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All-star baseball graduation party for the graduate's home run.

A baseball theme party can be a simple graduation party and fun to do. Lots of fun and enthusiasm can make it an amazing graduation party.

The venue could be simply at home, your backyard should be great to use, at a gym, at the park, or even at a local baseball facility or a stadium. Also you could use a sports themed restaurant. 

Cheer on the graduates, eat lots of popcorn and have your own grand slam graduation party.

I hope to give you lots of graduation party ideas, including:

  • Invitation ideas and wording

  • Costumes

  • Food

  • Games

  • Favors

  • Lots more ideas.

Graduation Baseball Party - Invitations

There are lots of great images to use to give graduation invitations, and the graduation party, a brilliant baseball feel. You can put together homemade graduation invitations, use clip art, photo graduation invitations and brilliant free printables. If you can deliver the invites by hand then you could buy some cheap bats and write the graduation party details on them.


Regular white printer paper is just fine. You may be able to find stationery from a baseball team or baseball stadium, which you can customize with your own wording to make exciting invitations. Some stadiums have their own postcards which you could use.

You can also use white construction paper cut out in the shape of baseballs, bats, helmets, pennants, home plates or a baseball field. Personalize with school colors and name. Write the graduation party details on the back.

Also you can use card and make stadium tickets. Decorate the tickets with Graduate All-Star game starting at (time/date), seat 5 row 15 section 2015 (the graduation party date), for example. 

Homemade Graduation Invitations

Once you have the paper organised you can move on to writing the invites. 

Use lots of phrases like:

  • Home Run

  • The Bases Are Loaded

  • Strike

  • Take Me Out To The Ball Game

  • Grand Slam

  • Have a Ball

  • Go Team

  • Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

  • Let the games begin

  • Three strikes and you're OUT

  • Hay Batter Batter, help the graduate hit it Outta the park.

Brilliant ways to word the graduation party invitations are:


Welcome to Wrigley Field (school venue) for the baseball graduation party.
Bat a few balls, dance, sing and cheer on the graduates
Costume: Baseball Players and Fans
Time/date (details)
RSVP to (details)

Come and have a ball at the graduation baseball party.
Join the All Star Team for an Innings of baseball games, food, fun and dancing at the Stadium (venue).
Costume: Baseball Players and Fans
Time/date (details)
RSVP to (details)

The bases are loaded with graduates. Bring them home with a winning hit at the baseball graduation party.
Come to Yankee Stadium (venue) on (time/date)
Costume: Baseball players and Fans
RSVP to (details)

Calling all baseball fans!
Come and cheer on Babe Ruth (the graduate) on to a home run.
Stadium (venue details)
Costume: Baseball Fans
Time/date (details)
RSVP to (details)

(Style this one as a Ticket)

Come to Yankee Stadium (venue) to see the Graduates take on the Rest Of The World.
Pitch in with your own hits
Costume: Baseball Fans
Time/date (details)
RSVP to (details)

You could also use famous baseball stars and word the invite as if it came from them, or even the World War 2 ladies baseball league. For example:

Babe Ruth (graduate) invites you to set a batting record at the graduation party.

A League Of Their Own, come and celebrate at the baseball graduation party.

Clip Art Graduation Invitations

The simplest way to complete the graduation baseball party invitations is to use baseball clip art. 

baseball party
baseball party

  • Copy and Past the baseball graduation clip art image that you would like to use into your word document. Before you paste make sure your cursor is in the location where you want the clip art placed

  • Click on the image and arrows will appear on the corners. Use these arrows to stretch the image to the desired size.

  • Then I simply added wordart at the top of the page for a great title and added the party details in plain text underneath the graduation clip art.

Lots more detailed instructions on my graduation clip art page. 

Photo Baseball Party Invitations

Also, simply arrange a good quality baseball photograph. Photograph of the young graduates dressed as baseball players or baseball fans. Just set the scene for the baseball theme party.

Scan it onto your computer.

Using photo editing software, change the picture dimensions to the size you need.

Then simply print onto your choice of paper.

Free Printable Graduation Invitations 

Graduation Baseball Party - Costumes

baseball party

Have a look at this great old time players costume. 

  • Baseball Jerseys

  • Baseball pans

  • Baseball helmets

  • Baseball jackets

  • Baseball caps

  • Face paints in team colors

  • Accessorize with baseball stickers, bats, baseballs, mitts, pennants, cheer phones and popcorn boxes.

