Delayed graduation

by Kristi

Due to health issues, my daughter missed a lot of her Senior year of high school. She will graduate, but not until after summer school. All of her friends & a few cousins are graduating on time & will have open houses right after doing so. My daughter would like an open house after she graduates. I have never been to a graduation open house toward the end of July. What should the invitations say?..or is it most polite (to others) to just skip an open house? Thanks for your advice!

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I think you can do whatever you think is best to celebrate the graduation of your daughter. The wording for an open house party simply needs to have the details your guests need such as time, date and venue. Purely a personal opinion, I would be happy to have the party just when my daughter wanted it, in your case after graduation.

If you do decide to go ahead and wish some help with the wording please feel free to get in touch.

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