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A bowling theme is a great graduation party idea. 

Ideally the venue would be a local bowling alley. However you can have a fantastic party at home or at any venue. 

Everyone can join in, all ages can take part and it is amazing fun when you get your first Strike! 

I hope to give you lots of bowling party ideas, including: 

  • Invitation ideas and wording

  • Costumes

  • Food

  • Games

  • Favors

  • Lots more ideas.

A bowling party can be simple to do , especially if you are using a local bowling alley. Lots of fun and enthusiasm can make it amazing.

If you are using a bowling alley check if they have any special offers for parties. Also you may be able to pay only for the exact number of guests who attend. A nice touch for a kindergarten party can be to pay for a coffee for each of the parents. 

Graduation Bowling Theme Party - Invitations

There are lots of great images to use to give graduation invitations, and the graduation party, a brilliant Bowling party feel.
You can put together homemade graduation invitations, use clip art, photo graduation invitations and brilliant free printables. 


Regular white printer paper is just fine. You can also use any invitations or stationary that the bowling alley provide. You can customize the invitation with your own wording.

There is also the option of using black construction paper to create bowling ball invitations. Fold the sheets of paper in half and cut out circles which form the bowling balls. Decorate the tops of the round cards with small white circles. Open the cards and write your invitation inside. 

You can also use white construction paper cut out in the shape of bowling pins, then draw stripes on the pins near the top. Write the graduation party details on the pins. 

Homemade Graduation Invitations

Once you have the paper organised you can move on to writing the invites. 

Use lots of phrases like:

  • Strike

  • Bowling alley

  • 'Spare' some time and come to the graduation party

  • Bowling bash

Brilliant ways to design the graduation bowling party invitations are:


Strike a pose at the High School Graduation Bowling Party.
Come along the the Bowling Alley (venue) at (time/date)
Bowling Costume Required
RSVP to (details)

The graduate (name) invites you to a Bowling bash at (venue) at (time/date)
Show off your strikes and spares
Bowling costume
RSVP to (details)

Come and have a Ball at the graduation bowling party.
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)
Kingpin (the graduate) invites you to take him on to be the champion bowler.
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

Clip Art Graduation Invitations

The simplest way to complete the graduation bowling theme party invitations is to use bowling clip art. 

bowling theme party

bowling theme party

  • Copy and Past the bowling graduation clip art image that you would like to use into your word document. Before you paste make sure your cursor is in the location where you want the clip art placed

  • Click on the image and arrows will appear on the corners. Use these arrows to stretch the image to the desired size.

  • Then I simply added wordart at the top of the page for a great title and added the party details in plain text underneath the graduation clip art.

Lots more detailed instructions on my graduation clip art page.

Photo Bowling Party Invitations

Also, simply arrange a good quality bowling photograph. Photograph of the young graduates dressed in bowling costume would be perfect. Just set the scene for the bowling theme party.

Scan it onto your computer.

Using photo editing software, change the picture dimensions to the size you need.

Then simply print onto your choice of paper.

Free Printable Graduation Invitations 

Graduation Bowling Theme Party - Costumes

bowling theme party

Bowling Shirt , bowling shoes and some bowling balls as accessories, what could be simpler to arrange! Your guests should be able to get into costume quite easily, making the party look great. 

Graduation Bowling Theme Party - Decorations

bowling theme party
bowling theme party

No matter the venue, a bowling party offers the chance to have some great cheap decorations. 

  • Announce the graduation party with a bowling theme banner. This can be customized with the school or graduate's name.

  • Bowling Balls made from black construction paper. Just cut out the giant circles and decorate with white colored finger holes. A very big one, say 5 foot in diameter, would be great as part of the party entrance.

  • Bowling Pins made from white construction paper. Simply decorate the top with stripes. You can use a giant one as a sign in board and an even bigger one as part of the entrance to the bowling party.

  • Balloons  are very flexible, colorful and cheap. They add greatly to the party feel. You can decorate them with colored finger holes for a bowling ball feel. Tie them in bunches and fix them to chairs, doors, pictures and light fittings. Hung up on the fence and entrance they start the party feel early.

  • Hang streamers everywhere, including the entrance, with lots of colors.

  • If the party is at a bowling alley use balloons and streamers to decorate the lanes and also the eating area.

  • Bowling Pinata

  • Find Posters and Photographs of famous bowlers, famous people bowling and some retro bowling pictures in black and white.

  • Photographs of the graduate are also needed as it is a graduation party. Include some bowling ones if you have any. If the graduate is a bowler use any of their bowling costume and equipment as decorations.

