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by Talia Brown

I am a senior and we are auditioning in a few weeks to be the at large speaker at graduation. I want to talk about the past and how far we've come these past four years. I also want to make sure to thank parents and teachers. I'm trying to all this without making it boring or cliche, if you could give me a few ideas I'd really appreciate it.

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Thanks for contacting me. I am delighted to help.

Before getting on to some detail for your speech so that you can show a draft, you might like to decide on the general topic. The topic should simply reflect the educational journey and can be used to inspire the graduates to be excited about the future.

Generally speech topics are things like “lessons learned”, “the power of goal setting”, “keep on learning” and “facing up to challenges”, for example. However the person who makes the speech is you so getting one you feel you can speak about is best. Once you have the topic then you can pick out stories, experiences, your own thoughts and other material to support the topic. It should allow you to reflect on the past and be inspirational about the future.

Perhaps something slightly different might be “togetherness” if you have a class that have worked together and also a teaching team who have worked closely with you to help you succeed. The way forward on this might be to show how powerful the teamwork in the class, the support, times of working together and help from your class when times were tough. The class may have helped with understanding things at times, made sure anyone of ill they got the notes, and would all talk over homework and tests. The future can also have that great feeling of working together with your class at college, and the college staff.

Another speech topic could be built around the school’s codes of conducts if they are about working hard, enjoying the journey, being honest, helping others, and education is at the core of everything , for example.

Another speech topic might be to follow your passions in life. The past few years could have been about learning what you are good at and what interest you. Also they are about the hard work, dedication and also growing up that you have all done. The future is a lot better, and simpler, to imagine if you get up every day to follow your passions in life.

Perhaps you could let me know if one of these works or you want me to keep looking for a topic.

In the meantime if you are able to use comments and send in anything you can think of on:

Anything unique about the class
Challenges met
lessons learned
best field trip
best teacher
best fun
Any of the class who are real characters
Charity work
Specific achievements
Perhaps the local area has some stand out features
Does the class stick together and have good teamwork
Who has contributed the most to the others
Are you all going on to college
Do you have your own message, perhaps even how much you will miss the group.

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