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Fly high with a graduation plane party. Fasten your seatbelts for takeoff and enjoy the in-flight entertainment. 

An airplane theme party can be a simple party and fun to do. Lots of fun and enthusiasm can make it amazing.

The venue could be simply at home, which is great for relatives and friends who will be comfortable and relaxed. Why not try a local aircraft hanger, flying school, airport or even find a grounded plane that can safely be used. A pilots club would be a great venue. They may have catering, a dance floor and will have lots of airplane photos and memorabilia. 

I hope to give you lots of graduation party ideas, including:

  • Invitation ideas and wording

  • Costumes

  • Food

  • Games

  • Favors

  • Lots of great ideas to make the party fun.


Graduation Airplane Party - Invitations

There are lots of great images to use to give graduation invitations, and the graduation party ideas, a brilliant airplane feel.
You can put together homemade graduation invitations, use clip art, photo graduation invitations and brilliant free printables. 


Regular white printer paper is just fine. You may be able to find stationery from an airline, holiday firm, airport or flying school which you can customize with your own wording to make exciting invitations. Some airports have their own postcards which you could use.

You can also use white construction paper cut out in the shape of airplanes. Personalize the planes with school colors and name. Write the graduation party details on the planes.

Also you can use card and make airline tickets and boarding passes. Decorate the tickets with Graduate Airline, departing from School Airport at Terminal 1 Gate 6, for example. A great addition is to add a computer code along the side. For example if you have a graduate Ian Smith graduating on May 9, 2018 then you could add HTMIS NAI 81020905. 

Homemade Graduation Invitations

Once you have the paper organised you can move on to writing the graduation party invites. 

Use lots of phrases like:

  • Take Off

  • Landing

  • Fasten Seat belts

  • In-flight entertainment

  • Pilot

  • Cruising at 30000 feet

  • Flight Time

  • Smooth Flight

  • Turbulence

  • Cabin crew

  • Boarding pass

  • Wings

Brilliant ways to word the graduation party invitations are:


Come on board for the (School name) graduation airplane party.
We'll be flying high with awesome plane games, food, drinks and plane prizes.
Venue (details)
Costume: Flight crew
Take off at (details)
RSVP to (details)

Captain (graduate name) invites you to board the graduation party plane at (venue details) airport.
You'll soon be flying high at 30000 feet with in-flight entertainment, complimentary food and drinks, and lots of games and prizes.
Costume: Flight crew
Take off at (details)
RSVP to (details)

USAir (School name) welcome you on board our jumbo jet, destination the graduation party.
Fly high with us at graduation.
Venue (details)
Costume: Flight crew
Take off at (details)
RSVP to (details)

Welcome on board the Graduation Party Boeing plane.
Fasten your seat belts for takeoff.
Once we are cruising at 30000 feet we will serve complimentary food, drinks, and provide a selection of in-flight entertainment, games and duty free prizes.
Venue (details)
Costume: Flight crew
Take off at (details)
RSVP to (details)
Thank you for flying with us!

Join the first class guests for the graduation party flight
Right at priority check in you will have personal service, free food, drinks and entertainment.
Venue (details)
Take off at (details)
RSVP to (details)
We look forward to welcoming you!

Graduate Atlantic invite you to sit back and relax ready for take off destination graduation party.
Once we are cruising at 30000 feet we will serve first class food, first class entertainment, pampering, and provide a selection of in-flight entertainment, games and duty free prizes.
Venue (details)
Costume: Flight crew
Take off at (details)
RSVP to (details)
Thank you for flying with us!

Join our on board graduation party to celebrate at 40000 feet.
The cabin crew will be serving drinks, food, on board entertainment and complimentary party favors.
Venue (details)
Take off at (details)
RSVP to (details)
Welcome on board!

Check in at Graduation Airways for the Airplane Graduation Party of a lifetime.
You only graduate once, so come and help us make this party soar at 40000 feet.
Venue (details)
Take off at (details)
RSVP to (details)
Thank you for flying with us!

Fasten your seat belts for the experience of a lifetime.
The Graduation Party is going into space with the Galaxy flight.
Experience the thrill of normal flight plus reach the outer edges of the earth.
Venue (details)
Costume: First class passengers
Take off at (details)
RSVP to (details)

(Style this one as Flying Wings)
You have earned your wings! 
Come to the graduation airplane party at (venue), take off at (details).
Costume: Flight crew
RSVP to (details)

(If you are having old style , say 1920's, flying party, then you may like to style the invites like the film Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines.) Come and join the crazy flyers at the graduation party.
Show off your daredevil stunts!
Venue (details)
Costume: 1920's flyer
RSVP (details)

Fly the friendly skies at the High School (name) graduation party.
Relax and enjoy the flying entertainment and the complimentary food and drinks.
Take off is at (details) and landing is at (details)
Terminal and Gate (venue details)
Costume: flight crew
RSVP (details)

Clip Art Graduation Invitations

The simplest way to complete the graduation airplane party invitations is to use airplane clip art. 

