50 Reasons Why

by Jennifer Booth
(Strum, Wisconsin, USA)

Writing a graduation speech solely based on the future.
Three speeches are given at our ceremony including past, present, future, and I am giving the speech about future.
An interesting aspect of our class is there is exactly 50 kids, so we were thinking of incorporating the number "50" into our speeches. I am having trouble on where to start.

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I will get onto thinking about this one tonight. Can you confirm the grade of the graduate's.

I have a first draft below which just needs altered to be appropriate to the grade and perhaps some real detail on the graduates' futures. Let me know if this speech works or not.

There are 50 amazing graduates here to day looking forward to a bright future.

The number 50 can be used to predict the future you have in store.

The number 50 to some is the sign of joy and feast. This would point to a plentiful life full of happiness. Continuing to work hard will give you the rewards you deserve.

50 is also the number of change. Change is certainly going to be a big part of your lives. You are very well prepared to cope with change. That change will bring excitement, opportunity and give you a full and meaningful life.

50 is also the number of illumination. I think that predicts your brilliance will shine through. Take the opportunity to do well each time one is presented.

But life is not all about hard work. The number 50 is a favourable number which symbolises grace and kindness. Knowing you well I can confidently predict you will live your lives with a calm approach, well balanced and full of kindness.

50 really is a great number!

Good luck

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