High school Graduation speech

by Amber Gonzalez
(Alvin, Texas, USA)

I need help writing a highschool graduation speech, that includes all of the students of 2017 not just athletes or specific clubs, but every student in our class.

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I am delighted to help. Do you have a theme in mind?

Meantime I will try and produce a draft speech that mentions all graduates in some way - below.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017.

If there is a word that describes our Class it is inclusive. When I started to write this speech my concern was to include everyone.

Inclusive is not just a single word. It covers a broad spectrum of meanings. All embracing, all encompassing, all together, extended family and unifying come within its meaning.

Immediately I love the comparison to our class. We really have Benn in it all together. I don't mean we see each other all the time or all do the same things. I just mean that in that focused, surviving school and graduating way we have been all together. Given the many hours of hard work and the trials and tribulations of meeting academic challenges we have not been alone. The Class are there for all of us. Certainly the challenges have unified us.

All encompassing is another great way of looking at us. We have all kinds of great people in our midst. Sports, chess, art, music, science and language to name a few. How amazing to get the respect of your peers no matter what the differences in your interests are.

All embracing is another great description. No matter when you joined the school, who you are friends are, what your background is, you are welcomed by this Class and given their loyalty.

Of course I must mention friends and family. Thanks to our parents and families for all their love and support. Thanks to our extended school family. I have loved my team here. Teachers are dedicated and really care about us, the rest of the school team feed us, keep us safe and make sure we have everything we need. This is a special place.

Expansive is a great description. Our lives are not confined to school or the grounds here. Luckily as a group we have been encouraged to look outside of this area. Expanding our horizons has given us a more expansive mind set, all ready to move on in the world.

Congratulations to everyone on Graduation Day.

Perhaps the biggest lesson is to always be inclusive. We will soon have a new college class, colleagues, teams and neighbours. Approach them all in an inclusive way, forge new teams, bring your neighbors and family together. Of course we will need to work very hard, dedicate ourselves to our tasks and meet all our challenges, but how much better to do all that with great people around us.

Good luck.

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