DWAD elementary department graduation message

by Edgar Calunod
(Dagupan, Philippines)

"Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things”; I am sure God will put you in charge of many things in the near future and He will be please to tell you, “Come and share your master's happiness!"

This is what I told to the pupils and students yesterday on the occasion of the recognition day of their efforts to double the “treasure” or “talents” that God has given to them. Today, I am sure your parents are proud of you, your teachers too are proud of you. I too am proud of you. And more especially our generous God who gave you all what you have now is very much happy for finishing one stage of your academic life and I am very much sure that he will continue to put you in-charge of many things in the near future. This is just a beginning of reaping the good harvest that you have started to plant six years ago and plus your kindergarten years. You deserve this commencement and of course a short break to recharge yourself for another step of your academic life.

I would like to thank you dear parents of your trust for giving us the opportunity to actualize our vision and mission as well as our goals and objectives as an educational organization purposely for the holistic development of your children through education for indeed, education is the main agent of social transformation.
Actually, elementary graduation messages are not address to the graduates but for the parents and teachers as well as the administrators.

So my dear parents, thank you for your collaboration with our teachers and to the whole DWAD family for without it this commencement exercises of your children will not be possible. I invite you again to continue collaborating in our efforts so that your children will become what God wants them to be. Let us help them discover the “hidden” treasure God has invested on them and realize their dreams. At their very early age let us not dictate on them what they will become according to what we want them to be but discover what God wants them to be.
My dear Parents and Teachers and all of us who are responsible for our children’s education, let us not fail them, let us not fail our Generous God.

CONGRATULATIONS! May God, who has begun this good work in you, now bring it to fulfillment?

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