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This sizzling barbeque printable graduation invitations example is free to use. 

Just follow the simple instructions and you will shortly have great graduation party invitations. This page includes ideas on the right paper, alternative wording ideas and other projects you can complete.

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~ Printable Graduation Invitations ~

barbeque printable graduation invitations

~ Printable Graduation Invitations ~

The full set of instructions for using the invite are on the making graduation invitations page. The instructions will help you copy, print and personalize the Barbeque themed invite. For ease of use this link will open a new window so you can work with the invite and the instructions. Just close the window to come back. 

Below you’ll find a great range of Barbeque themed wording, simple to do photo invite ideas, paper and projects. 

Barbeque Graduation Invitations Wording

A Barbeque party can be strictly fun with the emphasis on being outdoors, spending time with friends and family and having fun. Eating the barbeque together brings everyone into contact in a relaxed social way.

You may have added an Australian theme for even more fun.

The wording on your invitations should let everyone know what the focus of the party is, and how much fun it is going to be.

For example:

The graduate (name) has finally graduated. 
You are invited to a BBQ with family and friends before the graduate sets off for college.
Best BBQ steaks, spare ribs and burgers.
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

The graduate (name) invites you to a beach BBQ.
Come and join us, spend quality time with friends and family.
Awesome BBQ food provided.
Venue (details)

Crocodile Dundee (graduate) invites you to an Australian themed beach BBQ graduation party.
Awesome steaks, spare ribs and burgers!
Beachwear, surfboards and Australian costume required. Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

For our own Aussie BBQ we wore Australian rugby tops, swimming shorts and used face paints for Australian flags on our cheeks. 

Light up the barbeque and help (the graduate) celebrate their success.
Venue (details)
RSVP (details)

Printable Graduation Invitations Paper 

Your usual printer white paper is just perfect for printing the free printable invitation.

However, using colored paper (I love using cardstock) can let you add a color scheme to the invitations. That could be school colors, sandy colored for the beach or even a green or gold from the Australian flag.

The same paper can be used for Barbeque thank you notes, Barbeque place cards and Barbeque announcements. 

Photo Invitations

Photograph the graduate as a chef cooking on a BBQ, eating delicious BBQ food or perhaps at the park (or beach) cooking Barbecue.

It is a simple task to make the best of your photos. The Homemade Invitations page has full instructions, including handling photos.

Barbeque Printable Graduation Invitations Projects 

The key images are the Barbeque equipment, the beach scene, colors you choose, and Australian images if you chose that theme.

Using clipart you can make Barbeque envelopes, Barbeque favor tags, Barbeque place cards, Barbeque party hats, Barbeque game certificates, Barbeque T-shirts, and Barbeque save the date fridge magnets.

The clip art can be of the BBQ, or perhaps an already cooked meal.

See the Graduation Clip Art page for full instructions to help you produce barbeque graduation invitations.

Good luck with your barbeque printable graduation invitations. 

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