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Do you feel lucky? Have a High Rollers Casino graduation party. 

Test your skills against the House, can you beat the odds?

I have tried to give you lots of ideas on casino themed invitations, food, decorations, photo ideas, casino games and favors which will be great for any venue.

You could replicate the 1930's days of prohibition by using a backroom of a hotel or other venue. Put security dressed as gangsters to give the door an authentic feel. Hosting a Casino party is fantastic if you can give it some scale and a real casino atmosphere. 

Casino Theme Party - Decorations

You can make a complete casino theme venue. A good amount of decorations can make your graduation party venue a real casino.


Set the entrance up to emulate the amazing front of a real casino.

  • Sign with Graduate Casino

  • Sign with Welcome All High Rollers (using construction paper you can write and decorate the signs)

  • Banner with Casino Party

  • Lots of flashing lights - which could be flashing Xmas tree lights

  • A red carpet may be a great touch just like a 5 star casino

  • Balloons and streamers can round off the effect

  • A helper dressed as a concierge

  • A photo area which could be a simple backdrop with your casino sign, to make sure you get each guests photo

  • Have a Welcome To Vegas sign at the entrance to your driveway.

  • To make the casino graduation party as glitzy as possible you can have flashing lighting along the driveway, lighting above the entrance and you can have some helpers dressed in glamorous Vegas costume to welcome guests. You may even have a door person dressed in that old style uniform.

Scene Setters

  • Banners with a Roulette Wheel, Slot Machines or Cards.

  • Make your own signs with Viva Las Vegas, High Rollers, Casino, or Poker Night. Put a sign in your front garden to announce the party.

  • Real Blackjack game and table set up,  Craps table, and Texas Hold Em table. The casino tables also need helpers running the games who should be in black pants, white shirts, vests and visors. This gives an authentic casino atmosphere.

  • Hire a slot machine, this is a great centerpiece.

  • If you have an artist friend ask them to draw a giant casino theme mural. The guests can color it, make additions to it and leave messages for the graduates

  • Casino Murals can be added everywhere. Even giant pictures of playing cards can adorn the walls.

  • The games tables will be fabulous if you have a roulette table with all the accessories, a blackjack table with card shoe and dealer, also dice table with croupier. Adding in lots of chips and playing real, free, games will give that genuine feel.

  • Just to complete the Casino theme find posters from gambling films such as Casino Royale, and Maverick

  • If you have a large venue you may like to set up extra tables for poker, bridge, checkers, backgammon, or even bingo.

  • Using black or green felt, cover a table and draw in markings for a blackjack, baccarat or roulette table.

  • Put up posters of Monte Carlo and the casinos. Famous casinos and their buildings will make great additions.

  • If the venue is to be Las Vegas then you can find photos and posters of the town and some famous casinos. Also have Elvis at Vegas, CSI, Oceans Eleven and those brilliant aerial scenes of the town at night. You could also have a fake wedding chapel. Find lots of pictures and posters from movies like Ocean‘s Eleven which have lots of scenes of casinos. Also photos of the stars would be great.

  • Create a mini stage with lighting and a karaoke machine. Guests can perform a comedy routine or be lounge singers to win more chips. You could also have a pianist.

  • Use posters which show guests how to play each of the games.

Great Decorations

  • Balloons pictured as Dice, Slot Machines, Cards, Poker Chips and Texas Hold Em. Of course it is a party so you will have lots of balloons and streamers to decorate the party. Also ribbons and tinsel will add to the effect.

  • Decorate with playing cards, make large cards, card shuffler, and dice.

  • Hang Casino Danglers from the ceiling

  • Casino lights, if you don't have any then just use Xmas lights


  • Centerpiece - you can use a Playing Card stack

  • A formal white table cover would be perfect. However you could draw and color cards, poker chips and a roulette wheel.

  • The table cover could also be a copy of a roulette table.

  • Add in confetti and casino chips for effect.

  • Add formal cutlery, napkins and plates

Decorate Your Guests

This is a brilliant way to get your guests in the graduation party mood!