  • Copy and Past the airplane graduation clip art image that you would like to use into your word document. Before you paste make sure your cursor is in the location where you want the clip art placed

  • Click on the image and arrows will appear on the corners. Use these arrows to stretch the image to the desired size.

  • Then I simply added wordart at the top of the page for a great title and added the party details in plain text underneath the graduation clip art.

Lots more detailed instructions on my graduation clip art page.

Photo Airplane Party Invitations

Also, simply arrange a good quality airplane photograph. Photograph of the young graduates dressed in airplane costume would be perfect. Just set the scene for the airplane theme party.

Scan it onto your computer.

Using photo editing software, change the picture dimensions to the size you need.

Then simply print onto your choice of paper.

Lastly you could use a plane postcard as the invitations. Also use plane stickers on invitations and envelopes.

Graduation Airplane Party - Costumes

airplane party
airplane party

  • Pilot costume 

  • Cabin crew outfit 

  • Make your own wings

  • For a homemade airplane theme party outfit you could wear black pants, white shirt, black tie, black jacket with wings and fake epaulets.

  • Accessorize with plane stickers, plane key chains, and homemade wings.

  • Graduation Airplane Party - Decorations

    An airplane theme party is a great chance to look out lots of the graduate's childhood toys. 

    • Create an entrance to the graduation party that will allow photographs to be taken. A sign saying Graduation Airport with plane pictures would provide an entrance.

    • The first thing guests may see at the airplane theme party is a Check In area.

    • Make large flying wings to decorate the walls

    • Hang toy planes everywhere

    • To emulate the plane interior, arrange seating in rows of 3.

    • Use photographs and poster of all kinds of planes, from passenger planes to fighter planes

    • Put up signs with departures and arrivals areas with Terminal 1, Gate 6 (for example).

    • Have a Baggage Reclaim with a large sign and suitcases.

    • More airport signs could be Exit, Car Park, Trains, Buses.

    • Hang up blow up airplanes.

    • Have a travel area. Decorate it with airline posters complete with a vacation destination and a plane. Add in some sun hats, sun cream, shorts, baggage and luggage tags set for an exotic destination.

    • Use white mylar balloons filled with helium as clouds. Also cut out large clouds from white card and make clouds from cotton balls. Hang the clouds from the ceiling.

    • Hang streamers everywhere, including the entrance, with lots of colors.

    • Use pale blue gossamer to create a sky blue look. Draw clouds on it.

    • If you can create a mural with the sky, clouds and planes.

    • Create a passenger announcement board which can announce the graduation and also give the party timetable

    • Film posters from films like Airplane

    • Bunting in the shape of airplanes.

    • Using chalk, decorate the driveway to look like a runway. Have a sign with Runway 1.

    • Decorate with some world maps and globes.

    • Other toys which are part of the airline theme could be Fire Trucks, Passenger Stairs and Police automobiles.

    • Guests can make their own paper airplanes which they can decorate and display.

    • Guests can create their own airline brand and logo.

    • Set up your backyard as a runway with lighting around the perimeter and lighting for the pilot at the beginning of the runway.

    Like all graduation party ideas, the right amount of decorations can add the right effect.

    For the Table there are lots of great options. Make airplane place mats, airplane menus and wings place cards. Use toy airplanes as the centerpiece and also have a photo of the graduate. The napkins can also have ribbons on them in school colors. You can easily put together napkins, plates and cutlery, perhaps in blue color. Cover the table with a sky blue tablecloth. The napkins can have the graduate airline logo on them. 

    Decorate your guests, this is a brilliant way to add to the graduation airplane theme party, and getting your guests in the graduation party mood!

    • Face paints, painting airplanes or flying wings on your guests cheeks.

    • Give your guests fake airplane tattoos.

    • Graduation Funtoos

    • Give each guest a fake security pass.

    • Pilots hats and sunglasses.

    • Fake Military pilot dog tags

    • 2018 Glasses

    • 2018 Beads

    • Graduation caps

    • Cap Medallions

    • Lots of glow sticks and bracelets

    One of the better graduation party ideas is to have a box of guest decorations at the airplane theme party entrance and hand them out liberally! 

