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Graduation Special, Issue #003
June 07, 2010

Welcome to the Graduation Special Newsletter June 2010 issue.

The graduation party may well be almost upon you. The graduation ceremony may have been completed already. The graduate should be ready to have fun and enjoy a great summer. Hopefully everything is on track for the party.

The Party

You may have a some weeks to go or even just a few days. Just remember those last minute things like:

  • Check your camera and video are in working order.

  • Make sure you have spare batteries

  • Confirm the caterers, hotel bookings and entertainers

  • Complete the fresh painting and clean up of your home.

Of course your graduation party plan will be driving your party preparations.

The Graduate

You may decide to work with the graduate so:

  • they are ready to welcome their guests

  • they will pose happily for photos

For You

By now you may be ready to give yourself a little break to recharge your own batteries just before the party so you can be the perfect host. You could:

  • Have a pampering session at a local Spa.

  • Visit the hairdresser

  • Play your favorite sport

  • Go for a long walk


Remember to enter one of our competitions such as the graduation party one by submitting your photos and stories. You may also enter the cakes, poem, cupcakes, speeches or clip art competitions. The overall prize fund is $1000 this year.

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