  • Give guests dice and chips and also buckets for their winnings

  • Packs of cards

  • Monopoly money

  • Sun visors and those bands for holding up your sleeves

Casino Theme Party - Invitations

Free Printable 

Please feel free to use this free printable invite.

casino theme party

The Making Graduation Invitations page has the easy to use instructions you need to copy, re-size, personalize and print the invite. 

Photo Graduation Invitations 

The simplest way to do this is to take a photo of the graduate in casino costume. Print the photo onto card and write the party details on the back. 


You could make your own invites by cutting casino shapes like cards, dice, chips or a roulette wheel. Decorate the card to give the image you need and write the party details on the back. 


Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!
You are invited to THE most glamorous Las Vegas casino college graduation party. 
The party is at the College (name of college) Casino on (date and time)
Play exhilarating games of chance and see if you can win BIG!!
RSVP to the Head Croupier.
Evening Wear Required.


Spin The Wheel!
Come to the College (name of college) Casino Graduation Party Night on (date/time).
Can you choose the winning numbers and beat the house.
All you can eat buffet.
RSVP to (details)
Evening Wear Required

Poker Game

Outwit your poker buddies.
Come to the Graduate's House Party (details) on (date/time).
Play your winning hand and help the graduate celebrate graduation.
RSVP (details)

The Texas High Roller invites you to show your Poker Skills.
Come to the Graduate's House Party (details) on (date/time).
Take a chance and help the graduate celebrate graduation.
RSVP (details)

Slot Machine

Slot into place at the College Casino (venue details).
The College Casino Graduation Party is at (date/time).
Pull the handle and see if you can win the jackpot.
Evening Wear 

High Roller

Throw the Dice and see if you can be a High Roller.
Come to Casino Royale on (Date/Time) and try your luck!
Take a chance and see if you are a High Roller.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is having a special High Rollers only night.
Are you cool under pressure? Can you go the distance against the world's best gamblers?
Dancing, entertainment and free food and drink included
RSVP to the Head Croupier
Evening wear only

Betting on a Win

Come and bet on a win at the casino graduation party.
Play games of chance and see if you can win a fortune or lose your shirt (well your free chips anyway).
Dancing, free gambling, entertainment and games.
Venue (details)
Time/Date (details)
RSVP (details)

Roulette Wheel

Spin The Wheel and see where it takes you.
You are all winners at the casino graduation party.
Dancing, entertainment and games.
Venue (details)
Time/Date (details)
RSVP (details)

Add some Casino Chips and confetti into the envelope for effect. 

Clip Art Graduation Invitations

The simplest way to complete Casino graduation party invitations is to use clip art.

casino theme party
casino theme party
casino theme party

The graduation clip art page has all the instructions you need to turn this clip art into great invitations and other projects like save the date cards, for example.

Casino Theme Party - Confetti

One of the great casino theme party ideas is to have personalized confetti.

The most amazing photo confetti maker can produce confetti using up to 10 casino style photos and up to 3 accent colors. They have packs to suit your occasion.

The graduation photos could be of the graduate in various casino costume such as evening wear or croupier.

Casino Theme Party - Costumes

Casino theme party costumes are quite simple and easy to do. 

  • Tuxedo, hat and white scarf

  • Evening gowns

  • Black pants, white shirt topped off with dealer vests and visors

  • Suit covered with fake Dollars

  • Accessorize with dice, dollars and cards

  • If you are having a Las Vegas style party there are lots of costumes. Guests can be Elvis, Mobsters, Showgirls, Tacky Tourists, a Bride and Groom or even CSI members.

Casino Theme Party - Food and Drink

Casino's are famous for providing 'eat all you can' buffets and finger food as you go. Your casino theme party can easily match casino standard food.

  • Mini Pizzas

  • All kinds of sandwiches

  • Fries

  • Chips

  • Nuts and Pretzels

  • Bowls of fruit

  • Buffet table with loads of salads

For casino theme party drinks, Sodas, Non Alcoholic Punch and lots of water to keep the party goers going. 

For the casino theme party Cake, there are many, many brilliant casino theme decorations which will thrill the graduate. Including Roulette and Blackjack tables. Also signs such as Vegas, High Rollers and Poker. Finally a card or dice. Once you bake the cake it can be frosted, decorated and cut to the shape you want. 

A cake is a fantastic way of celebrating graduation.