Graduation Baseball Party - Decorations

baseball party

A baseball theme party is a great chance to look out lots of the graduate's baseball memorabilia. Hopefully they will have lots of great stuff including a high scoring bat.

  • Create an entrance to the graduation that will allow photographs to be taken. Have a sign with Graduate Stadium lit by Xmas lights. Also baseball cutouts  can give a great backdrop for photos.

  • At the entrance have lots of baseball decorations. A line of stars made from card with guest names on them, baseballs, and balloons tied in bunches to the fence.

  • The backyard could have a pitchers mound, bases and home base with lots of banners and pennants. The banners can be homemade with Yankee Stadium, Grand Slam and Home Run. Have noisemakers for the crowd.

  • Erect a scoreboard if you can borrow one.

  • Great decorations all round the venue are batters helmets, caps, jerseys, shoes, balls, bats, mitts, pennants and motifs.

  • Use any memorabilia the graduate has of a favorite team, and of course the graduate playing baseball.

  • Make bunting in the shape of bats, baseballs and batters helmets.

  • Hang up lots of baseball photos and posters of famous games, famous players, and famous stadia.

  • Use some black and white photos of the greatest names like Babe Ruth. There is something dramatic about these old photos.

  • Photos of the graduate and some guests playing baseball

  • Photos of the graduate and some guests on baseball bats, baseball caps and jerseys.

  • Create murals with lots of baseball players and a crowd scene. If you can you might like to put some guests photos on the mural. Guests can leave messages and autograph the mural.

  • Create a guest hall of fame. If you can use the photos taken at the entrance and complete the hall of fame.

  • Lay out lots of sports magazines, newspapers and game programs. Also make up a collage of baseball photos from newspapers and magazines.

  • Balloons shaped as baseball, plus balloons in the school or college team colors

  • Streamers in team colors, or the graduate's favorite team colors, tied in bunches and hung from light fittings and on pictures

  • Baseball pinata

  • Bubblegum machine

  • Baseball pennants

  • Trophies, including any real ones you can borrow.

  • Pom Poms

  • Film posters from baseball themed films

  • Try and borrow those baseball themed towels, bed linen, mugs, water bottles and anything else you can find.

  • Signs with Go Graduate and MVP Graduate

  • Door signs

  • If you have any autographs, display them in a memorabilia area.

baseball party
baseball party

For the Table there are lots of great options. Try this Baseball Deluxe party Kit. Draw a pitchers mound and home base on the tablecloth, add a baseball, trophy and baseball place cards and place mats. The centerpiece could be a batters helmet or bat. Or try this effective Centrepiece  Use pennant shaped menus. You can easily put together napkins, plates and cutlery, or use these great major league supplies. Use Stadium cups and water bottles. 

One of the great graduation party ideas, decorate your guests, this is a brilliant way to add to the graduation party ideas, and getting your guests in the graduation party mood!

  • Face paints, painting baseballs on your guests cheeks.

  • Baseball hats, bats, helmets, beads and pom poms.

  • Baseball jerseys

  • Baseball and Graduation Funtoos

  • 2018 Glasses

  • Baseball Beads

  • Graduation caps

  • Cap Medallions

  • Lots of glow sticks and bracelets

A great graduation party idea is to have a box of guest decorations at the baseball theme party entrance and hand them out liberally! 

Graduation Baseball Party - Food and Drink

Baseball theme party food and drink can closely follow traditional stadium food. The graduation party may even be at an Arena!

  • Hot Dogs

  • All kinds of sandwiches

  • Burgers

  • Cracker jacks

  • French Fries

  • Nachos

  • Popcorn

  • Pretzels

  • Peanuts

  • Fruit Bowls

  • Tortillas

  • Pizza

  • Vegetable dips like carrots and cucumber

  • Ice Cream and snow cones

  • Apple pie

  • Cotton candy

  • Snacks like roasted nuts

  • Chocolate bars

  • Energy bars

  • Drinks can be sodas, water and fruit smoothies.

Graduation Cake

The graduation baseball theme party cake is very easy to make as all the ingredients are mixed together in the same bowl.

The Graduation Cake page gives all the details you need on the recipe, cooking tools and ingredients.

Use a baseball cake pan.

Simple Decorating Idea for Your Graduation Party Cake

1) Decorate the cake with white frosting. Use black frosting and make a batter helmet shape. Then using colored frosting of your choice add the graduates name and congratulations.

