling the dark side effectively. I find it outstanding although you probably think it is just part of your daily lives. 

Take a look at the successes of anyone you admire. I like tennis so tend to naturally identify with the issues the players face, how they handle them, their coaching teams, their dedicated approach and the positive attitude they have. You may well have your own heroes and I am sure you will find their preparation, dedication and how they successfully go about their business fascinating. 

Reviewing your past few years it is easy to see that although you may not have had the perfect approach you did have some great elements. You had a goal, your life was hard at times but you kept going, you had some successes, coped with failures, you dedicated yourselves to achieve your aims, you helped others and you made good friends. Certainly your families and teachers were here to help when you asked. Although the feedback from teachers was tough to take, working on the points would have helped you improve a little at a time. 

Like all successful people it is important that you pause to celebrate your successes. Enjoy today and all the fun you will have at this great time. I hope you will want to taste success many times in your life. 

A good way to approach the future is to ask yourself what the best in your field would do. Then simple formalize all the elements of your approach to success. A simple example made all the difference for me. I asked the best student in my class what she did to learn everything so well. She told me that she revised well prepared notes every day for a while. Then she started on the new material she had. Although I was working very hard every day I did not properly take the time to reinforce what I knew already. 

Go forward with study and work in areas that you love. Doing what you love is easily the most powerful motivator of success you can have. That is not to say that everyday will be full time enjoyment, however if you are in the right area you will push through the difficult and mundane to get to the bits you love. 

Have a powerful goal that you can dream about all the time. Drive yourself forward to meet your goal everyday! Dedicate yourself and work very hard. Persevere right to the end of each goal. If you don’t someone else will. 

Break your goal down into a step by step plan that helps you do something meaningful everyday and also see successes as you go along. 

Find a great support team. No one can do it alone. You will need advice, help and mentoring no matter what you do. Remember that feedback is the breakfast of champions. Help others too, as that is very rewarding. I look at the great of tennis and how their teams work on every aspect of their fitness and game plus how they approach each match.

For you, stay as positive as possible. People are attracted to positive, strong people. Also crises seem less intense and you will stay strong. Stay healthy as you have a long and successful life in front of you. Live life too, have fun, enjoy each day and laugh as much as you can. 

Remember you are the experts in social media and new technology. You will know how to use them to your advantage, for example keeping in touch, share your lives and take the opportunity to help others. 

To round up, find out what the best do and improve your own performance. 

Congratulations and good luck. 

Free Graduation Speeches Tips

These tips are designed to help you turn any free graduation speech into your own unique speech which engages your audience.

  • Add real stories from the past which illustrate your point, perhaps 1 or 2 of them.

  • Add a real story about the class which shows the group at their best - it is better to have inclusive material that everyone can relate to.

  • Do not be afraid to add a personal story or opinion.

  • Add in thanks to the school, teachers, parents and families

  • Remember to be positive. People will remember how you made them feel!

  • Use a quote that adds weight to your speech

  • Think of any other special messages you wish to add.

  • Use flawless English

  • Finish on a high, the words and delivery style should emphasize your closing remarks.

  • Practice your speech many times, the hard work will pay off.

  • Use these speech delivery tips to make the most of your speech.

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High School Graduation Speech I never thought much about who I am, what I like to do, or who I would like to be. Someone famous? Someone worthwhile? …

Introductory Speech 
My introductory graduation speech tips are: Introducing the Commencement Speaker at a Graduation may seem like a fairly simple thing to do but there …

One small step for us, a giant leap for our lives , America School 
I was researching the ideal title , and suddenly I was somehow attracted to what the men had accomplished to land at the moon, and that's how I began …

Kindergarten Speech by a Student Not rated yet
Dear Principal, Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, Ladies, Gentlemen and all my dear co-graduates, A very Good Morning To one and all Today is a very special …

Graduating with gradtitude and thankfulness Not rated yet
Santa Rosa De Lima is my school. I have studied in this school since I am 6. when i first entered this school, I can already feel its history and glamorous …

DWAD elementary department graduation message Not rated yet
"Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things”; I am sure God will put you in charge of many things in the near future …

Graduation Not rated yet
Graduation Speech 2014 The time of my much anticipated graduation has finally come. Though I looked …

Salutatory Speech Not rated yet
I would like to wish you all a warm welcome and thank everyone for being a part of what is a memorable and celebrated close to a lengthy chapter in the …

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