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These free party games for young children will bring fun and excitement to the occasion. 

Kids do love to play and their excitement and enthusiasm when playing these free games will make the party fantastic for them. 

I've listed all sorts of fun graduation party games here. All you have to do is let the kids, and their parents, put lots of their natural fun and energy into them. They will love it. 
These are all completely free graduation party games and I've split them into several categories for ease of browsing: 

Free Printable Graduation Party Games

Please see the range of free printable graduation activities. The games include crosswords, matching pairs, code breakers and mazes. There is also printable certificates to present to your party guests once they have completed a game. 


These free graduation party games are especially good for children who can sometimes feel awkward at the beginning of a party, if they are a bit shy. It also gets them busy while waiting for the other guests.

Guess Who

Place the name of a teacher on a sticky label. When a guest comes in, stick it on their back. They have to ask other guests yes or no questions about the teacher and guess who it is by the end of the night.

Hunting for Stars

You will need to buy a little packet of little stars – the kind that children get on their school work is ideal. Hide them around the room/house before your guests arrive. Remember how difficult they are to find should depend on the children's ages. The idea is that the children have to collect as many pairs as they can – 2 stars the same color. The person with the most pairs wins. 

Noisy Free Graduation Party Games

free graduation party games

Noisy free graduation party games are great fun and ideal for letting off steam!

Musical Cushions

Doesn't necessarily belong to the noisy free graduation party games page - just depends on how loud your music is I suppose. For this game you need some music and some cushions scattered on the floor - have one less cushion than you have people. When the music plays everyone should dance or move around the room and when it stops they should sit on a cushion with no part of their body touching the floor. The person without a cushion is out. A cushion should be removed at the start of each new round. The last player left wins the game.

Musical Dressing Up

Decorate 4 boxes, each one with a different color and fill each with clothing matching that color and place them at each corner of the room. Everyone should dance around and when the music stops they should run to whichever color you call out and put an item of clothing on from that box. When all the clothes have been used up, have a fashion parade to see how everyone looks. 

Frozen Laugh

One of the quiet and noisy free graduation party games. Sit the kids in a circle. Throw a handkerchief in the sir. When the handkerchief is in the air the kids have to laugh as much as they can. When it hits the ground the kids have to freeze and be quiet. You can have anyone who makes a noise being out, keep going until the last player is left, or play 3 or 4 times and see who has been the best at being quiet.

Balloon Patting

Arrange a safe course and give each child a balloon. Each child has to keep the balloon up by continually patting it. No holding allowed. If the balloon touches the ground you have to start again. Balloon games do make great free graduation party games.

Flap The Fish

Cut out fish shapes from newspaper. Use a hard floor. Give each child a rolled up newspaper and tell them to flap at the fish to move it along the course. They cannot touch the fish! Flapping fast can make it look like the fish is swimming.

Duck Duck Goose

Choose a fox and arrange the kids in a circle. The fox goes around the outside of the circle patting each child on the head gently saying duck. When they say goose instead the goose must chase the fox around the circle. the fox must try and get round without being touched and sit in the goose's place. If the goose does not catch the fox they become the new fox.

Simon Says

I like 'copying' free graduation party games. One person is the leader. They say 'Simon says' and adds actions such as put your hands in the air. The kids must copy their actions. The trick is if the leader does not say Simon says the kids must do nothing. You are out if you move without the leader saying Simon says.

What's The Time Mr Wolf

A great noisy party game. A first child is chosen as Mr Wolf. The child who is Mr Wolf has to stand at one end of the room facing away from all the others. The children creep up on the wolf shouting "what's the time Mr Wolf?" Mr Wolf shouts back 2 o'clock, half past 4, 6 o'clock etc. but when Mr Wolf shouts "dinner time" all the children run and the Wolf chases them. The one caught then becomes the wolf,and so on.

Quiet Free Graduation Party Games

free graduation party games

Children always become over excited after playing noisy games. So, the free graduation party games in this section are perfect for helping them calm down.