2) Alternatively cut the cake into a ball shape and frost in white. Mark the lines of the ball in red frosting, then add congratulations to the graduate.

3) Alternatively decorate the cake with white frosting. Then add brown frosting in the shape of a bat. Then add congratulations to the graduate.

The ambitious may be able to tackle a pitchers mound and home base! The grass could be green tinted coconut with white frosting for the lines. 

Graduation Baseball Party - Games

baseball party

A baseball theme party offers the chance to have fantastic games.

  • Give everyone silver, black and white construction paper. Each guest is to make their own trophy, helmet or ball.

  • Decorate a baseball or helmet.

  • For younger kids have a table with baseball coloring in books, ball and trophy shaped card and have them color in or make up their own balls and trophies.

  • Have an autograph area for everyone to leave their message and autograph.

  • Face painting, with face paints and sponges where guests can have their favorite team colors on their faces. Also guests can choose to have 2 black lines under each eye.

  • Play 3 innings of a real game or use batting cages for practice.

  • Baseball cross dress relay. Split the guests into teams. Also arrange a course. Give each team a bag with a helmet, over-sized baseball jersey, over-sized baseball pants and a bat. The first person is to put on the baseball clothing and run to the end of the course and back. They them remove the baseball clothing and hand it over to the next person in their team. First team to complete the course wins.

  • Have a baseball trivia competition.

  • Make pennants or personal trading cards

  • Hire a baseball coach who will run a skills and fitness session based on real baseball training.

  • Using a karaoke machine and have an MC commentate on the games. Give them lots of information on the graduate and guests.

  • Baseball Pinata

  • Treasure Hunt, first make baseballs (or bats) with construction paper. Next cut them up into identical pieces which are hidden around the venue. Teams must find the pieces and assemble their baseball. First team to complete wins the prize.

  • Play pin the base on the field. Create a picture of a baseball filed and a card base (with bluetack on the back). Blindfold guests and spin them around, then they can pin the base on the picture.

  • Play baseball on the spoon. Set up a short course, say 100 to 150 feet. Split the guests into teams. Each player must run the course, and back, with the baseball on the spoon. If the baseball drops you must stop and put it back on again. Sounds simple, but the more you rush the more it falls off!

  • Water balloon toss. Set up hoola hoops at different distances from a throw line. Give each guests say 3 water filled balloons and see how many they can get into the hoops. Give more points for the more distant hoops.

  • Have a fitness exercise. Ask a qualified fitness instructor to put volunteer guests through a genuine baseball warm up and fitness routine.

  • Observation test - discretely display 6 to 10 pictures of baseball stars, or baseball bats with names on them, around the venue. Near the end ask guests to complete a sheet on what they observed. Ask for the people in the pictures and location of the pictures. Have prizes for those getting all answers correct.

  • What Happened Next. Line up a series of videos with the most amazing and amusing moments in baseball. The idea is to show guests the footage in the short period leading up to the amazing event. Then they guess what happened next. Lastly you run the video on showing them what happened. Try and have incidents such as where the batter missed and the ball knocked out the umpire. You should be able to get amazing incidents. Perhaps there is time to show 3 or 4 of these.

  • Guess the Star, cover large photos of well known baseball stars almost completely except for say a distinguishing nose, their eyes or even a tattoo. Guests must guess who they are, and again prizes for getting them all right.

  • Disguise a guest with say a wig, beard and sports glasses. Video them playing baseball for 2 minutes. Show the video at the party. Guests must guess who they are. First to guess wins the prize.

  • Arrange sprinting races between bases.

  • If you have a real professional baseball player as a guest you could have guests try their luck batting against their pitching or pitching to their batting.

For some traditional graduation party games to help the baseball theme party try:

  • Balloon Bang 
    If you have a suitable space with room to run around, or even better outdoors this is a very active game. Brief the teams not to stamp on the person, just the balloons. Split everyone into 2 teams. One team has balloons tied to their ankles with ribbon. The second team have to burst all the balloons.

  • Coconut Shy
    In an outdoor area set up a coconut shy. This will need holders for the coconuts. You could of course just balance the coconuts on a ledge. You can decorate the coconuts in the theme of your party which may just mean using the graduate's photo. Just supply balls to throw and set up a line.

Click here for an amazing free collection of graduation party games.

