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Choosing an excellent gift on a budget can be fun and really suit the graduate. The gifts can be of good quality, meaningful, and most of all fun! 

Homemade Gifts

Perhaps you have set asensible budget. In which case a graduation gift in the form of something homemade would be a great idea. It shows a great deal of thought and effort has gone into the present. Here is a list of some things that you could make yourself:

  • Photo album with lots of lovely memorable pictures

  • Photo CD capturing the special moments of the graduate's life

  • Painted coffee mug, just make a design the graduate will love.

  • Homemade card, a very personal note to the graduate.

  • Jewelry made out of beads

  • Decorated jewelry box

  • Creative hand bags

  • Embroidered handkerchief

  • Make up a scrapbook with all the great photos, stories, clips, and comments from friends all about the graduate. This is one that takes quite a bit of effort but it is a great graduation gift and will be one treasured for the rest of the graduate's life.

  • Flower bouquet made with flowers from your garden wrapped with cellophane and curling ribbon. Make it extra special with a painted vase

  • A beautiful plant which you have nurtured specially for the graduate.

  • Why not bake Graduation Cakes.
  • The page gives you everything you need to bake a great cake and make a highly personal and cheap gift. The page has advice on recipes, cake decorating, cupcakes and lots, lots more.

  • Pen stands.

  • A neat graduation gift is a set of say 6 postcards with prepaid postage. Each card is addressed to home and has a note saying please send me more, and then the graduate can tick for money, phone cards, food, clothing or write down what they need in the other section. This is just a fun way of keeping in touch and getting help.

  • Create a memory blanket with lots of embroidered squares which represent key areas in the graduate's life so far, including the graduation.

  • If you are a good photographer you could take photographs of the graduate, their family, their friends and their favorite places. Create a photo album or a photo frame with these photos.

  • Use craft kits to create a cheap graduation gift. There are great craft kits available to make picture frames, photo frames, decorate mugs, homemade jewelry, decorate sunglasses and even a kite.

Cheap Graduation Gift On A Budget

Perhaps you need to buy quite a few presents and your budget needs to stretch quite far. Some great graduation gifts: 

  • Books on subjects the graduate loves, resume writing, field of study or chosen career. There are some great guides to going to college, university and starting a new job. Also cook books of all kinds can help the graduate get started looking after themself.

  • Book Gift Certificates allowing the graduate to buy anything they want.

  • Items of luggage

  • Desk accessories like a paperweight, pens, rulers and stress relievers.

  • Essential graduation gift items for a graduate leaving home such as a basket of laundry items, towels, personal items, cooking utensils, plates, mugs, cutlery and of course bedding.

  • Personal Organizers or Planners

  • I-Tunes gift certificate to buy anything the graduate wants.

  • Phone Cards, we all need more time to talk!

  • E-bay gift certificate. That will give the graduate the chance to find their favorite cheap graduation gift from a massive range of goods.

  • A useful cheap graduation gift like stationary items. That could be paper, printer paper, diary, cards, and even thank you notes to get those important thanks out after graduation.

  • Umbrella

  • Iron

  • Home items such as an iron or coffee maker.

  • Clothing such as t-shirts, sweaters, sports jerseys, socks and shirts.

  • Chocolates

  • The graduate may have a favorite movie star or film. You can obtain books, posters, pictures and even the DVD all about their favorite film.

  • The graduate's favorite sport and sports star will give some ideas. There will be books, DVDs, posters, mugs, pennants, t-shirts, pictures and all sorts of branded goods.

  • The graduate may also have a favorite music genre or even band. Again there will be a substantial amount of merchandise based on the music. You can easily find a cheap graduation gift.

  • Start a small saving account for the graduate.

  • Laundry items such as detergent, fabric sheets, stain remover and bag.

  • Food items to start the graduate off.

  • There are a number of websites where you can find concert or sports tickets. It could be you will manage to get tickets at a cut price and delight the graduate.

  • A home reminder box could be useful. Include lots of photos of family, friends, local stores and the graduate's favorite local areas.

  • Arrange a day trip and perhaps a picnic.

  • Make up a scrapbook for the graduate.

  • Make up small starter tool kit for the graduate.

  • The graduate‘s favorite coffee shop may have branded mugs, coffee, t-shirts, gift certificates and hats.

  • The college store may have a range of essential and fun books, study aids and clothing which the graduate will love as they look forward to going to college.

  • A graduation gift based on the venue could be a postcard, a jigsaw puzzle of the venue, a candy bar labelled with the venue

  • If the graduate has an I-Phone or I-Pad a complimentary gift could be Apps for it. Depending on the graduate‘s interests you should be able to buy a great App.

  • Finally a different cheap graduation gift. Check out cheap flights online. If the graduate is flexible it could be you could arrange a visit to friends and family for a low cost, if the airline has a cheap voucher system.

Graduate's Interests

Think about the graduate’s interests as you choose a cheap graduation gift. For example:

  • Golf: golf balls, golf tees, towel and hat

  • Running: long distance socks, sweat bands, runners energy bars and a stopwatch

  • Dancing: clothing, hair accessories and shoes

  • Puzzles: puzzle books, chess strategy books, simple puzzles and perhaps a subscription to an online puzzle site.

Maybe you need to buy a present for someone you don’t know too well. In which case, some useful items would be pens, pencils, socks, boxers, slippers or candy. 

Maybe you’ve decided that something on the tacky side would suit the graduate. In which case, there is no need to bother with style or high class.

Perhaps you just feel like giving something silly. In which case cheap graduation gift ideas like scary candy, t-shirt with silly design or extreme beach wear. 

I hope you get a great cheap graduation gift.

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