The importance of concerted endeavor and collaborative efforts of stakeholders and learners in achieving quality education - High School

by Jane

Below I have a draft High School Speech.

Principal Emerton, Honored Guests, Parents and Graduates.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017.

No one succeeds alone, you have been the beneficiaries of one of the most amazing education systems. You have of course played a massive part in your own success.
“Unity is strength - when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”
By Mattie Stepanek
There is a huge collaborative effort behind everything to do with your education. Of course, collaboration, as we shall see, comes in many forms. Firstly let us step back and look through the amazing journey you have had in your education. People can tell you about what should happen and what the plan is, but it is your own experiences as a Class and individuals which really matter. You are very successful.

At the Government level there is a determined collaborative effort to bring a world class education to all of you. A team have given you a curriculum, funding, trained teachers, buildings, equipment and a real national emphasis on the importance of education. There is no doubt this group work consistently hard every day to help you succeed.

In collaboration with the Government, the school set about making it all happen. They deliver this amazing education system. The principal and teachers work very hard every day to prepare and deliver the best education. They are a dedicated group who understand the changing needs you have as you go along. They are able to adapt and change their approach to be sure you get exactly what you need.

Thanks also to the team who keep the school open, the lights on, everything working, help teachers do their jobs, and make sure you can attend each and every day. The support team are wonderful.

You may not have thought about it too much, however you have all taken part in a collaborative effort whilst working hard consistently to achieve your goals. Your consistent hard work has occurred through extra lessons, homework, projects, term papers, exams, testing, study and study groups. In collaboration with the rest of the class you have learned much more than you would have on your own.
I collaboration with your teachers you have work through misunderstandings, corrected areas where you were not thinking clearly, worked on feedback from tests and exams, created individual learning plans, sought advice on your best subjects, and had help with any other issue you wanted to raise. Your dedication to do well has brought the best out in you and your teachers.
The collaborative effort also included friends and parents. They will have altered plans to be sure you could complete school work, give money as you need it, helped you revise, encouraged you and been there for you at any time.

However school is not just about serious learning. That would not bring out the best in you. Life has to be balanced with fun and excitement. You have had fun, gone on field trips, grown up, found your best subjects, had opportunities, made friends, explored the opportunities you may have in the future, played sports and enjoyed life.

Today we are privileged to celebrate your graduation with you. I hope each of you can look back and lock away the great lessons on the past for future use and of course celebrate your big day with enthusiasm and no little effort. I hope you take a look around and see just how much you have needed the people around you. We all need to enjoy our successes before moving on to the next big thing.

The future will I think contain those magic ingredients of consistent hard work and collaboration. There is a great quote by Dwayne Johnson “Success isn't about hard work. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”
You just need to dig in and put that consistent in and you will succeed. You do need to remember that you cannot succeed alone. The college you attend will have collaboration, the family business runs that way, your employer has it and you will do so well if you collaborate with everyone too. Tap into that power of many great minds and rise above mediocre to greatness.

Good Luck

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