Pin Mustache on Teacher

Blow up a picture from the year book of one of the teachers, your teen will give you an idea of which one. Make mustaches out of cut out black construction paper. Place tape on the back of each mustache. Then the game proceeds just like pin the tail on the donkey.

Quiet as a Mouse

Choose someone to be “it”. All the children have to lie down flat on their backs and stay as still as possible and absolutely no giggling. The “it“ person has to go round and try to make them laugh buy pulling funny faces but they are not actually allowed to touch them. Anyone found who is giggling is out. The last person left is the winner.

Living Mirror (age 4 and up)

Pair the kids up and get them to stand a little bit apart and face each other. Agree who is the mirror and who is the reflection. The child who is the reflection must copy the movements made by the mirror. Call out a series of actions such as hands up, brush your hair, drinking, eating etc. Award a prize to the best pair. As ever with free graduation party games let everyone know how well they did.

Sleeping Lions

This is a great free graduation party games to quieten down the kids for a time. All the children have to lie as if asleep. If the judge sees you move you are out. The winner is he last child (or a few last children) still asleep.

Zoo Game

A simple and quiet animal miming game. Ask for a volunteer and whisper the name of an animal to them. They have to mime the animal and the kids must guess what it is.

Make A Balloon Face (age 4 and over)

Give everyone a balloon and a felt pen. Each child draws a face on the balloon. have prizes for good ones. You could ask for faces that fit the party theme. Useful to have quiet free graduation games like this. 

Draw Around Me

Have very large paper pieces. At least one for each team. Split the kids into teams of 3 or 4 with an adult helper. One of the kids lies down and the others draw around them. using crayons, pencils or pens. The kids then draw the features, clothes and color in as time allows. Perhaps prizes for the best ones. You could ask the other teams to guess who was drawn.


A safe crafts table with activities tied in with the party theme makes great free graduation party games. Depending on their age, the kids can decorate empty plastic drink bottles, create ocean scenes in a plastic bottle, color in a pre-printed drawing or make on theme items like pirate's telescopes. Very much depends on the age of the kids. 

Magnetic Fishing

Flexible free graduation party games which can be crafts as well as game. Draw fish on card and fix a large paper clip to each fish. With sticks, string and a magnet, make fishing rods. Set out an ocean, perhaps with a blue sheet. Ask the kids to sit at the side and get started fishing.

Hidden Drawing(suitable for all ages)

Split the kids into threes. Give them a large piece of paper, pens and a drawing to complete. Say an Octopus or Monster. The first child draws the head then folds the paper so that the head is out of view. The second child, who has not seen the head, draws the body and folds the drawing. The last child completes the legs and feet. Then the kids get to see the whole drawing together. The results are usually great. This makes a quiet but fun free graduation party games. 

Outdoor Free Graduation Party Games

free graduation party games

If it’s great weather then have some outdoor free graduation party games up your sleeve. They can play free graduation party games in the garden or even a nearby park. Great for letting off steam – and keeping your house tidy. Make sure you don’t feed them just before hand though. 

Crab Race

You’ll need a large garden for this active game. Show the children how to grasp their ankles and run like a crab. Arrange a finishing line about 10 meters away. Anyone who falls or lets go of their ankles is out of the race. The winner is the first person over the finishing line.

Sack Race

The idea is that each competitor gets into a large sack and jumps along with their feet in it. A big bag is ideal for this although make sure nobody puts it on their head.

Wheelbarrow Race

This involves two people. One person stands at the back of the other person and lifts the feet of the person in front. The person in front puts their hands on the ground to take their weight. They then run in this position. The bum wiggling action can be quite funny.

Pail Toss

Set out a row of pails, one for each child. Arrange a line say 6 feet away. Give each child 4 or 5 balls and ask them to throw them one at a time, trying to get them into the pail. Make it fun with colored pails and the low bouncing softer balls. Lots of color is great for all free graduation party games.

Grandmothers Footsteps

One child stands at the end of the space you have set out. The others have to creep and tap the child on the shoulder. The 'grandmother' can turn round at any time and the others must freeze. Anyone moving must go back to the start. Whoever taps the grandmother becomes the next grandmother.

