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This free printable graduation invitation is free for you to use in any way you wish.

Scroll down to get full instructions on personalizing and printing this invitation plus instructions on how to make your own choosing different clip art and wording. 

The simplest way is to right click on the invite, choose copy, copy it to Word, size the invite and print.

free graduation party invites

How to Personalize Your Free Party Invites

  1. Create a text box that completely covers all the wording you want to replace. NB. If you need to use precision when placing your text box then press CTRL & the Up and Down keys.

  2. Enter your own customized wording in the text box.

  3. Please note - you can type the names of those you are inviting on each invite and print them separately (or even do a mail merge if your a computer whiz) or you may choose to hand write them.

How to Print your Free Graduation Party Invites

  1. Open a word document.

  2. Set the printer to the desired paper size.

  3. Insert the image.

  4. Adjust the margins to zero.

  5. Adjust the image to cover the full size of the paper. Do this by clicking on the image and dragging one of the corner arrows.

  6. To ensure everything looks just right go to File, Print Preview.

  7. Print a "cut to size" test sheet to be certain that the font, font size and placement of your message will be as you desire. Make any necessary adjustments, then print your invitations.

Make Your Own Graduation Party Invites

It is great fun, and simple, to create your own free printable graduation invitations. The invitation above took me about 5 minutes to create using just my PC and “Microsoft Word”.

Make Your Own - Simplest Version 

  1. Open a new doc in your word processing tool and set up the page size - choose File and Page setup.

  2. Now right-click your mouse over the clip art you’d like to use and select “copy”. Now place your cursor on the area where you want the clip art to go and right-click and select “paste” to add the clip art to your doc.

  3. Lastly, add some text and use some word art as well to personalize it.

Click here and you’ll find a great selection of graduation clip art, along with exact instructions on how to use it. 
Using clip art you can make decorate your envelopes, favor tags, place cards, party hats, game certificates, T-shirts, and even save the date fridge magnets. 

Paper for your Graduation Party Invites

White paper is simplest and your normal printer paper will give great invitations. However I prefer cardstock as it gives a better quality feel.

Wording for Your Graduation Party Invites

One simple example of wording for free graduation party invites is:

The graduate (name) likes to keep it simple
We would love you to come and join us
We are having a simple graduation celebration at our home (details)
Time/date (details)
RSVP (details)

There are of course the basic information details that invitations must cover - invitation etiquette.

Plus this page will give you lots of wording ideas to consider - invitation wording. 

Themed Party Invites

Perhaps you have a theme in mind. That could be Luau, Pirates, Circus, Mardi Gras, Mexican, Magic, Wild West, Hollywood, Casino, Fifties, Superhero, Under The Sea, Backward and Golf. Each of our theme pages has a free printable graduation invitation ready to use.Click here for the themed printable graduation invitations page, then click through to the theme you want.

Good luck with your Free Graduation Party Invites.

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