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This barber printable graduation invitations example is free for you to use. 

The instructions on this page will help you personalize and print it, and find the right paper, use photographs and create other stationery such as place cards and favor tags. 

There is a large selection of Themed Graduation Invitations. They are all completely free.

If you’d prefer a non-themed graduation invitation then there is a great selection if you click on the following link - free printable invitations.

~ Barber Graduation Invitations ~

barber printable graduation invitations

~ Barber Graduation Invitations ~

Using the instructions on the making graduation invitations page will help you get the best out of the invite. The instructions will help you copy, print and personalize the invite. For ease of use this link will open a new window so you can work with the invite and the instructions. Just close the window to come back. 

Using cardstock paper can give your invites a quality feel.

Below you’ll find a great range of Barber wording, simple to do Barber photo invite ideas and ideas on other Barber themed projects. 

Barber Graduation Invitations Wording

A Barber shop is a great fun, friendly place to share stories, talk about anything and of course be groomed.

The furnishing can be really traditional with a traditional chair, mirrors and equipment.

Your graduation party wording can set the scene as well as inform your guests about the arrangements.

For example:

The graduate (name) invites you to a Barber shop graduation party.
Come on over and share the talk, eat pizza, and spend time with friends and family.
Barber Shop Quartet
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

You are invited to the graduate's (name) Barber shop graduation party.
It may have been a close shave but they have graduated.
Barber shop singing, games, prizes, and lots of social time with friends and family.
Venue (details)
Time/date (details)
RSVP (details)

(The Graduate) has had their haircut, a shave and smells great.
They are ready to party!
Venue (details)
Time/date (details)
RSVP (details)

The barber shop quartet are ready to sing for (the graduate).
You can come and sing too!
Venue (details)
Time/date (details)
RSVP (details)

Barber Themed Photo Invitations

Photograph the graduate in a old fashioned Barber costume. If you can take the photo inside a Barber shop that would give amazing impact. Simply print the photo and write the party details on the back - instant invite!

It is a simple task to make the best of your photos. The Homemade Invitations page has full instructions, including handling photos.

Barber Printable Graduation Invitations Projects

Using clip art you can make Barber envelopes, Barber favor tags, Barber place cards, Barber party hats, Barber game certificates, Barber T-shirts, and Barber save the date fridge magnets.

The clip art can be of a Barber, barber equipment, a barber chair, or a barber shop quartet.

See the Graduation Clip Art page for full instructions.

Good luck with your barber printable graduation invitations.

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