  • A Bowling Scoreboard made from a poster board and mounted on the wall or fence.

  • Bowling standin for the entrance and great photos. 

  • The backyard can be decorated with lots of balloons and streamers. Also with some hardwood you could make a bowling alley. Borrow some bowling ball and pins or use an inflatable bowling kit.

  • Posters can be made using the graduate‘s photo posed wearing bowling gear. Take a great bowling photo and load it into your photo software. The software will normally let you put a message onto the photo. You may be able to add a header like Graduation Bowling Party and put a welcome message on it. Print off and display them.

  • If you have entertainment such as a magician be sure they have a bowling theme in their act.

  • Display bowling theme magazines.

  • Bowling film posters such as from the film Kingpin make good decorations.

  • Bunting, in the shape of bowling balls and pins, which you can make from card and thread, then hang from light fittings.

  • Create a fake scoreboard which shows the graduate having many strikes and a huge total score.

For the Table there are lots of great options. Make bowling ball place mats, bowling pin menus and place cards. Borrow some bowling cups and trophies as the centerpiece and also have a photo of the graduate. You can easily put together napkins, Bowling Plates, Bowling Cups and cutlery. 

Decorate your guests, this is a brilliant way to add to the graduation bowling theme party, and getting your guests in the graduation party mood!

  • Face paints, painting bowling ball and pins on your guests cheeks.

  • Funtoos

  • 2018 Glasses

  • 2018 Beads

  • Graduation caps

  • Cap Medallions

  • Lots of glow sticks and bracelets

A great idea is to have a box of guest decorations at the bowling party entrance and hand them out liberally! 

Graduation Bowling Theme Party - Food and Drink

Bowling theme party food and drink can closely follow traditional bowling alley offerings. The graduation party may even be at a Bowling Alley!

  • Pizza of various types.

  • Burgers

  • Hot Dogs

  • Nachos

  • Pretzels

  • Bowling balls, simply meat balls!

  • Ice Cream

  • Popcorn

  • Bowls of fruit, including grapes, strawberries and kiwi, for example.

To drink have lots of sodas and water.

Graduation Cake

The graduation bowling party cake is very easy to make as all the ingredients are mixed together in the same bowl.

The Graduation Cake page gives all the details you need on the recipe, cooking tools and ingredients. Also great ideas on cake decorating, themed cake decorating, cake designs, cup cakes, cake pans and graduation cap cakes plus lots more.

Simple Decorating Idea for Your Graduation Bowling Theme Party Cake

1) Decorate the cake with white frosting. Using black frosting decorate the cake in the shape of a bowling ball. Again, with white frosting add three finger holes. 

2) Decorate the cake with a colored frosting, say black or brown. Using white frosting decorate the cake with a bowling pin, then add some colored stripes.

3) For a bowling alley design, decorate the cake with white frosting. Add lane markings in black. For a final touch buy some miniature bowling pins from a local bakery store and add them to the lanes.

Graduation Bowling Theme Party - Games

A bowling party offers the chance to have fantastic games.

  • The main game will be bowling. Award prizes for best and worst score, best and worst technique, best pose, most strikes and spares, best team and anything else you can think of. Have an announcer who has a script and fun facts on the guests. A karaoke machine may help them.

  • To add to the fun you can add a twist. Play some of the games backwards or with a blindfold.

  • Play bowling bingo. Have bingo cards with the possible scores on it. The idea is to try and score each number just like bingo.

  • A bowling alley may well have other games available such as air hockey, and Fussball. You could arrange competitive games based on their equipment.

  • Pin the Bowling Pin, first arrange a picture of a bowling alley and a blindfold. Spin the blindfold guests around and have them pin the bowling pin on the alley.

  • Water pistol bowling. To play this bowling theme party game set up plastic bowling pins and give the player 2 water pistols. They have to knock down as many pins with the water from the 2 water pistols.

  • Dominoes, split guests into teams and give them a large supply of dominoes. The teams must create a pattern of dominoes which are upright and close to each other. The idea is to have a chain reaction by knocking over the first domino. Prize for the best design and for all dominoes falling over.

  • For younger ones buy bowling theme party coloring in books and set up an area for them to play.

  • Treasure Hunt, first make bowling pins with white construction paper. Next cut them up into identical pieces which are hidden around the venue. Teams must find the pieces and assemble their bowling pin. First team to complete wins the prize.

  • Decorate a bowling t-shirt. Provide a t-shirt and t-shirt pens and ask each guest to make their own bowling design. Prize for best design.

