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I hope to give you a great free printable invite. 

I also hope to give you wording ideas, ideas on accessories and how to create other projects like save the date cards.

Free Printable

construction party invite

The Making Graduation Invitations page has the easy to use instructions on copying, re-sizing, personalizing and printing the invite.

Party Invitations - Wording

If you are personalizing, or writing your own, party invitations please feel free to use any of the wording here: 

Bob The Builder (graduate name) invites you to a graduation construction party.
Can We Party, Yes We Can!
Wear your construction gear
Site Details (venue)
Shift Starts At
RSVP to Site Boss

The Site Boss invites to to a shift (start time) at the graduation construction party.
Come and put in a good shift with the crew!
Costume: Construction Worker
RSVP to Site Boss

Warning: graduation construction party.
Hard hats required to enter the food, games and dancing site
Site details (venue)
Costume: Construction worker
Shift Starts At (details)
RSVP to Site Boss

Help construct a giant graduation construction party
We need everyone to come and help build the best construction party at graduation.
Construction party costume required.
Time/date (details)
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)
Help us construct the perfect graduation party.
Hammer and saw your way through the party games, food and drinks.
Wear your best construction gear
Site (details)
Shift starts at (details)
RSVP to Site Boss

Bulldoze your way through the high school (venue) construction party.
Shift Starts at (details)
Costume is construction worker
RSVP to Site Boss

The Foreman invites you to join the construction crew for a graduation party. 
Safety Gear required.
Shift Starts at (details)
RSVP to Site Boss

Come and help the graduate construct a great graduation party.
Safety Gear required.
Shift Starts at (details)
RSVP to Site Boss

The Site Demolition is planned at (venue)
The Foreman needs you to join the crew for a smashing time
Clocking on time (details)
safety gear required

The graduate has constructed the first part of their education
Come and join the construction crew and build a brilliant graduation party.
Clocking in time is (details)
Site Address (details)
Construction and Safety gear is essential
RSVP to The Architect (details)


A fun accessory can make your party invites stand out. Some ideas are: 

  • Add a piece of safety tape to the envelope

  • Decorate the envelope with construction themed stickers.

  • Include an access pass to the construction site

  • Include a Bob The Builder toy in the envelope

  • Include a blueprint for the party (with directions to the party).

Construction Invitations - Clip Art

construction party invitations

The graduation clip art page. has all the instructions you need to make great projects like save the date cards.

You can simply print one of these images onto card and write the party details on the back. 

I hope these Construction Party Invitations ideas give you the best invites. 

Click here for all the Construction Party Theme Ideas you need, including decorations, costumes, games, favors and fun ideas. 

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