Party Cake

The casino theme party cake is very easy to make as all the ingredients are mixed together in the same bowl.

The Graduation Cake page gives you the recipe, ingredients, cooking tools, frosting instructions and cooking times. You can make a great cake! Also great ideas on using fondant to create designs, cupcakes, cake pans, and how to transfer great designs onto the cake, plus lots, lots more.

Graduation Cake Decorating Idea

1) Cover the entire cake in white frosting.

2) Use alternate milk and white chocolate coins to decorate around the edge of the cake. 

3) Get some ready-to-use fondant frosting and mold it into 2 small cubes to make dice and just pipe some black frosting dots onto the side.

4) After some practice you could also attempt to write a message on the cake. Something short like “Congrads (name of graduate)”.

Casino Theme Party - Games

  • Candies In A Jar - fill a large jar with candies. Place the jar on a table with a pen and paper beside it. Guests just have to record their guess of the number of candies in the jar. Later in the party let everyone know who won.

  • Give everyone chips (and play money) to play with (more than enough to play plenty of tables). The chips can be cashed in for raffle tickets at the end.

  • Set up real roulette, craps, texas hold em, blackjack and poker tables with dealers ready to go. This is the real essence of the party and this is where you can create the real excitement. Have prizes for those who win the most to give it an edge.

  • Have an amazing roulette prize. Guests must pick one number and they get a great prize if they win.

  • Hire a professional croupier to go over each game and help guide guests through the games.

  • Have a Wheel of Fortune with loads of favor type prizes. Perhaps you can borrow one locally and just insert the prizes on offer into the slots.

  • Penny Toss, paint cup size circles on a large cloth with space in between the circles. Prizes for those who roll their pennies and they land in the circles.

  • Memory test - Split guests into teams or play as individuals. On the first round spin the roulette wheel 3 times and guests must remember the sequence of numbers. Keep moving up the number of numbers to remember in any round. You could do this by showing cards, guests must remember the sequence of cards and you increase the number of cards each round until you have one team left.

  • Casino Treasure Hunt - around the venue hide casino style ships, dealers visors, dealers armbands, cards, roulette balls and letters. The teams must collect everything and create the word for the letters. You could use the name of a famous casino, for example.

  • Heads or Tails - designate a side of the room as tails and a side as heads. Ask guests to choose a side to stand on. Flip the coin and the guests on the side that wins get to stay in the game, the other side are out. Keep playing until there is one winner. Note, when you are down to only a few contestants insist there is at least one person on each side.

  • Pinata, great to whack after your big gambles.

  • If you have small children as part of the party they will need some games too. One is, make a giant dice from cardboard boxes painted black with white spots. The kids roll the giant dice and win a prize. Also you can have a table with blank card, pens and pencils. They can have great fun creating their own cards and getting a treat for doing well.

  • At the end have an auction for a good cause. To prepare ask as many people as possible to contribute auction items that will go. Have an MC who will really build the bidding excitement. Gather everyone together around the stage and get going.

  • Have a Talent competition, giving the graduates 2 weeks to prepare a Vegas Show song, dance or comedy piece

  • Decorate t-shirts with Casino symbols like cards and chips. Give each guest a plain white t-shirt and t-shirt pens.

  • Play pass the casino chip - Line up the guests into lines of say 10 people. Have a large balloon poker chip. Pass the chip over your head to the person behind you, once you have passed the balloon run to the back of the line. Complete 3 passes.

Red or Black

This casino theme party game takes a little bit of setting up. However with the right MC and a good pace you can make it great fun. There are lots of ways of doing this, this is just one idea.

  • Give each guest a black and a red card. At each round of the game guests must vote red or black. You then play the game for that round and if they are wrong they are out. Once you get down to say 8 to 10 guests left you should require that half vote red and half black.

  • Cards - once guests have chosen their color ask someone to cut the cards. Reveal the color of the card and ask those who are wrong to move aside.

  • Coin - paint a coin red on one side and black on the other. Once the remaining contestants have chosen their color spin the coin. Reveal the color and ask those who are wrong to move aside.

  • Spin the Wheel - paint the answers red or black. Again guests choose, spin the wheel and reveal the color and ask those who are wrong to move over.

