Being greatful to everyone who helped me

by Archimedes Bernard
(Monrovia, Jamaica Road, Liberia )

I need how to start speaking, what to say, and how to finish.

In Reply

I attach a first draft speech, please add real detail such as people, challenges, teachers, achievements and about families.

First Draft Speech

Principal ____. Honored guests ____, families and my fellow graduates.

I am honored to congratulate the Class or 2016 on our great achievements. This is a very special class and I am very proud to be a part of it.

We have so much to be grateful for and the list of thanks we should make is a long one.

I must thank my own family for being there for me and making any sacrifices they needed to so that I could graduate. I know their love and support will always be with me.

I am grateful to all my Class for the support that we have given to each other. Also the friendship and fun we have shared have been special. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime.
I am very grateful for the education we have had. At our school we have been taught by dedicated teachers who have changed us from timid youngsters into highly educated graduates all ready to pursue our dreams. The lessons we have learned are many and important. We know we have to learn from our mistakes, we know we must get feedback and learn from it, and we know that we must have the right teachers to guide us as no one can do it alone.
Of course we worked very hard and of course we overcame many challenges along the way. We now know that perseverance along with a clear challenge will motivate us to give our best. The future can be faced with confidence.

Today is our Graduation Day. We should take a moment to be thankful for everything in our lives. We must also give ourselves credit for our achievement. Well done Class of 2016, I hope you have the best time on Graduation Day!

Turning now to the future, there is so much to be grateful for. The opportunities we have are truly unbelievable. We can use the educational and life lessons we have learned to great advantage. We know how to learn, we know how to dig in and succeed.

I will, however, be very sad to say goodbye. I will miss the day to day fun we have, the pranks, the support and the teamwork. I hope we will keep in touch and meet up every so often.

Good luck to all of the Class of 2016!

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