    Graduation Airplane Party - Food and Drink

    Airplane theme party food and drink can closely follow traditional in-flight catering offerings. You might want to serve the food from a cart. The graduation party may even be at an Airport! You may even be able to have a real airplane food supply company cater the airplane party.

    • All kinds of sandwiches. Use a cookie cutter to cut the sandwiches into plane shapes.

    • A hot meal like bolognese, pasta, grilled chicken, sausages or a burger.

    • Coleslaw

    • Green salad

    • Bread roll

    • Boiled Potatoes

    • French fries

    • Vegetables like carrots, peas and broccoli.

    • Cheesecake of any flavor

    • Airport snacks like roasted nuts

    • Carrots and dips.

    • Plane shaped candy.

    Serve in a tray just like on the plane, served by helpers dressed as flight crew.

    Of course it is a graduation party, so to cater for guests of all ages it may be good to have some party food:

    • Hot Dogs

    • Nachos

    • Pretzels

    • Ice Cream

    • Popcorn

    • Bowls of fruit, including grapes, strawberries and kiwi, for example.

    To drink have lots of sodas and water.

    Graduation Cake

    The graduation airplane party cake is very easy to make as all the ingredients are mixed together in the same bowl.

    The Graduation Cake page gives all the details you need on the recipe, cooking tools and ingredients. The cake pages give lots of great ideas for cupcakes, cap cakes, cake decorating ideas and theme decorations. Plus lots more besides. 

    Simple Decorating Idea for Your Graduation Airplane Theme Party Cake

    1) Decorate the cake with blue frosting for the sky. Using white frosting create a plane shape, with black or grey frosting add in windows. Then using colored frosting of your choice add the graduates name and congratulations.

    2) Alternatively once the cake is frosted with blue frosting, plus white frosting for clouds, then add toy planes and congratulations to the graduate.

    Graduation Airplane Theme Party - Games

    A party offers the chance to have fantastic games.

    • Give everyone construction paper. Each guest is to make their own paper airplane. To add to the fun they must also fly the plane, the guest whose plane flies the furthest wins the prize. Also you could create a runway with chalk and construction paper. The best landing on the runway wins a prize.

    • Suitcase relay, split the guests into teams of say 4. Each guest must run to the end of a set course and change into the clothing in the waiting suitcase. their clothing goes into the suitcase. They run back and tag the next person who repeats the exercise. First team to complete wins.

    • An airport has other games available such as air hockey, computer games, pinball and Fussball. You could arrange competitive games and hire the equipment.

    • Pin the tail on the plane, first arrange a picture of a plane, a plane tail and a blindfold. Spin the blindfold guests around and have them pin the tail on the plane.

    • For younger ones buy airplane party coloring in books and set up an area for them to play. Give them some airplane jigsaws to complete.

    • Create an airline name and design the logo and motto.

    • To emulate the cabin crew carrying trays of drinks in a bumpy plane give each guest a tray with 6 full glasses of water. Set out a course, say along the runway. The guests must run along the course spilling as little water as possible.

    • Treasure Hunt, first make airplanes with white construction paper (or buy toy airplane kits). Next cut them up into identical pieces which are hidden around the venue. Teams must find the pieces and assemble their plane. First team to complete wins the prize.

    • Runway obstacle course, using the runway as a course, set out obstacles such as soft toys, toy planes and fire trucks. Split the group into pairs. Blindfold one of the partners - he or she will be an airplane pilot, and the other player - air traffic controller. When the game starts, the pilot will be asked to move from one side of the runway to end without hitting any "planes" with the help of the air traffic controller.

    • Decorate an airplane t-shirt. Provide a t-shirt and t-shirt pens and ask each guest to make their own airplane design. Prize for best design.

    • Observation games - Tell guests in advance that their will be an observation test. Put say 6 planes around the graduation party venue. On the planes have something distinguishing such as a name, a number, or a color. Near the end of the graduation party ask guests to fill in 6 marks from the planes. Of course there should be a prize for getting it all correct.

    • Have a fitness exercise. Ask a qualified pilots fitness instructor to put volunteer guests through a genuine pilots warm up and fitness routine.

    • Observation test - discretely display 6 to 10 pictures of planes with graduates photos on them, for example, around the venue. Near the end ask guests to complete a sheet on what they observed. Ask for the people in the pictures and location of the planes. Have prizes for those getting all answers correct.

    • What Happened Next. Line up a series of videos with the most amazing and amusing moments in aviation. The idea is to show guests the footage in the short period leading up to the amazing event. Then they guess what happened next. Lastly you run the video on showing them what happened. You should be able to get amazing incidents. Perhaps there is time to show 3 or 4 of these.