  • Video - In advance of the party video a friend and ask them to choose red or black. Play the video once the remaining guests have chosen their color. Again, contestants who are wrong move out.

  • Phone call - live on loudspeaker phone a friend and ask them to choose red or black.

  • Handkerchief - before the party put a red or black handkerchief in the graduate‘s pocket. They cannot tell anyone! Once guests have chosen their color ask the graduate to bring out the handkerchief.

  • For the final round spin a roulette wheel once the final 2 people have chosen their colors, which must be different. The winner will be revealed once the ball drops into their color.

The idea is just to play as many rounds as you need. 

You might also need some excellent Graduation Party Games. This page has a huge range of fun packed games. 

Casino Theme Party - Favors

Fill Casino theme party favor bags with lots of favors.

  • Personalized poker chips, flashing dice, cake, money clip with photo holder, royal casino key tag, poker champions wristband and blinking dice necklace, and a lucky rabbit foot.

  • Gift certificates styled as casino chips which guests can use in the chosen store. Or the gift certificate could be styled as a winning check showing the amount and the name o the guest.

  • Casino joke books

  • Puzzle books

  • Also buy each guest, of legal age, a lottery ticket.

  • If you can, send each guest home with the first photo you took of them at the entrance. This will take a lot of organizing and helpers, but should be ok.

Send the graduation party guests home with a great bag of memories. 

Casino Theme Party - Music

The casino party music can be the soundtrack from Casino Royale, Oceans Eleven, classic Rat Pack music or just the graduate's favorite.

You can also have the sound of slot machines downloaded onto your MP3 player. The sounds can be played as part of the background effect.

The right music makes a party fantastic. Make sure the graduate gets a say in the choice of music. 

Casino Theme Party - Ideas

More Ideas for your casino party:

  • Make the party theme a 1930's prohibition style casino party. Guests must wear 1930's style clothing. You can play 1930's music too.

  • Use the theme of an Ace to refer to the graduate and of course the card type. You could dress the graduate as an Ace in some way, have an Ace cake and various Ace decorations around the party.

  • One quite special touch is to hire a horse and carriage, and driver. If you have a short route they can take guests on this could work. You may even have them take some guests home after the party.

  • Have a Caricaturist draw the graduates and guests

  • Take an entire group photograph to give long lasting memories of the college graduation party.

  • Hire professional entertainers, and magicians to put on a college graduation party show. The magician can also work the tables

  • Hire professional croupiers to teach everyone about the casino games

  • Use the theme James Bond too and fit it in as Casino Royale

  • If you have the equipment have a live feed of the party showing the images on a screen. This is just like a security camera.

  • There will be lots of gifts for the graduate. Thank You notes written by the graduate are the best!

  • Write out rough timings for the college graduation party, including expected games times and when you want to serve the food.

  • Talk to your neighbors in advance of the college graduation party.

  • Save money and have a joint college graduation party with other graduates.
    A joint college graduation party can give excellent cost sharing, lots of people to do the work and help find items at cheaper costs.

  • Save money and book college graduation party venues for the cheaper weeknights

  • Think about the graduation party venue and the likely weather. A tent, YMCA, local park or school gym can be great alternatives.

  • You can host an amazing graduation party if you choose a closed venue. The idea is guests are dropped off and picked up at the end. The party venue has everything guests need to have a fabulous time. Safety and security can be resolved for one venue only. There are lots of venues. One simple example is to hire a shopping mall. Separate areas within the mall can be set up for eating, dancing and the casino, if you have one. Persuade some stores to stay open late selling goods, coffee, and ice cream. You may have the budget to have wandering magicians, caricaturists, a live band, and some acts at various parts of the college graduation party venue.

Share Your Casino Theme Party

If you would like to share your complete casino theme party with us send us your party story and photos and we will create your own casino theme party page and photo gallery hosted on our site. (Family and friends will be able to find inspiration from your casino theme party and comment on your ideas.) If you share your complete casino theme party details you will be automatically entered into our next contest. This year we are having a bumper $100 prize fund. There will be an overall winner and runners up prizes. The winner will be the best overall party story and photos. 

Good luck with your casino theme party. A casino theme party is a brilliant theme for a graduation party.

For all party supplies, favors and prizes see the World's Largest Party Superstore. 

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