Fountain-Fort Carson High School 2017 Commencement

by Suzanne Foster
(Fountain, Colorado, USA )

I am the School Board President and as part of that title, comes the responsibility with giving a commencement speech. I am a 1985 graduate of this same school district that I serve on. I am very prideful to have grown up in this community and graduate from the very same school district that I am speaking at. It is a military impacted school district with the Army base, Fort Carson in our school district boundaries. We are more that 70% federally impacted. Many parents have served multiple deployments while their children have gone through the high school. Many students have moved numerous times in the course of their primary education (some 5 times or more) and are finishing up their high school education at our high school. This is the first year of a new Principal's leadership. He brought back the tradition of having a bonfire. Our district holds many athletic titles and other accolades. I feel that even though we have a mobile/transient community with the military, our school district community is very close knit. We have approximately 385 seniors graduating.

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Many thanks for getting in touch. I will get on to a draft speech tomorrow. Thanks too for the great detail. I expect to give you a draft speech which, with your excellent local knowledge, you should be able to add a few more pieces of detail to finish it off. The draft is below, please let me know if it works and I can help with a re-draft.

Example speech:

Principal Hughes, Honored Guests, Graduates and Families.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017.

Fountain-Fort Carson High School is very close to my heart. This community of ours has been the mainstay of all our lives for the past few years and I hope has given you lifelong skills and a sense of the community no matter where you are.

Everyone associated with our school takes a great deal of pride in the achievements of each and every one of you. You are the centre of our attention for many years and we feel very excited to see you succeed.

Each of you has your own journey in life which means finding your talents and best future. However it is so much more satisfying if there is a community you belong to who help you find your way, form a safe place for you to relax and provide a strong foundation on which to build your success. Many of you come to us for a short while as you belong to military families. I hope we have taken you in, made you feel you belonged here and given you the chance to be the best you can be.

Of course this is a school, so there is work to do, lessons to be learned, teaching to be given and experiences to be enjoyed. The Class of 2017 should take a great deal of pride in everything you have achieved. You have worked very hard, dedicated yourselves, met you challenges, helped each other, helped new students fit in and persevered right through to a successful end. Graduation is a fitting tribute to you all.

I must thank the teaching team. You focus intently on your jobs. You care for the students and make everyone feel they are valuable. They recognise that many of you move around and they make sure you get what you need to succeed. Skills like learning how to learn will assist you all of your life.

Thanks also to the support team for feeding us, keeping us safe, making sure we have heat, light and a clean environment.

So, enjoy your Graduation Day. You thoroughly deserve this fitting tribute.

The future will take you all in many different directions. For example there will be college, jobs and moving on with military families.

I hope you find your passion and get to chase your dreams life. I know you will continue to dedicate yourself to your work and maintain your own high standards. The skills you have learned here will help you enormously. Perhaps most of all I hope you find a great community to belong to.

I do urge you to keep in touch with the school and each other. We here will always want to know how your life is progressing.

Good luck!

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Jun 02, 2017
Thank You
by: Suzanne

Thank you for your help with this commencement speech. I ended up writing my own speech because, I was getting down to the wire with time. I did like how your draft turned out and I did have something very similar to what you had. I read several of the previous posts to help steer me in the right direction with getting started and motivated. It's very hard sometimes to convey what you want to say without sounding cliche', to personal or boring. It is not about me, it is about the graduating class and all of their accomplishments, pride & joy. I love my little city and I hope these current graduates as well remember our city fondly and reflect on their HS graduation. Thank you

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Many thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I am glad your speech worked out.

Good luck in the future.

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