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I am senior returning to my elementary school and I am not sure what to really talk about since there is an 8 year age difference.

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I will happily put some ideas together for you. I will post them as soon as they are ready. Meantime if therefore anything you can tell me about the school that would help. Are there any special achievements, perhaps they are a very caring group of teachers, and what were the main things you gained from being there. Let me know what you think of the first draft.

First Draft:

Congratulations Class of 2017.

Today we have the chance to celebrate your achievements so far. You may have a long way to go in education but this is a great point to pause and reflect on your journey so far, celebrate your graduation day and look forward to exciting things to come.

School gives you the chance to build up your skills to ensure that your future is a great one. At school you learn so much. Think back to who you were on your first day. Think about how much you have grown, friends you have made, skills you have, and how much stronger your minds are. A few years ago you might not have believed how far you would come in a few short years.

Looking back to my time at this school I think there are a few very important lessons that you learn.

First, have faith in your self and the school. The teachers know exactly how to teach you so if you follow their advice you will succeed. Have faith in yourself too, we all can do well.

Secondly ask for help. Sometimes we all feel a little doubt, have some trouble understanding things, feel left out or unsure of ourselves. Please just ask your parents and teachers for help. They all really do love to help you and will love to be there for you.

Thirdly, just do that simple thing which is working hard. Nothing worthwhile comes too easily. You will feel very proud and believe me your capacity to work hard just keeps increasing. Hard work is the engine room of your success.

Finally, just enjoy each day. If you are doing everything else right you can relax safe in the knowledge it will all work out. So just use your spare time to enjoy each day and have fun.

Congratulations again to the Class of 2017.

Going forward you now know how to succeed. You have a great formula for future success. The next phase of your schooling has great teachers, amazing things to learn and a great life to live. Simply work hard, have faith, ask for help and enjoy each day. Life cannot be all about working hard.

The best of luck.

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