    • Guess the Star, cover large photos of well known stars who also fly, like Bon Jovi, almost completely except for say a distinguishing nose, their eyes or even a tattoo. Guests must guess who they are, and again prizes for getting them all right. Of course this could be a game of guess the plane.

    • Disguise a guest with say a wig, beard and sports glasses. Video them playing one of those arcade flying games for 2 minutes. Show the video at the party. Guests must guess who they are. First to guess wins the prize.

    • To emulate navigators, give guests a map and compass and have them complete an orienteering style challenge.

    • In advance of the party give some guests the flight safety briefing that flight attendants carry out. They must perform it with no notes at the airplane party. Prize for the best.

    • Play Simon Says with someone being the flight attendant who is Simon. The actions they ask for can be flight related like take up emergency positions or bank to the right.

    • Airplane Party Game: Arrange 6 guests in a line and they are the plane. They have to be blindfolded and work as a team. Set up an area that is the parking spot for the plane. One guest is appointed as the ground crew. Their job is to give instruction such as one step forward with the right leg etc to get the ‘plane’ into the parking area.

    For some traditional graduation party games to help the airplane theme party try:

    • Spin The WheelBorrow one of those wheels of fortune and fill in the prizes you have on the wheel. That will include no prize and a forfeit if you want. Arrange the right person to host the game and get the audience participating madly. The prizes will be airplane ones like model plane kits, toy planes, a pilots hat and pilots sunglasses, for example.

    Click here for an amazing free collection of graduation party games.

    An airplane party needs great music to make it come alive. The graduate's favorite, bearing in mind the audience, will be fine. Think of adding in Come Fly With Me, I Believe I Can Fly and the theme music from the movie Airplane. 

    Graduation Airplane Theme Party - Favors

    airplane party

    Leave your guests with a great reminder of the airplane party:

    • T-shirts with a plane design and the graduate's name (or the guests name)

    • Airplane stickers

    • Airplane water bottles.

    • Airline luggage tags

    • Airplane party key chains

    • Plane accessories like socks, blanket and headphones

    • Fun stuff like glow bracelets and glow necklaces

    • Pilots cap 

    • Mini binoculars

    • Plane Tickets

    • Plane shaped candies

    • Map of the world

    • Mini airline tote bags

    • Toy planes plus a glider.

    • Give each guest a flight bag with the graduate airline logo on them. Perhaps you could put in a toothbrush, toothpaste and a small towel, for example.

    Graduation Airplane Party Preparation

    The airplane party day does need a good schedule of events. You will need it to get through everything, even if you are having the airplane party at an airport.

    • Plan the start of the airplane party, when each game will roughly occur, when the food will be served and when the party will start and end.

    • Know exactly which airplane party games will be played

    • Have the music, prizes, helpers and materials ready in advance.

    • Each airplane party helper should know exactly what they have to do.

    • Have the airplane party favors ready in advance, and in running order.

    • Know exactly who is helping to clear away after the airplane party.

    Graduation Airplane Party - Ideas

    More ideas to make the graduation airplane party just brilliant:

    • Make sure everyone has their photo taken, especially if you have a great airport entrance

    • Video the airplane party, I once saw a video where the whole party did the pre-takeoff cabin crew safety briefing in unison.

    • Publish an in-flight magazine (online if you want) made up from the story of the night, gossip, and lots of airplane party pictures with entertaining captions. This could have the graduates story and photos. Guests can make a contribution to the magazine in advance of the airplane party

    • Copy a low cost airline if you are having a graduation party on a budget. Guests have to bring food and drinks with them.

    • Each guests is to bring their own suitcase containing some vacation things they would normally pack plus one item they feel they could not travel without. The other guests are to guess what is in the suitcase. Prizes for those who get the closest.

    • Dress helpers as flight attendants with the graduate airline logo.

    • Surprise the graduate and perhaps a close friend by sending them on vacation that night after the airplane party. Have the whole thing paid for with tickets and spending money ready to go. Check all passports are current before you book this one.

    • Save money and have a joint airplane party with other graduates.
      This can give excellent cost sharing, lots of people to do the work and help find airplane party items at cheaper costs.

    • A selection of airplane party jokes you may wish to use:

      Takeoff's are optional. Landings are mandatory.
      Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man. Landing is the first!
      Everyone knows a 'good' landing is one from which you can walk away. But a 'great landing is one after which you can use the airplane again.
      Was that a landing or were we shot down?
      Trust your captain.... but keep your seat belt securely fastened.
      Be nice to your first officer, he may be your captain at your next airline

    • Save money and book airplane party venues for the cheaper weeknights, perhaps giving more money to decorate your airplane party theme.

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