Wear The Lot Race (ages 4 or 5 and up)

Put the players into teams and give each a suitcase filled with the same amount of clothes. The clothes must be able to be put on and off quickly. The first player dresses up and runs to the end of the course and undresses. They fill the suitcase and run back to the next player.

Buried Treasure

If you have a sandpit, simply bury treasure and have the kids try and find it. You just need to have safe treasure for the age of the children. 

Egg And Spoon

This is one of the flexible free graduation party games. Set out a course with plenty of room for the kids to line up beside each other. Give each child a tablespoon and an egg. For the egg could use a small ball. Also the kids could decorate the eggs beforehand. Then the kids run the course keeping the egg on the spoon without any other support. If the egg drops the child just needs to put it back on the spoon and continue. 


Free graduation party games can need a change of pace to a fun but less energetic game. On cardboard draw or paint a simple dart board with rings and points. Give each player 3 balls made from kids modelling clay, put a tape on the floor for the throwing line or draw the line with chalk. The players take turns throwing to the dart board, aiming for the center ( Bulls eye) The player with the highest score is the winner.

Show Jumping

Really active free graduation party games. Set up a pony jumping course on grass, using boxes or flower pots with tape or bamboo poles suspended across them, keeping the height low to avoid accidents. For very small children the 'fences' can just be put on the ground. Get the children to pretend to be horses, give them a badge with a number, they have to pick a name for their horse. Then get each child to 'gallop' the course without knocking the poles over. Have an MC.

Tiny Tots Free Graduation Party Games

free graduation party games

Some suggested free graduation party games suitable for very young children which need some careful adult supervision. Please find a selection of my favorite and free graduation party games that are most suited to children of pre-school age.

Cats and Dogs

Before the free graduation party games begin, scatter some safe felt shapes around the house or garden. Divide the children into two teams – these are the cats and dogs. Each team should have a leader.
The idea is that the children find as many shapes as they can. Each time they find one they must meow to call their leader or bark if your in the other team – as only the leaders can pick up the buttons. The team with the most buttons wins.


Not necessarily just for tots this free graduation party games, it can also be a lot of fun when played by adults. Firstly the child who is “it” is blindfolded and given a cushion. All the other children sit in a circle with the person who is it in the “middle”. The person who is “it” is then turned around 3 times and has to find a player. They then put the cushion on their lap, sit on it and say “squeak piggy squeak”. The person who they are sitting has to squeak very loudly and the person who is “it” has to guess who they are. If they guess correctly then they have to swap places otherwise they have to find someone else to sit on.

Color a Hat

This is one of the quieter free graduation party games. It involves cutting out some hat shapes and laying them on a table with some crayons, pens and stickers. If your party has a theme then the hat style could match that theme, example a pirate hat. Once they are finished decorating the hat then simply staple the sides together and they have a lovely party hat to wear and be very proud of.

What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

This is a free graduation party games of chase and catch where the wolf is the chaser and the others are the prey. There has to be a 'safe' place which is identified as the sofa or a place in the room. 
The children should follow the wolf around the room asking “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” If he turns round and answers a time, say “1 o’clock” then they are safe, if however, he answers “dinner time” they’ll have to run for safety before the wolf catches them. Anyone caught can take the place of Mr Wolf. 


Arrange a dish with different colored candies. Choose a child to be 'it' and they must leave the room. The others choose one color of candy. The first child returns and eats one candy after another until they choose the right color, then the children shout out Tommy. Then another child is chosen to be it.

Lost Teddy

A simple free graduation party games. The children stand in a circle, except for one child who holds a teddy. This child walks round the circle in an anti-clockwise direction and drops the teddy behind one child. The second child picks up the teddy and races the other child round the circle to the vacant spot. Repeat until all the children have had a turn.

Free Graduation Party Games - More Ideas

Free Graduation Party Games do need good preparation to make sure they go well.

Hope you like these "tried and tested" free graduation party games. 

Share Your Free Graduation Party Games

If you have any favorite free graduation party games of your own then inspire other part hosts and help them have a great day, by sharing your favorite games. Help spread the fun around with free graduation party games.

I hope your guests love your party games.

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