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Graduation Special, Issue #005
August 20, 2010

Welcome to the Graduation Special Newsletter August 2010 issue.

For most graduates and their families this year’s graduation is successfully completed and they will be looking forward to the next stage in their lives. However every day there are graduation ceremonies taking place somewhere in the world with successful graduates and proud families in attendance.

For others this is the start of their work for the 2011 graduation ceremonies and parties. They are already working out how to raise funds in the best possible way. We would love to hear from anyone at this stage as well as anyone having a graduation party any where in the world. For those starting their fund raising activities let us know what your plans are and how you are getting on. You may be able to inspire other families and fund raising committees to do better with your ideas. We hope to be able to help you in some way too and any ideas you have on how we can help will be gratefully received. Let us know if we can follow your fund raising efforts.

Congratulations to Sherry Young for her outstanding graduation cake. Click here to see her NCSU Roommates cake. She won the Grand prize for 2010 and Charlene Robinson won the second place with a fantastic cake too. I am now arranging the other prizes for 2010 to get to the winners. However if we get any more entries through the rest of the year we will hold another competition at New Year.

Congratulations to all of this year’s prize winners.

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