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I need help with beginning my speech in not a common way because 4 of my classmates are giving speeches too. We each have a different topic and we went with the senses. I have hearing and I am having trouble thinking of things that people can relate to and thinking of enough to get my speech long enough.

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This is an intriguing remit. Thanks for sending it in and I will get onto it in the next couple of days.

Can I just check if the general ideas here would help. I can help you further with a more specific look at the wording once you agree the approach.

Hearing at Graduation

Graduation is filled with wonderful sounds.
The chatter of the students as we fill the hall in anticipation of our big day.
The applause as we greet our guests followed by the silence as we respectfully listen to the first speaker.
The cheering and the sounds of welcome as each speaker takes to the stage.
What we hear becomes more intense as we build up to the huge raptures of applause as we cheer each and every graduate as they walk!
Today we hear the joy of our celebrations and perhaps the silence of our goodbye I know how proud and happy we are to graduate and how much we will miss each other.

Listening - Alternative

Everything we have heard over the past few years has brought us to this amazing point in our lives. Graduating is a huge measure of how successfully we have used our hearing.
Many wise people say you should listen twice as much as you speak. There is so much wisdom available at school if you listen.
Hearing what our teachers have told us guided us through the maze of math, English and all our subjects. The gems of understanding they gave us helped us go beyond normal and make it to success.
Listening to each other has given us a real team to belong to. How many times have we all listened to a class member who needed our help. Hearing what they had to say ensured we did not leave anyone to deal with difficulty alone.
Listening to our families is not something teenagers are good at particularly. However I promise all the families here that we did hear what you had to say about the big things like work hard and how much you love us.
Hearing the words of advice our mentors have us prevented so many mistakes and helped us see the big picture of the power of a successful education.
Hearing the exciting sounds of graduation today reminds me of how worthwhile all the hard work has been. Hearing the silence later will remind me of how much I will miss the chatter of a busy class, the laughter we have shared and the sound of the school bell at the end of a busy day.

Good luck

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