A baseball party needs great music to make it come alive. The graduate's favorite, bearing in mind the audience, will be fine. Think of adding in the play list from a stadium. 

Graduation Baseball Party - Scavenger Hunt

You might be able to spend the time arranging a scavenger hunt if you have the right crowd to do that safely as part of the baseball theme party. 

  • Put together a list of all the things that the teams could collect legally. A simple list could be:

    2 photos of famous players
    Pennant for a baseball team
    Famous baseball player‘s autograph
    An item of World Series memorabilia

  • Set some rules upfront and give the list to each team. That would include the time limit, keeping everything legal and where the game starts and ends. Also say 10 points for each item collected.

  • Give 10 extra points for each person in the team wearing baseball costume at the end.

  • As part of the scavenger hunt each team can be asked to complete a quiz as they go.
    Best batting stats of all time
    Best pitching stats of all time
    Number of Major League stadiums
    Biggest ever baseball crowd
    What was the name and city of birth of the player who hit the “shot that was heard around the world“.

  • In advance of the game arrange baseball themed prizes for the winning team.

Graduation Baseball Party - Favors

baseball party

Leave your guests with a great reminder of the baseball party:

  • Bat pens

  • Baseball spirit pins

  • Baseball jerseys, or T-shirts with a baseball team, and the graduate's name (or the guests name)

  • Baseball stickers

  • Trading cards

  • Favorite baseball team brand water bottles or coffee mugs.

  • Official Baseballs 

  • Baseball caps

  • Baseball beads

  • Fun stuff like glow bracelets and glow necklaces

  • Noisemakers

  • Whistles

  • Cheerleader pom poms

  • Trading cards

  • Water Bottles

  • Trophies

  • Pennants

  • Tickets for a baseball game

  • Photos of famous players

  • Balloons

  • Baseball photo frame

  • Photo taken at the party

  • Photos of each guest in baseball gear

  • Baseball jerseys, t-shirts, baseball caps and baseball bats with a photo of the graduate on them.

  • If you have the party at a baseball stadium use some of the stadium or professional team's merchandise for favors.

  • Chocolate bar and cake

  • Baseball posters

  • Sports magazine

  • Give out game medals at the end of the party or an MVP certificate

Graduation Baseball Party - Ideas

More ideas to make the graduation baseball party just brilliant: 

  • Make sure everyone has their photo taken, especially if you have a great stadium entrance

  • Video the baseball party

  • Have everyone sign a ball

  • Publish a game program with photos and the results of the games.

  • Have someone as the sports announcer who has a karaoke machine. They can provide commentary on any baseball party games and can announce the guests as they arrive. Give them some information on the guests.

  • Arrange two helpers. One to be the sports reporter for your party magazine, the other to be the photographer for the baseball party.

  • Raise money for charity by selling raffle tickets, having an auction of baseball clothing and equipment and also taking donations for guests to play any baseball party games.

  • Each guest can design their own baseball logo or even one they think fit’s the graduate. You may be able to scan them onto your PC and print them off onto place cards or cards.

  • Baseball fans can answer the questions, “If the graduate was a famous baseball player, who would they be?” and “what would be the reasons for your choice?”

  • Create a hall of fame for the graduate‘s baseball team, adding newspaper cuttings, memorabilia and photos.

  • Who can keep the ball in the air longest by tapping it with the bat

  • Dress as your favorite baseball player from the past for the baseball party.

  • Hold the graduation baseball party in a real Hall of Fame.

  • Save money and have a joint baseball party with other graduates.
    This can give excellent cost sharing, lots of people to do the work and help find items at cheaper costs.

  • Save money and book baseball party venues for the cheaper weeknights, perhaps giving more money to decorate your graduation baseball party.

  • Hire a local baseball star to appear at the baseball party.

  • Arrange a proper baseball game (perhaps 3 innings long) and have the baseball party afterwards.

Share Your Graduation Baseball Party

If you would like to share your complete baseball party with us send us your graduation party story and photos and we will create your own graduation party page and photo gallery hosted on our site. (Family and friends will be able to find inspiration from your graduation party and comment on your ideas.) If you share your complete baseball theme party details you will be automatically entered into our next contest. This year we are having a bumper $100 prize fund. There will be an overall winner and runners up prizes. The winner will be the best overall graduation party story and photos. 

Good luck with your graduation baseball party. A baseball party will be fun!

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