  • Have a fitness exercise. Ask a qualified fitness instructor to put volunteer guests through a genuine bowling warm up and fitness routine.

  • Observation test - discretely display 6 to 10 pictures of bowling stars, or bowling balls with names on them, around the venue. Near the end ask guests to complete a sheet on what they observed. Ask for the people in the pictures and location of the pictures. Have prizes for those getting all answers correct.

  • What Happened Next. Line up a series of videos with the most amazing and amusing moments in bowling. The idea is to show guests the footage in the short period leading up to the amazing event. Then they guess what happened next. Lastly you run the video on showing them what happened. Try and have incidents such as where the player fell over or put the ball into the wrong rink. You should be able to get amazing incidents. Perhaps there is time to show 3 or 4 of these.

  • Guess the Star, cover large photos of well known bowling stars almost completely except for say a distinguishing nose, their eyes or even a tattoo. Guests must guess who they are, and again prizes for getting them all right.

  • Disguise a guest with say a wig, beard and sports glasses. Video them bowling for 2 minutes. Show the video at the party. Guests must guess who they are. First to guess wins the prize.

For some traditional graduation party games to help the bowling theme party try:

  • Spin The WheelBorrow one of those wheels of fortune and fill in the prizes you have on the wheel. That will include no prize and a forfeit if you want. Arrange the right person to host the game and get the audience participating madly.

  • Hire EquipmentGraduation party games can be determined by the equipment you have. Consider hiring a Buckaroo, Fastest draw game, trampoline or golf game.

Click here for an amazing free collection of graduation party games.

A bowling party needs great music to make it come alive. Get a bowling alley play list and replicate the music. 

Graduation Bowling Theme Party - Favors

bowling theme party
bowling theme party

Leave your guests with a great reminder of the bowling party:

  • T-shirts with a bowling design and the graduate's name (or the guests name)

  • Bowling stickers

  • Bowling buttons

  • Bowling Pin Water Bottle

  • Bowling Light Up Keychain

  • Mini bowling balls or mini bowling set

  • Fun stuff like glow bracelets and glow necklaces

  • Bowling theme party stadium cups

  • Tickets for a bowling alley

  • Mini bowling bag

  • Give a Wii sports package which has a bowling game on it.

  • Bowling theme jigsaw puzzle which could also have the graduation party details on it.

  • The bowling alley, if you use one, they may have gifts which make great favors

  • Buy plastic bowling pins and cut the tops off. Fill the bowling pin with candy and other favors. Fix the top back on with red tape.

Graduation Bowling Theme Party Preparation

The party day does need a good schedule of events. You will need it to get through everything, even if you are having the bowling theme party at a bowling alley.

  • Plan the start of the party, when each game will roughly occur, when the food will be served and when the party will start and end.

  • Know exactly which games will be played

  • Have the music, prizes, helpers and materials ready in advance.

  • Each helper should know exactly what they have to do.

  • Have the favors ready in advance, and in running order.

  • Know exactly who is helping to clear away afterwards. There can be a lot of mess after a graduation bowling theme party at home!

Graduation Bowling Theme Party - Ideas

More ideas to make the graduation bowling theme party just brilliant:

  • Make sure everyone has their photo taken, especially if you have a giant bowling ball (or Pin) entrance

  • Video the bowling theme party

  • Buy a bowling pin. Have everyone sign it with a short message for the graduate.

  • Have a teacher for those who are bowling for the first time.

  • Hire an old fashioned jukebox so guests can select the music they love.

  • Have a prize for the most stylish bowler.

  • Decorate with a stylish 1950's scene of a bowling alley with the people and the cool Cadillac cars.

  • Print out each persons scorecard to be added to their bowling theme party favors.

  • Save money and have a joint bowling theme party with other graduates.
    This can give excellent cost sharing, lots of people to do the work and help find items at cheaper costs.

  • Save money and book bowling theme party venues for the cheaper weeknights, perhaps giving more money to decorate your graduation bowling theme party.

Share Your Graduation Bowling Theme Party

If you would like to share your complete bowling party with us send us your graduation party story and photos and we will create your own bowling party page and photo gallery hosted on our site. (Family and friends will be able to find inspiration from your graduation party and comment on your ideas.) If you share your complete bowling theme party details you will be automatically entered into our next contest. This year we are having a bumper $100 prize fund. There will be an overall winner and runners up prizes. The winner will be the best overall graduation party story and photos. 

Click here for graduation bowling party decorations, party favors and ideas. 

Good luck with your graduation bowling theme party. A bowling theme party brings everyone together for a really fun time.

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