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Graduation Special, Issue #012
August 04, 2011

Welcome to the Graduation Special Newsletter August 2011 issue.

The graduation season is over for many with a few parties still being arranged. However for some there is the excitement of graduation still to come as their celebrations come later in the year. I hope your plans are well underway.

Competition Update

We are coming up to the end of August and we will make that a cut off for the current competition. As there is only a few weeks to go I hope you are able to take the time to enter the competitions and give yourself a great chance of winning one of the prizes for cakes, cupcakes, speeches, poems, clip art projects and sharing your graduation party photos and tale. Simply complete the form on the page you are entering.

However for those who have later in the year graduations we will hold another competition just for you.


We are going to sponsor a project graduation team this winter and help them as much as we can with their 2012 Graduation Party. Full details are still to be worked out but we will happily do that in return for a regular update on progress and of course we will create a page fro the team to show their photos as they hold events and from the main party. Let me know if you know of a worthy project graduation team who we can help at Graduation Invitations Graduation Party.

New Pages

At this time of year we start making as many improvements to our site as possible in preparation for the 2012 graduation season. We have already added new pages on Kindergarten Graduation Poem and Kindergarten Graduation Themes.

There are lots more new pages to come.

I hope you enjoy your graduation celebrations this year.

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