High School Graduation Speech

by Waleed Titi
(Dubai - UAE)

I have been trying to come up with a certain idea, i want to thank everyone specially my classmates and show what they mean to me , but i dont want my speech to only focus on them, i also want to show what we (me and my classmates ) were like 6 years ago ( when i joined the school i am in now) but unfortunately i cant come up with any idea! like i need help mainly in the introduction to the speech then i can easily continue hopefully.

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I am very happy to help. I hope you can take something from these ideas.


You could celebrate the growth and development of the class as a whole and how you stuck together.
Who you all were as people 6 years ago can be described and then build up what happened over the 6 years to bring you all to this point as graduates ready to move on to the next big step in life.

You might have been nervous, shy, scared and excited to be at this school. Probably concerned about fitting in, having friends, being able to cope with challenges and wondering how you would learn everything the school would throw at you.
As a Class you have stuck together giving support, giving friendship, displaying teamwork and forgiving any issues you may have had at times. A bond has developed between you all as you have faced challenges at school and outside it. This shared journey has taken you from childhood to the start of adulthood. Thank you all for the memories. I can never forget the fun we had, the special things people have done for me and the joy of being able to see each other every day. School has been very special for all of us.

Your Class may well have helped each other, laughed, worked hard, played, argued, debated what life is all about, helped charities, volunteered and competed.

Speech Example Theme Memories

So, for the speech (example), I hope this is part of a speech helps :

I congratulate my Class on their well deserved graduation.

Joseph B Wirthlin said “some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heart warming.”

I think that is true of so much of our time together at our school. Remember what we were like 6 years ago. Those nervous young kids coming in to school, excited about playing together while nervous, shy and a little scared to be here. I know how concerned I was about fitting in here, being accepted and making friends.

From that point we have made so many amazing memories while achieving our goal of graduation.
We certainly have made life excellent by being a great Class together. Of course we have grown up in these years and life would never have been entirely simple. We have faced the educational challenges we had together, we have shared parts of our lives where we needed help, we have given each other true friendship and we have worked very, very hard together.

When I wrote done all the help I have had, the times I have been guided by the Class and the laughter, parties and those nights away on field trips, I realized that we have so many great characters among us. Memories from me are mixed between how much fun the good times have been and how impressive our handling of challenging times has been.

Each memory will, no doubt, come to mind at times as I go through life. Thank you for all you have given me

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