Daughters High School Graduation from Kempler High school

by abdul siddiqui
(houston texas)

i am planning a graduation party for my daughters high school graduation. She is my only child. I am interested to get help on how to deliver a good speech in front of 125 people. Most of them are family friends and family members.
Will you please guide me.

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I am only too happy to help sir.

I guess this will be a heartfelt, very emotional speech so good preparation will ensure you get to say all you want to. I know my voice would be trembling a bit at some points.

A good first step is to write out all the things you want to cover.

Just to give you some ideas, although I am sure you will have your own list:

Some stories about your daughter and her education. Perhaps she has excelled in some or many areas. Perhaps there has been some funny stories. There will be lots of hard work, perseverance and achievement that you can talk about. Has she also been able to join in charity events, fund raising and helping others.

Has there been a special group of teachers who have really helped. Perhaps also mentors. Perhaps close friends and family have played a noticeable part in helping your daughter achieve.

For you, you will have your own personal feeling on how much your daughter has achieved.

Be inclusive, there should be something for everyone. Thank all guests for being there and also for the generous gifts they brought for the graduate (if there are gifts). Give a special mention to grandparents and those who have travelled far.

You can signpost any events to come in the party such as the cake or food, or simply hope they all enjoy the rest of the party.

I hope the material will give you a strong theme such as just how hard working she is, and how much joy she brings to all your lives.

Speech Outline.

You would probably want to start the speech by welcoming everyone and setting the scene for the party. From your note it looks to be firmly about celebrating the graduation which is great.

Run through the material you have on your daughter. This will be thrilling to do and your guests will love to hear it.

Thank those who have been closest to your daughter and have helped her.

Thank everyone for coming. It is a very special event. Perhaps some fellow students are with you, it may be good to mention their achievements.

You could take a moment to say a toast to your daughter and if you can, your guests.

Look ahead to the future for your daughter and what she is planning after school. Everyone will want to know the next steps.

Thank everyone for being with your family at this special time again.

This is a rough outline which will become clearer once you have your material arranged.

On delivery, please practice out loud as many time as you can. Read from your script. If they don't laugh at any one amusing story just keep moving. Speak slowly and clearly. For 125 people check if you need audio equipment to make sure everyone can hear. Allow enough time to arrange equipment. I would arrange a microphone and related equipment, and try it out a couple of times beforehand.

Please feel free to ask more questions and also to submit a draft graduation speech, I will gladly provide further help in anyway I can. If you do submit again just use a new form and I will link the pages for you!

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Oct 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

good post

Jul 17, 2014
graduation party speech
by: Monica Dar

This was very useful. I liked the way you outlined the speech

Mar 26, 2014
by: Allan Smith

This is really useful. I have a few great stories to add to make it personal but the outline is great.

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